Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The "Breaking News"

Well, I promised breaking news last night, but am finally getting around to posting it tonight.
After several posts and many laughs about the infamous As Seen on TV Snuggie, I am proud to announce that I am now the owner of one of these gems.
To catch up, here's the past Snuggie posts:
Now I know in the past I have poked fun at and even questioned who would need one of these over-sized-blanket-backward-robes--- but in all honesty I couldn't have given an accurate opinion of the Snuggie because I didn't have one.
Well things have since changed.
One of our Aunts said she had been reading my blog and couldn't resist giving me this Snuggie.
She presented it to me on Sunday and told me I could throw it in the closet if I wanted and she'd never know! No way! I was trying this baby out!

On Sunday afternoon, I pulled it out and tried it on. I sat for a few minutes and realized that my new Snuggie friend is quite warm and really "snuggie"--- whoever named that thing must have tried it out first... it was genius!
So this is my second official apology to the dear Snuggie. Only this time, I am able to speak in regards to Snuggie, as not just another viewer of the infomercial, but as someone who has been Snuggied... and I can totally see where people would want one.
Snuggie definitely keeps you snug and warm, but I do have two issues with it...
My main concern with the Snuggie is wondering if it's made of fire-retardant fabric. It may just be me, but my Snuggie has the most static electricity you have ever seen! It makes every hair on my arms stand up while I have it on, and when I touch something sparks start flying like the Wicked Witch of the West! It was cold last night when we went to bed, and I thought about putting my Snuggie on, but I was scared I'd start a fire in the middle of the night. I don't even know if we have a fire alarm in our room, so I decided against it. Plus I remembered what Bill Weir said on Good Morning America about the Snuggie and your spouse...
My other concern with Snuggie is how long it is. Now I know its One Size Fits All, but if I tried to walk around in it, I would fall on my face--- it's definitely not something I'll be able to wear to ballgames like the people in the commercial (even though my Snuggie is Gator Blue!). Devin told me they had to make it this way so it would fit everyone from people as short as my mom to Shaq. Good point. But I think if I am going to wear my Snuggie and be able to walk around in it, I might need to take my blogger friend, Katie's advice and order some "Mighty Mend-it" so that I can hem it.

No matter how much I bent and stretched, I still couldn't reach that pocket... I felt like the lady in the infomercial who couldn't stay under her blanket!

Being so long, also presents another problem--- the Snuggie has pockets, but because of it's length, I can't reach them. I don't really know what the pockets are for, but I'll certainly be using my Snuggie pockets for snacks. But thats just me. The plus side is that the pockets are so big that you could keep just about anything in them--- TV remote, water bottle, book, telephone, small child...

Don't call child services, this isn't Annabelle!

Snuggie, I have seen the error of my ways, and I now know firsthand your greatness.

Other breaking news at the Whitehurst House:

Annabelle tried out her Bumbo seat, and loves it...


Monday, February 23, 2009

A Picnic

Friday night brought cold temperatures, but by Saturday mid-morning, the sun was out, the skies were blue and it was WAY too pretty to be stuck in the house all day!

I packed the picnic basket, Devin loaded the cooler, we stopped and picked up Adam & Lauren and headed to the hunting camp. We thought the camp would be the best place for a picnic, just in case it was too cold under the shady oaks for Belle. If that was the case, we'd just go in and have an inside picnic!

No need for Plan B - We were able to eat outside after all...

Check out the antennas on that hat! (Belle's, not Devin's!)

We dropped Adam & Lauren off, but my outdoor-bug had not been satisfied. It's been a long week of being INSIDE and I was borderline having a Vitamin-D deficiency!! I needed MORE... I needed sun, fresh air, and, and, and....to SEE something! BUT it had to be something I could do in my "booty suit." (I better clarify that-- my "booty suit" consists of yoga length sweat pants and a zip-up hoodie.) Long random story of where the name came from and I'm sure no one's up for hearing it now... Like I was saying, I wanted to see something, but only something that didn't require me to put on makeup, take my pony tail down, or change out of my comfy clothes. With those stipulations, ANYTHING other than riding to the lake, in the woods or on the prairie was out of the question.
We headed out to the prairie.

