Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Fun…

We finally got some fall weather at the end of last week and the weekend was perfect!

Saturday morning my SIL, Lauren and I went to the McIntosh Festival. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time. We both brought some treasure home… I loved these dried okra stalks to add to my fall foliage.DSCN4143 I also picked up some cute hair clips for AB, DSCN4171and this sweet vintage bib DSCN4147to hang in Baby Girl #2’s room. (Yes, our baby is STILL un-named…we’re getting close to deciding, though!! I THINK…)

Lauren and I both marked a couple of names off our Christmas lists, too! That’s always exciting!

It was such a fun morning and we ended it with lunch at The Ivy House…perfection.

That afternoon, DW & I took AB to the “Pickin’ Patch.” DSC_5048

William & Stephanie had been last year, and they met us there, too.

AB was excited to have Willlie & his new THREE babies there, and Willie-Boy loves, “Belle-Belle.” That’s what he calls her---Isn’t it the cutest?!?!? DSC_4897

The Pickin Patch was precious. They had this big tent with lots of great photo ops set up when you first got there. DSC_5040

DSC_4689Then you grabbed your wagon, and set out to the field to choose a pumpkin! DSC_5044



William had two of the triplets in the double stroller…& Stephanie was “wearing” one in the sling and pulling Willie in the wagon. 






Willie & AB had a big time picking the perfect pumpkin. DSC_4753


They also had different varieties of corn and even a sunflower patch planted. DSC_4933

For the bigger kids there was a hay fort and a corn maze. DSC_5045

We even got a picture of our tiniest “pumpkin”! Only 7 weeks to go!!!






Such a fun fall day!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Potty for the Princesses

DW isn’t one to break a promise. Soon after her 2nd birthday, he promised our girl Disney World,  Mickey Mouse and the princesses in exchange for potty training. He kept true to his word, even when her momma suggested we take the cheaper route and take her to Mickey’s Halloween party or to a character dinner at one of the resorts and skip the park all together. :) I was just trying to help the bank account and my swollen pregnant “cankles.”

On Sunday we headed for the Magic Kingdom. The day did not disappoint, either… it really was MAGICAL, and so worth having swollen cankles by the end of the day!

This was the first time we’ve ever been and not gotten a hotel. I was a little nervous about how AB would do without having a place to go take a break and get a nap. I don’t know why I worry, because in her true normal fashion, she did great ALL day long. The park closed at 7:00 that evening and we ended up staying until then! DSC_6564

My parents went with us, too, this trip. My mom said she just couldn’t hardly stand the thought of AB getting to see “Tangled” (AB doesn’t know her as “Rapunzel”) and them not being there to see it! We were so glad they were there, too, to help with everything…it certainly took a lot off of this oh-so-pregnant girl (& DW who would have been chief pack-mule for the day since I’m not much help these days) and AB loved having Grammy & Pop there!

We got to the park so early that we didn’t even have to ride the tram in! We parked THAT close! We bought our tickets and jumped on the mono-rail. The park was decorated for fall with lots of pumpkins and fall colors everywhere. DSC_6391



We made it in plenty of time to see the “Welcome/Opening Ceremonies,” which was so fun! AB loved getting to see all the characters ride up on the train! DSC_6418

The neatest thing about it, though, was we literally walked into the park WITH them! So fun… DSC_6426

See Alice to the left of DW & AB? And to the right is Chip & Dale.

The crowd couldn’t have been any better. It was unbelievable. Wait times for the rides looked like this: DSC_6545

CRAZY!!! I’ve never seen a wait time that short! Some rides were even no wait AT ALL! DSC_6433

Our first destination, though, was to meet Tangled! AB LOVES the movie and will watch it OVER AND OVER AND OVER if we let her. Meeting Tangled, was a top request of AB’s and I had a feeling the line would get pretty long, since she’s the newest of the Disney characters, so we headed there first.

This ended up being the longest wait of the day and it was about 20 minutes. They had a big round “table” set up with coloring sheets and Tangled crayons for the kids to color while the parents stood in line. DSC_6454SUCH a great idea! One of the workers was also going down the line with a stuffed “Pascal” for the kids to have their picture taken with. So fun! DSC_6476

After coloring DSC_6451and waiting in line, it was finally our turn! AB ran right up to “Tangled” like they were long lost friends and gave her a big hug.DSC_6486 She surprised us all day by how much she loved seeing all the characters and how comfortable she was with all of them. She wasn’t shy at all! DSC_6489Tangled asked her if she knew her friend, “Pascal”- to which AB replies, “Yea! Where’s you’s horse, Max?” Rapunzel was so sweet and played right along, “What?!! YOU know my horse, Maximus? Well he’s with Eugene back in the kingdom!”  How precious is that? DSC_6494


The whole crew with Tangled… I think we’ve ALL seen the movie at least 15 times. Ha…

Next, we thought we’d ride some rides. AB & DW headed for the teacups, but AB quickly changed her mind and decided she didn’t want to ride that! She DID want to meet Alice & White Rabbit, though. DSC_6512


When we first got into the park, we bought an autograph book and pen so she could have all the characters we saw that day sign her book. DSC_6509We had them skip pages and I’m planning to put her picture with them beside their autograph. I’m thinking that will be fun to do from year to year and look back on one day. DSC_6652

Little Miss DID want to ride the “horsies,” so she & Daddy rode Prince Charming’s Royal Carousel. DSC_6525

We all rode on “It’s a Small World,” and of course AB had to throw some coins in the water again.

