Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Transparent 'Blah'..."

One of the things that I recently read in the bible study I’m currently doing, is how closely related transparency and testimony are. To truly testify, we have to be transparent. I blog, basically, like many other moms, to “scrapbook” for our family. But, sometimes I feel like all I blog is the “pretty” side of our life….and the past week or so, I’ve just not felt up to playing the “pretty” part. So before I can do another “pretty” post, I need to be a little transparent….

The past couple weeks, I’ve just been “blah”… Here’s a few reasons why…..

- A week and a half ago, I got a call that a sweet friend’s Daddy had lost his battle with cancer. As if that wasn’t enough, her wedding was planned for 6 days later. What do you do with that?

- I’ve watched the news and read different articles about a healthcare reform that was signed by congress, and I can’t help but wonder, who’s going to pay for all of this "reform"? By “pay” I don’t just mean monetarily. Yep, change is coming, I just don’t see it as being good change.

- We recently hit the “mark” where our son has been in Heaven longer than he was here with us. That stings. Two years later, his death still stings. There are times when I stand at his small headstone and feel like that grave has the victory.

- In three recent trips to “town” (I remind myself of my Granny when I say that), I’ve gotten myself so worked up because each time, on the same side of the busy four-lane road, stands two girls, holding posters advertising the restaurant they work at. I have nothing against people who hold signs on side of the road. However, I do have a problem with girls who stand on side of the road with t-shirts so tiny and tight they’d fit my toddler and with shorts so short they leave nothing to the imagination. Last time I checked, it’s still a free country, yes. So I know people can wear what they want to wear--- but, if you’re okay with parading your adult-self around in clothes that would fit a 2 year old, then please, stay inside where those who WANT to see you can do so. The rest of us, who are just driving by, don’t care how “Hot your wings are” and we really don’t want to see your tail. It just flew all over me, yall. What is wrong with a society who uses sex to sell chicken wings? Lord, have mercy on us. How are we suppose to raise a daughter who will respect herself and find her worth in who she is and not in what she looks like or how much attention she can get from a man? How can we keep her innocent for as long as we can when there’s girls in panty-hose and hot-pants and bare-cleavage the size of Texas standing on side of the road. And it’s not just my girl I worry about. Satan used this as a perfect opportunity to mess with my mind and insecurity, too. I think about all the cute and tiny and perfect women we see on TV and wonder how on Earth we’re suppose to try to compete with that. And while I know we shouldn’t care or even “want to”--- we still do. It makes me look in the mirror and cringe at my pale white skin, round tummy that says “I’ve carried two babies” and cellulite on my thighs. (Sorry, for the visual, that’s probably TMI). Within minutes I was feeling like the female version of Quasimoto.

- While watching TV a couple days ago, I heard some alarming statistics on today’s teenagers. I was terrified at the number of high school kids with STD’s. Horrified by some of the other statistics and just too disgusted to even share them. Horrified, but not surprised. How can we be shocked when we are a society who uses sex to sell everything including chicken wings?

- The past couple weeks I’ve given in to stress and been ugly to those I love the most. Why does that always happen? I need to learn how to calm down before I “snap”… I always end up feeling like the worst person in the world and just hate myself afterward. Unfortunately, we can’t take the things we say and do back.

- There’s also those days when I just feel hopeless. Everything’s going wrong and life is just awful. Ever have those times? You just feel sorry for yourself and the more you do, the worse it gets.

Last week was rough, and the enemy was close on my heels. He wanted me to feel hopeless, he wanted to make me feel like a failure (and a chubby, ugly one on top of it!), he wanted me to get mad at others, throw my hands up in the air and say, “forget it! There’s no use in even trying!”….For a while, I bought into it, but as He always does, the Lord reminded me of so much.

- You know the sweet friend who’s Daddy died? Well, I went to his funeral on Thursday. I listened to his youngest sons (19 year old twins) stand up and talk about what a good man their Daddy was. If the four children he raised and set an example for, is any indication of the kind of man he was, I’d say he was way more than a good one. I listened as those who knew him best paid tribute to him, talked about his faith and his love for Jesus and his family and I hoped at the end of my life, people would have the same kinds of things to say about me. The congregation sang his favorite song, “Victory in Jesus” and I was blessed beyond measure to remember it’s truth. In Jesus we do have victory. My friend’s Daddy may have lost his earthly battle to cancer, but in the end he was standing before the Heavenly King. THAT is victory. It reminded me that when I stand in the cemetery and am surrounded by such sorrow, that it’s not the end. Sometimes it feels like it’s over and we’ve lost, but through Jesus, the final victory has already been won. On this side of Heaven, death stings, and the grave looks victorious. But, I know it's coming and I look forward to the day when I can say, “Where, O death, is your victory?
Where, O death, is your sting?" - 1 Corinthians 15:55.

