Sunday, March 27, 2011

Easter Chicks 2011

Last year’s chick pictures didn’t go quite as smooth as we’d planned. Annabelle was terrified of the chicks and wouldn’t even sit with them near her. We did manage to get a few pics of her halfway smiling while safe inside a big wooden tub.

I wasn’t sure how this year would go, either. We’d been talking the chicks up for days, and trying to prepare AB for it. The day we went up to the Mizell’s, she was excited about seeing the chicks and being with her friends, so I was hopeful that she wouldn't be scared this year.

When we got to the farm, Carrie went into the chicken house and got a few chicks and brought them out in the crate. DSC_8391I almost fell out when I looked up and saw ALL four of the kids kneeling around the crate and miss priss HOLDING one! DSC_8393She walked right up and grabbed one! DSC_8396

She wasn’t scared one bit, and even let a chick have a ride on her shoulder.DSC_8637




We took turns trying to get some pictures of each of the kids, but for the most part, they just played with all the baby chicks, and loved every minute of it!




I called Allie Claire, “Elmira” that day. She reminded me of the character on Looney Toons that loved all the baby animals and wanted to “hug them and squeeze them and kiss them all over”…


The chick’s face in this next one is hilarious.


Gus and Noah were glad to get in on the chick field trip this year, too! Both boys were so cute with the chicks.





DSC_8565 (2)


It was such a fun little trip to the chicken farm again this year.

For memory’s sake, here’s a pic of the girls three years in a row:








Such fun memories & traditions!


Friday, March 25, 2011


The title is for you, Steph. :)


Things are so busy with us right now. I know everyone feels the same way. But, life seems to be going ninety miles an hour these days. I’m still adjusting to the whole working again thing, that’s for sure! :)

I’m excited about everything we’ve got going on, though, and I see God’s hand in all of it, so I’m not complaining. It just means my house is a little a LOT messier than usual, I haven’t blogged in weeks, and I may have the signs of dark circles under my eyes. Ha…

Here’s a little of what we’ve been up to the last month:

- Basketball. We took AB to one of the last home basketball Gator games. Here she is with DW waiting on the bus to shuttle us to the O’Dome. The school bus ride was a HIT! She loves a bus!


Once we made it to our seats, she did the Gator chomp for at least 20 minutes straight. I don’t know when her Daddy has been more proud.


The second half of the game, we went up and sat with Adam & Lauren, so we were able to get a picture of all three of us.



- BUBBLES. AB is still OBSESSED with bubbles. EVERY TIME we go into a store that’s what she wants. If I’m even talking about going shopping or to the grocery store, she always make sure to tell me, “bubbles”… We have to buy them almost every time we’re out too, because she always spills them, so they don’t last long around here. At least their cheap. :)



- Church! We are re-doing our church’s nursery rooms in memory of Cooper. It’s been bittersweet for sure. That’s just the way our lives are now though. But it has been a blessing to do something in memory of our boy. I’ll post a lot more on that later. I have very much enjoyed all the shopping for the project, though! I LOVE getting mail/packages, so seeing the UPS and FedEx man come up our driveway almost every day has been fun. I don’t know how many loads we’ve made, but it’s been a lot! :)DSCN3707

- Mickey Mouse Live! We met up with Aunt Carrie & Allie Claire a couple weeks ago to watch Mickey’s Magic Show. DSCN3703Mickey and the gang were all there, but AB was most excited about seeing the Princess’! (She LOVES a “tin-cess” these days!). DSCN3686DSCN3689Carrie made the girls the cutest shirts for the show and they were little dolls watching the mouse! DSCN3701

- We got a GOLFCART! I’m not sure who’s more excited about it, me or my girl. When we got it, DW told Annabelle that it was “hers and Mommas”, so every time we go out into the garage, she says, “OURS!” :) We do both love it and have had so much fun on it already! Any spare chance we get, we take a little ride!


- Annabelle has pink piggies! I painted her toenails on Tuesday, and she LOVES them. So do I! I can hardly stand it, they’re so cute!!! We are officially ready for summer and sandals!2011-03-22_21-05-23_926

- I finally made the time to put a few Easter/Spring things out around the house. There are no words for how good it felt to have some spring flowers in my door bucket and some Easter eggs scattered around the house! :)  I’m a weirdo, I know.



On Wednesday, we took our yearly field trip up to the Mizell Chicken Farm and did our Easter Chick pictures! I’ll do a post on that soon, though! :)

Happy Weekend!