Tuesday, May 30, 2017

School’s Out!

The Blue Run house was open for Memorial Day weekend this year, so we planned to spend the holiday weekend down there. It worked out perfectly for an end of the school year bash because the last day of school was that Friday. We let the kids pick one friend each to invite and Mamie picked Wyatt and AB picked Emma. IMG_0676

Last year we did the “Walk of Fame” on the last day of school and it was such a hit, that I knew I wanted to make it an end of the school-year tradition. 

On Thursday night, we gave Mamie her end of the school-year prize. She got all purple and green on her behavior chart for the entire year! We’re so proud and she said she wanted a PINK kayak as her reward. She was so excited! IMG_0679

DW & I took the boat and kayaks down on Thursday night and set up, while the littles stayed with my parents.


AB’s walk of fame was one one side and Mamie’s was on the other. IMG_0684A few of AB’s accomplishments: IMG_0689IMG_0688

and a few of Mamie’s: IMG_0685IMG_0686

The next morning, as soon as Mamie’s Pre-K graduation was over, we headed to the Run. IMG_0785IMG_0778

I was so glad Nen, Parker & Quinn were able to go too, because an extra set of adult eyes and hands are always appreciated. ;)

We got the kids lunch at Sonic and then let them break the run-through to officially start their summer break! Parker & Tucker were glad to help, too! IMG_0792IMG_0810IMG_0812IMG_0817


It was the very best way to celebrate the end of another school year! WELCOME, SUMMER!


Sunday, May 28, 2017


We’ve had four graduates in our family this year.

First, our nephew, Elliot, and my cousin, Emily both graduating from high school this year.

Elliot was the one who made DW an uncle. He was born when DW was in college at UF and every year on his birthday, Uncle Devin always says how he remembers going to meet his nephew between classes. Four years later, Elliot made me an aunt. He and Taylor, both called me “Aunt Annie” almost immediately after DW and I started dating. I loved it so much and it has been such a joy to be a part of their lives and watch them grow up.18581600_1053118631489462_1203704164333324863_n

Proud Uncles & Aunts

It happened so fast and none of us can believe Elliot is officially a grown adult. I guess we’ll always see him as that precious brown eyed little boy with the sweetest smile you’ve ever seen. 18664341_1053118911489434_6844431948523288113_n

My cousin, Emily, is the youngest of my first cousins. She was the baby and she was born years later than all the rest of us, so she was EVERYBODY’s baby from the get go. She is sunshine everywhere she goes and she has one of the most positive and upbeat personalities of anyone I know. I love that about her. We got to be at her baccalaureate service with some of our family, and we loved getting to be there on one of her big nights. IMG_0100

AB also graduated…from second grade & JBES! IMG_0625She moves up to the big school next year and she’s super excited. I think second grade has been the best school year for her so far. We’ve been so lucky and had wonderful teachers all of her years at JBE, but 2nd grade seemed the be the absolute best fit. 18644603_1054131478054844_191994198_nPlans were changed for the 2nd grade graduation and each teacher ended up having to have it in their classrooms.  

AB had an entire cheering section, because we have always been “THOSE people.”IMG_0654

It’s exciting to be moving up to WES next year, but I know AB will sure miss JBE. The second grade parents can buy a yearbook page for the “graduates,” so of course we did. IMG_9727

After “graduation” in the classroom, we could check out our kids, so of course, we did that, too. We took Emma with us and took the girls to lunch to celebrate. IMG_0646

Mamie was our last graduate, who’s ceremony was on the very last morning of school. IMG_0720The Pre-K graduation was super cute and her class sang “Countdown to Blastoff.” IMG_0736Mames had a cheering section, too and we were all so proud of our Pre-K girl.  IMG_089118763395_1055391054595553_451985341_nIMG_0888

There’s always a bittersweet-ness about graduating anything. Life goes by so fast, and the older we get the faster it seems to go.

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”


Monday, May 22, 2017

2nd Grade Field Trip

It’s hard to believe another school year is winding down. AB had her 2nd grade field trip on the 19th. We haven’t been to Sea World in years, so we were both looking forward to it. IMG_0291

We’ve been field tripping with the same group since Kindergarten and it’s always a great time. IMG_0404On some trips in the past, we haven’t had to chaperone any other kids, but this time all three of us mommas got assigned a kid, so our group turned into a party of 9 for the first part of the day.

We got checked in and hit the ground running. We were planning to leave by 4:00ish, because we had to get home for graduation parties, so we wanted to knock out as much as we could. IMG_0297

The park crowd was fantastic – it never felt crowded and we had minimal waits on everything we did.

