Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Gator Pics 2015

Every year, just before football season starts, we make a trip to the stadium to take some pictures of the kids.


DW has big plans for all of them to go to school at UF, and if they decide to, I can just see these pictures framed at their college graduation parties. ;)DSC_3769



Last year, we got some with Parker, too, and this year decided to get all the cousins together for a photo op. DSC_3724


Nie-Nie & Pappy and the grand-gators… :) (Mamie was HOT and OVER it) ha…


I love family traditions – especially those that span over several generations. My FIL’s season tickets are seats that have been in his family since the 1950’s. Pretty neat that our kids are part of the fifth generation to cheer for the Gators in them. DSC_0110

Years of memories and quality time spent together at that stadium.  DSC_3655I’m so thankful for all the future ones to be made, too. DSC_3794


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Dance 2015

Back to School also means back to dance!

This year, Mamie got to join in the dance fun! DSC_3842We had her fitted for her first pair of ballet slippers the week before and she was so excited to get to wear them to her first class. IMG_9043

Class time has worked out perfectly this year. The girls’ classes are back to back on Wednesday. We leave straight from school on Wednesday and Maybree’s class starts at 3:00. IMG_9492AB helps me keep Tucker entertained and then my mom comes by and picks he and Maybree up when her class is over. AB’s class is from 4-5 and then DW meets us at my parents’ for supper.

So far Mames is loving her combo class and says that ballet is her favorite. IMG_9513That shocks me, because I just knew it would be tap.


Sweet times for sure and we are all looking forward to seeing both girls on stage at the recital this year!