- And the wedding? It went on. I know there’s no way someone who didn’t have the Lord or who wasn’t 100 percent certain that her Daddy was in Heaven could have gone on with it. As bittersweet as I am sure it was for her, she had the assurance and peace of our Savior. What a beautiful thing. (It was a beautiful wedding, too!)

- You know what God reminded me of when it comes to all this healthcare reform, the unsteady economy and politics business? HE’s going to take care of us. We don’t know how bad it’s going to get, and I’ve got a feeling it’s going to get worse before (if ever) it gets better. But we have the assurance that He’s looking out for us. I’m just going to keep trusting Him… He’s got our days written, even before they come to be---with or without quality healthcare and no matter how high our taxes go...
Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”

- Then there’s all that chicken wing stuff and the junk that it drags with it.
I am certain I’ve got the sweetest husband God ever put on this Earth. I came home the other day to a red solo cup of freshly picked (from the roadside) phlox. Is there anything sweeter? It made me smile because for some unknown reason to me that man loves me more than anyone else. He’s crazy about his freckle-faced wife who could stand to loose 10 lbs, and although I’ll never really understand it, I am so glad he is. Nope, I’d never stand a chance up against some beautiful Hollywood or hot-pants wearing, chicken-wing-peddling- girl, but he loves me just like I am---round tummy and all! It was such a sweet little reminder and affirmation! I pray daily that our daughter will one day find a husband who loves her, like her Daddy loves me. I also pray for guidance as we raise her in this fallen world… I don’t know what else to do but trust and pray when it comes to that one!

- Those times when I give in to feeling sorry for myself? Well, here’s the good out of that one…. I’ve got parents who will sit at my kitchen table (or theirs) and let me rant and rave about this and that and then they tell me to “get it out, calm down, and move on.” They listen to it, let me talk, then it’s out and I feel better. They’ll call me out if it’s something I need to be called out on and if not, they just let me talk… Now, that’s something good to have.

When the world seems so awful, God is good. I am thankful that even in the bad things, His goodness always shines through. He’s always faithful, that’s for sure. I am so undeserving, but He loves us that much. So much, that he uses anything and everything to show us how great that love is.... from His Word, to people, to a song, and even to flowers picked on the road side!


Thursday, March 18, 2010


Well, I'm glad ya'll finally entered the Giveaway! (and you last few people are going to be glad, you did, too! Because.....

The Random Generator chose number:


Congratulations, Juliana! (You can email me at anniewhitehurst(at) and I'll let you know how to claim your prize!) It was fun that a blogger I didn't already "know" won!

I hate that everyone couldn't win. But, you can think of your prize as, now you know about Chickabug and what cute, affordable things Heather has to offer! Keep her in mind for your next party or "paper" needs!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bubbles, Bulbs, & Boots....

I've never known a baby or kid who didn't love bubbles.

My Mom got a few things of bubbles for Annabelle and on Sunday we spent some time outside trying them out. AB had a Wal*Mart bag full of different bubbles and bubble "tools." There was the "Miracle Bubble" Wand kit, the Bubble Bug, & the Super Wand...

She was most interested in the ginormous "Magic wand" (that was SUPPOSE to make bubbles inside of bubbles, but didn't)

and tasting the "Magic Bubble Solution"... I'm hoping she's not going to be a paste-eater in kindergarten. Ha...

The wind was fierce on Sunday, so the conditions weren't really right for optimum bubble making. It's always good to have a Daddy and a Grammy that will try to make it happen, though. And if you have a Daddy and a Grammy who will do whatever it takes to make you some bubbles, and the wind is blowing like crazy, then you better have a Pop to carry you around and chase the bubbles. AB enjoyed them, even if they did blow by too fast for me to even get many in our pictures!

FYI: These "bubble wands" (pictured below) make the biggest bubbles. They are at Wal*Mart for a DOLLAR!

Annabelle also enjoyed sitting on the flower beds at Grammy & Pop's. She loves to be outside!
I love this picture because those bulbs sprouting up behind her, came from Annabelle's Great-Great Grandmother. My Mom's Grandmother, "Mommy-Ann" dug some bulbs up from her yard in Missouri and gave them to Momma to plant in our yard. That was 28 years ago!
I love this, too....Check out the boots AB's Granny got her. RED water boots. So cute! They're a size or two big on her, but guess who wants to wear them all the time, even though she can't even walk in them?!?!? Ha!

We are loving being able to spend some time outside these days! I see many days this summer outside (with bubbles and red boots on, of course!).