We hit the brand new “Antarctica” ride first. IMG_0302

The ride follows the life of a penguin and then at the end, the exit is the penguin exhibit. IMG_0305It’s fantastic. There’s glass walls so you can see the penguins swimming around and part of it’s open at the top, so it doesn’t feel like a cage. You feel like you’re really right there with them. We all enjoyed watching them for a while. IMG_0319Who doesn’t love a penguin? They always make me think of this documentary I saw when I was in middle/high school about a penguin who was a pet. I don’t remember what country it was in, but the owner would put a little penguin backpack on the penguin and send him to town to get fish. It was the cutest thing ever and I immediately wanted a pet penguin. IMG_0321

After the Antarctica ride, we saw the Clyde & Seymour Seal/Walrus show. On our way to the show, we caught a squirrel literally sitting inside the bottom basket of someone’s parked stroller eating the snacks out of their diaper bag. Emma’s mom chased him off, but he kept running back as soon as we’d turn to walk away! It was hilarious and ended up being one of the day’s highlights for AB. Ha. IMG_0326IMG_0338

We walked through the shark exhibit IMG_0339and then made our way to the Shamu Show. IMG_0372Surprisingly, the kids weren’t very impressed or interested in the show. I remember it being so different when I was a kid, though. I want to go home and watch the Black Fish documentary now, too, after seeing it. IMG_0363After that, we grabbed some lunch.

Up next, we rode the simulator ride that feels like you’re in a helicopter, but I can’t remember the name of it. IMG_0384I do remember that I’ll never ride it again. Ha. I don’t know when I’ll recover from being jerked and jarred around so much. The real icing on the cake was when a kid in front of us puked at the very end of the ride and it was rolling toward the back and I was trying so hard to get out of there before it made it to our aisle, that I got panicked and stuck in my seatbelt and one of the kids had to help me. Ha.

The kids wanted to go over to the play area and ride the little Shamu roller coaster and the carnival-type rides there. IMG_0393Because why would you be impressed with a two-ton killer whale swimming around and doing tricks in his massive swimming pool when you could ride carnival rides? IMG_0400

After that, it was time to hit the gift shop, because the kids all had money burning a hole in their pocket. One of the Mommas in our group had to save all the receipts from the day for what the kid she was chaperoning had bought. Because I guess the parent thought she might be buying a stuffed Shamu for herself. ??People are, what my Granny and Momma would say, “something else.” ;)

It was early afternoon and time to meet the teachers at the front of the park to drop off the kids we were chaperoning for their bus ride home.

After we dropped the other kids off, we hit a few more exhibits. IMG_0430IMG_0442IMG_0460IMG_0472

It was another fun field trip and we can’t wait to see where 3rd grade takes us. Rumor has it, the 3rd graders always go to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.


Friday, May 12, 2017

Fire Ants & Red Devils

This was the first year Mamie played T-Ball. IMG_9910She said she didn’t want to at first, but quickly changed her mind after she found out her buddy, Bristol was playing. HHCX1628They were on the Williston Fire Ants team. Is that not the cutest name, ever? IMG_6428

The company sponsored the team and DW’s cousin was the head coach and DW assisted. IMG_6361

A whole bunch of little girls playing T-Ball is hilarious.IMG_5949 Practices were filled with lots of pink…. and potty breaks. It was a fun season and while it was touch and go at some games, Mames never had a melt down about being too hot. Sister is like her Momma and she doesn’t like to be hot. Thankfully, most of her games were in the morning. ;)IMG_6400IMG_6403IMG_8542IMG_9903IMG_8547IMG_9892IMG_9901

Annabelle played softball again this year and was on the Little Red Devils team, again. Emma was on the same team, and I’m sure we would have had to quit if she wasn’t. Ha. IMG_7245IMG_7254

AB improved tremendously from the first night’s practice to the last game. IMG_7460IMG_8039She worked really hard practicing her batting at home and was even able to score some runs during the season. IMG_8058

Since both the girls were playing, we got a taste of what it’s like having two play sports. It was “divide and conquer” every Saturday that we had games. There were even some days we’d be in different towns. If we were at the same field, whoever got finished first, would go to the other’s game, to catch the end. IMG_7258We got super lucky and our practices were at the same time and on the same nights, though.

Grammy & Pop, Pappy & Nie-Nie, and Uncle Adam, Nen, Parker and Quinn all cheered the girls at different games and even traveled some with us to the away ones. IMG_7452IMG_6373IMG_8053IMG_8551

Tucker and which ever sister wasn’t playing cheered on their other sister who was during her game. IMG_7433IMG_8035IMG_7737They all got lots of practice being fans. There was lots of snacks and playing in the dirt this season, too. ;)IMG_8057IMG_7430

We were glad to see the season end so we could have our Saturdays back, but it’s always a lot of fun and I know extracurricular activities have been really good for our girls. IMG_7463I don’t know that we’ll play beyond their WYAA years, but we’ll see what they want to do when they get to middle and high school. ;)XJBF2938