We rode on the Liberty Belle Riverboat Cruise, which we’d never taken the time to do before, and we were 5 of the 9 people on board for that trip!


While in Frontierland, we went to see Frontier Donald! AB was SO excited to see The Duck! DSC_6696


DW & AB watched the “Dreams Do Come True” show in front of the castle while Mom, Dad & I sat on the benches and watched from a distance.DSC_6575

This was the back of the crowd. Usually it’s backed up all the way back to Mainstreet!

We were the only ones on either side of the “road” sitting on those benches… DSC_6572It was unreal how great the crowd was!

We had decided to get a Fast Pass to see Mickey & Minnie and the Princesses for later that afternoon. While DW & I went to get those, Grammy & Pop took AB to see Ariel (“Ariel Mermaid”) & Prince Eric. DSC_6700

We’ve never done the FastPass thing, but WOW is that the way to go! The wait was only 25 minutes for Mickey & Minnie, but we decided to get passes anyway…I was so glad we did! We were to return between 12:15 & 1:15 to see them, so we got some lunch at Cosmic Rays CafĂ©, changed AB into her Minnie Mouse outfit and then headed to the MainStreet Theatre to catch up with our favorite Mice. DSC_6740We made it to Main Street just in time for the Celebrate! Street Parade…DSC_6760


We got to the theater to see Mickey & Minnie, handed them our fast passes and the girl led us down a hallway where we were all by ourselves. DSC_6792

Everybody giving the FastPass a thumbs-up!

Within minutes we were in the room with Mickey! DSC_6799Minnie, sadly, was “out buying new shoes,” so we missed her. We also forgot the autograph book for Mickey to sign, so we decided to go back later in the day to see Minnie & have them sign her book. The really crazy thing is, that the lady forgot to take our Fast Passes, and we didn’t know she was even supposed to take them from us until we went into the Princesses and they took ours there, so we got to use them again later in the day to see Mickey & Minnie!

After we left Mickey, we went straight to the Princess line. Since we had our fastpasses for that too, we thought we’d get right in. We ended up having to wait a couple minutes, but when it was our turn, they let JUST US in the room! It was just us and all three Princesses; Cinderella, Belle & Sleeping Beauty. Cinderella came walking toward us, and we thought she was going on break (aka “going shopping for new shoes”), but she was just coming to greet AB and lead her over to her spot to have her picture taken!


DSC_6806 DSC_6812

So sweet! They were all so sweet with AB and took so much time with her… it was precious! DSC_6816




After all the excitement of meeting Mickey & The Princesses, we decided we’d take a ride around the park on the train and maybe AB would fall asleep and get a power nap in. We got to see the new under-construction part of the park, too! I can’t wait to go back next year to see it open! After two trips around the park, AB’s eyes were heavy, DSC_6842so we stopped in Frontierland, put her in her stroller and just a few steps later she was out! DSC_6850We found a spot in the shade and rested for about an hour. It was glorious for our girl and her pregnant momma.

When AB woke up from her nap, it was time to pick a spot for the parade! We got our spot and waited for the parade! DSC_6886I LOVE the parades…AB does, too! They’re always a favorite part of the day! DSC_6921










Once the parade was over, we set out to find Woody & “Cow-Jessie,” more favorites of AB’s. DSC_7038We were the first in line when they made it back to their spot for pictures and they were SO MUCH FUN when they got there! My parents were sitting on one bench with AB and DW and I were sitting on the other. Mom & Dad, thinking they were sitting in their spot, jumped up when they got there, and Woody goes over and shakes my Dad’s hand. It was so cute… DSC_7068the benches aren’t where they taking the pictures, but Jessie sat right down and pulled AB in her lap and hugged her. DSC_7086Then Woody came over, and they took AB over to the spot where they did pictures. DSC_7100They spent so much time with her, I was feeling bad for all the people waiting in line! It was just the neatest thing ever… DSC_7143

Pop insisted that we find Goofy next, since he, too, is one of AB’s faves. He stopped and asked one of the Disney workers where Goofy could be found, and we headed for Pirates of the Caribbean to meet Pirate Goofy. As soon as it was AB’s turn, she walked up to him and said, “You really tall, Goofy!” DSC_7161She even kissed him goodbye! DSC_7163

We headed back to see Mickey in hopes that Minnie would be back, and as luck would have it, she was! We were the only ones in the room again, and we spent at least 5 minutes with them. In the past, we’ve waited close to two hours, and only gotten what felt like 30 seconds to get a picture with them. It was so awesome this time! AB was so excited that Minnie was back from “shopping”  and asked her, “you’s got you’s new shoes on?!?!” DSC_7175



We ended the day by visiting Tomorrowland, where we’ve never really spent much time. We saw the Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor show and then headed back to Fantasyland for a couple more rides.

The carousel was a must, again. This time, though, AB wanted Grammy & Pop to ride with her. DSC_7224After that, she wanted to ride “Bumbo” with Daddy & Grammy. DSC_7233


Our last stop of the day was to shop for some souvenirs, of course! But more on that, later.

It was such an awesome day. There is nothing better than seeing your child enjoy something so much. Disney is such a magical place and to see it through the eyes of a child, ESPECIALLY your own, is almost too much to take. It’s a day all of us will cherish always. DSC_7184_crop