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The First Egg Hunt of the Year....

I'd mentioned before that Annabelle's been practicing her Easter egg hunting skills, and this weekend was her first attempt at trying them out!

We had the big Whitehurst family egg hunt this weekend at the Lodge.
Devin, Belle & Me (yall can see I cut all my hair off...we're still getting used to it and DW's still talking to me, so I guess I didn't go THAT short! Ha! But it had gotten so long, so right now it feels short!)...
It was such a fun day to catch up with everyone and we were only missing a few of the family. With a crew as big as this is, it's almost impossible to pick a day that works for everyone.
The kids were separated by age group and AB hunted with the pre-school kids. Here's her and Daddy at the "starting line" getting a pre-hunt high-5!

AB went straight toward the fence. She loved looking through it, and spent most of the time "hunting eggs" standing by the fence! Ha... She did pick up a few eggs on her way over, though...

After each group had hunted their eggs, they made their way over to the "Petting Zoo"! One of the aunts went "all-out" and had a petting zoo to come and set up! The kids loved it! The animals were so calm and tame! There were 3 BIG chickens, 3 fluffy bunny rabbits, and some sheep.
Guess who might be scared of some baby chicks, but didn't bat an eye when it came to sheep three times her size?!?!? Ha...
I think she thought this was Rex (my parents' dog)! Or maybe she just loved the sheep's accessories. I mean, really- how harmless could a sheep be who wears a bandanna around it's neck?!?!? Ya'll don't even know how bad I want a field of bandanna-wearing sheep now.
After a few rounds in the petting zoo, we headed out. But, look who wanted back in... and just as I snapped this picture guess who put her mouth on the gate and started licking it?!?!? OH.MERCY. Just shoot me now. My child has licked the same fence as the sheep and who knows what else!!! I can't even think about it without shuddering....Ha...
AB wanted back in with the sheep until she saw the...... PONY!
It was love at first sight, for me (I mean, Annabelle) and the pony. After the pony experience, I have only four words...WE NEED A PONY. Check out that tiny saddle! And guess who loved her?!?!? She sat up on that saddle like the biggest little girl you've ever seen, and while I was getting the scoop on the pony, she was bouncing trying to get her to go! Another couple years and I think we'll be in the market for one of these!!!
After the kids visited the petting zoo, they had their pictures taken with some tulips and bunnies, but I don't have AB's picture on my computer... it was so cute, though!
I think the kids all had fun just running and playing outside together and after a while of that, it was time to eat. I wish I had taken some pictures of the pavilion, because DW's cousin's wife, decorated this year and did such a great job! There were different topiaries on each table, the prettiest giant butterflies hanging from the rafters and fluffy chicks scattered everywhere! It was adorable...
Another fun family day!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Remember the Valentine's I ordered for AB? I got them from the Etsy shop, Chickabug.

I ordered the Valentine cards and coordinating stickers and return address stickers.

Heather was so easy to work with and within just a few hours of my order I already had a FREE proof in my inbox for approval before she printed my items! If you have ever had anything printed before, you know how important a proof is, and that many times you are charged for them!!

I loved how our Valentines turned out and I got lots of compliments and inquiries about them, too!

Heather, at Chickabug, has offered to do a giveaway on my blog!

Here's what you'll get....

16 favor tags (of your choice)

1 sheet of stickers (of your choice)

Chickabug's got some really cute Easter designs right now, too! How cute would these tags be on goody bags for your child's friends, class party at school or Sunday school class?

But you don't have to choose Easter. You can choose ANY design in the shop. You could do them for your next birthday party... or how cute would it be to have them made as "From" tags? Like, "Happy Birthday! Love, Annabelle" --- then we could use these tags every time we had party to go to! How fun.... The possibilities are endless, since they are custom and Heather will print whatever you want them to say!
Heather has great stuff for girls AND boys in her shop! (Which is sometimes hard to find!) I LOVE this pirate theme for a little boy!
You can get coordinating items for ANY of the themes in the shop! One click and the party is done! Invitations, return address labels, favor tags, thank you cards, she even offers menu cards in the shop! SO cute!!!

I'm ordering a sheet of address labels for AB in this design for her Easter cards...

Maybe you don't have kids???You could use the stickers as book tags "This book belongs to ______"

Or as address return labels! How cute is this bee?

Here's what you have to do to win...

Click over the Chickabug's shop
and leave a comment on this post telling us:

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For another chance to win, mention this giveaway on a post of your own and leave a separate comment saying you did so!

The giveaway will be open until 8:00 Thursday morning. Then, I'll choose a winner using the random generator (I've always wanted to say that!) later Thursday morning!


