Thursday, September 28, 2017

September Randoms…

- Nen had to work on one of the after-hurricane days that the kids were out of school, so Parker & Quinn spent the day with us. Our little herd is always so happy to be together. They played inside,IMG_8230IMG_8213IMG_8164outside, IMG_8188and all day long!

- After all the hurricane clean-up, DW and I decided to tackle edging around the yard. It’s been years since I helped him do it – it worked out for me because I was pregnant the last few times he’s done it. Ha.IMG_7762 I helped him shovel it for a while, but that’s HARD work and I was beyond relieved when he told me to just drive the loader while he shoveled all we’d piled up in it.

- Selfies on the Couch IMG_7751IMG_7748

- My girls love that “Wild West” song- it says something about “Ole John Wayne” and anytime Mamie sees a picture of a an older cowboy, she asks if its “Ole John Wayne” – they were beyond excited and begged me to buy the $14.99  John Wayne collector’s magazine at Lowe’s. I didn’t. IMG_8416But I took a picture for them. ;)

- Tucker’s day was made last week when he got a new CAT hat.IMG_8437 He thought his day couldn’t get any better, but then he even got to bale hay with Uncle Van that afternoon. BEST.DAY.EVER. IMG_8443

- Cooking dinner & practicing Kindergarten sight words with my Mames. She was so cute perched up there reading all of her words. She gets so excited about being able to read. We’re starting to sound out EVERYTHING. IMG_8390

- They’d been cutting silage for a couple days on the farm, and Parker & Tucker were pumped about it. IMG_7865We took the kids on a Gator ride to check it out and the harvesters were so kind to let the boys ride with them. It was adorable. Parker has the toy size silage cutter and Tucker has been coveting it for months. We keep telling him he can ask Santa for it for Christmas. Getting to actually ride on it, sealed the deal – and Tucker says he’s getting one for Christmas anytime he sees a silage cutter. IMG_7825They also loved getting to see it bagged up. Anything with a motor is right up their ally. IMG_7838IMG_7844

- I love a Friday night or Saturday trip to Lowe’s for some home improvement projects. We’ve got another in the works! ;)IMG_8999


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