Friday, March 12, 2010

Fieldtrip to the Chicken House - 2010 Edition

Last year, Carrie & I started what we hoped would be an Easter-time tradition for our with baby chicks! We've got the perfect set-up, thanks to Carrie's in-laws, who happen to own a chicken farm. This year, Allie Claire's cousin, Gus got in on the action, too! Gus was still kicking his momma in the rib cage and if her pregnancy was anything like mine, giving her heartburn, this time last year. We were so glad Lyndsay (Carrie's sis-in-law, and my oldest friend---we've been friends since I was a week old---she's exactly one week younger than me and we grew up together in church) and Gus were able to go up with us.

We'd talked about a date that we could get together to do this year's pictures, and it had to be a week that there were chicks hatching! We picked the perfect day, as far as the chicks go, because they couldn't have been any fluffier and cuter! Now, the weather on the other hand was terrible. Not to fear though... those Mizell's have many barns to choose from on their farm, so we picked the one closest to the "hatching house" (I don't know what they call it? But it was where all the babies were, and if we had one, I'd call it the "hatching house" because I have a weakness for alliteration. Ha...)

For last year's pictures, Allie Claire was just sitting up and AB wasn't even close! I had to go back last night and look at the pictures to see just how little they were... awwww....
At least last year, AB was too small to really know what was going on....she wasn't mobile yet either, so she just had to lay there and pose with the chicks! But, she obviously was keeping her hands close to her and off those chickies! Ha...

Look at AB's face in this one, she was like, "ALLIE CLAIRE MIZELL, WHAT are you thinking?!?!? I'm not touching that thing!!!"
Seems this year, AB's distaste for holding chicks hasn't improved. She wanted nothing to do with them and had the big meltdown when we sat her down with them. And my hopes of getting the sweetest picture of her holding a baby chick went up in flames....
Maybe she felt like she wasn't being loyal to her family, who's in the beef cattle industry... I could have told her to remember how much we love chickens, too, and reminded her how much we love Chick-fil-A, but I didn't think that was a good idea either... Ha... And I don't even want to know the trouble I'm going to be in when DW, my Momma & Daddy & Mr. Pug & Kellee see this picture. They're going to want to beat me for letting their daughter/granddaughter cry like this AND take a picture of it! But, before yall call me, I was thinking that maybe if I snapped the picture fast enough it would look like a smile. After uploading the pictures, I see that there's NO WAY it could be mistaken for a smile! ha....

Allie, on the other hand, was a pro back then and still is now! She was squeezing chicks at 5 months old, and yesterday was no different! 17 months old and she was loving those chicks, she'd rub them on her cheek and say, "awwwwww"!

We put AB in a tub that I'd brought and scattered the chicks out in front of it, so we were able to get a few decent pictures of that! I wont exactly say, "good" since in this first one she looks pretty cautious and the second one is really a "fuss" that "looks like a smile"---kind of...

Here's some smiles, though! Everything's always less scary and way better with a friend!
AB's face in this next picture is so my Granny! (who AB got her middle name, Peg, after). Granny has always been bad about getting "tickled" at the worst times and when she tries to hold it in, she makes a face like little miss is making here! Annabelle is so silly and I know it comes straight from her genes!

After we'd gotten some pics; we put the chicks away, thanked Mr. Clyde for letting us come again this year, and headed to get some lunch and pray that the babies all fell asleep in the car on the way! They were all in desperate need of a nap...

After a stop at a kids store and the Target, we called it a day. The rain had settled in, our feet were soaked and our teeth were sore from holding onto our umbrellas with our mouths while we got babies strapped in and out of their carseats. We also all agreed that we were pretty certain we'd be a mess if we ever had triplets! Ha...

What a fun day, rain & all!

I am hoping by next year's chick-picture-day, AB will be over her chick-phobia and get in on the squeezing! That is, if we're allowed to go back next year after her daddy & grandparents see that pic of her crying... ha...


Monday, March 8, 2010

Play Date...

My BFF, Carrie, called me on Sunday to see if Allie could come spend a few hours with Annabelle and I today. As if it was even a question!!!

Allie Claire arrived around noon for our afternoon play date. The girls were thrilled, as they always are, to be "reunited"!

We played with EVERY toy in our house today and if I weren't so embarrassed, I'd take pictures of what the aftermath of our little tornadoes looks like! Ha....

They had the best time playing, although neither of them are real big fans of sharing! Ha...

It was an afternoon filled with tea parties, cartoons, books, baby dolls, music, dancing, and snacks. I'd say that's the recipe for a good day for anyone...

Carrie and I always say we don't know what we'll do if these two grow up not to be the big buddies we're trying to train them to be! Ha... I don't think we'll have to worry about that anytime soon!