When we got to the lake, someone else was taking advantage of the nice warm sunshine! We saw these four friendly faces....

I love it when we see gators-- makes me feel all brave and adventurous! Now it doesn't make me want to get real close or anything crazy like that, but I do like to see them.

I bet this here girl wouldn't be admiring her reflection in the lake if she had just seen what we saw!

Here's another couple cuties we ran into...


I don't know what it is about a fox squirrel that I LOVE, but I just LOVE them. When we bought our first house we had two fox squirrels that lived there. They hung out on the fence and played in the yard, and even a rambunctious two year old who drove a Tonka dump truck like nobody's business could scare them away. I guess you could say they were part of the family. Kind of like pets. I guess that's why I like them, because I am NOT a pet person, and they're like pets without being pets. I don't want anything that I have to feed or clean up after unless it calls me, "Momma."

When we bought our current house, I was saddened to realize that the squirrel population up here is 0. I suggested that we go buy some bread and I would make a "Hansel & Gretel" type trail from our old house (it's next door) and up the drive-way to our new house for the squirrels to follow. Devin didn't act like he thought my plan would work and so he came up with an idea of his own. We'd get one of those wooden squirrel feeders (oh yes, I am serious, they really do make them) and some dried corn and "bait" them up. Well I was all over that. I mean WHO wouldn't want a squirrel feeder? Okay, I'll re-phrase that.. WHAT girl, who's desperate to get some squirrels in her yard wouldn't want a wooden squirrel feeder?!--- SOLD! We bought that thing, a big bag of dried corn cobs and we (well, Devin) hung it on a big oak tree in the front yard. In just minutes or hours I was certain that the entire squirrel population on our road would have their bags packed, and would be headed up our drive-way to move in. No such luck. Days went by. I checked the corn everyday, hoping for some evidence that a four-legged, long-tailed friend had been enjoying the new feeder and had taken up residence in our yard.

Nope. The only four-legged, long-tailed friend interested in our squirrel feeder were the dadgum cows! Don't even get me going on them cows- this past fall, they ate the arms and legs off my scarecrows that hang on the fence down by the road, they devoured the hay bales that were on the opposite side of the fence (woah, that's a long tongue!) that I had strategically placed complete with pumpkins and mums as part of my fall decor, AND they've even tried to chase me down the driveway while I've been walking!!! Whew- back to my squirrels--

By this point, I was about to give up. I had decided that we lived too far off the road for the squirrels to want to live in our trees. When I told Devin my conclusion, he informed me that squirrels in fact, do like to be off the road. Ohhhh, okay....

Well, what more was there to do, then wait....

Finally, after weeks of waiting, someone finally spread the word about our never-ending corn supply and finally some new tenants checked in! Now, I know beggers can't be choosers, and don't get me wrong, I love all of these "regular" squirrels, but I do wish some of their "fox squirrel" friends would move in, too! Maybe word will spread to the fox squirrel we saw out by the lake and he'll move to our house, too! And I cannot believe that I just wrote all of that about squirrels. Sorry! This blog becomes proof of my undiagnosed A.D.D. more and more with each post. BACK to Saturday.

....And this is why I love and forgive (for eating my fall decorations) all these cows around here... because they have BABIES!!!!!

How cute is he? We came up on him and his momma, not long after his grand entrance into the world... nothing like a brand new baby, even if it's a "cow-baby"!

It was a fun day and I certainly got my fill of sunshine & fresh air!


By the way...I have some breaking news that happened on Sunday, but I don't have a picture yet, so when Devin gets home from work, I am going to have him help me, and I'll be posting it later tonight... Stay tuned!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Someone should have warned me...

When we got married five, nearly six years ago, I couldn't wait to say our vows, jump on the plane to St. Lucia, have the best week long vacation of my life with my new husband, and then settle back in our sweet little house. It was in that sweet little house that I would do our laundry, clean our bathroom, vacuum, mop, cook every night, and basically wow everyone with my domestication while still looking cute. (I was dumb and didn't have a clue!). I was also SO very excited about the idea of going grocery shopping for all the necessities for our sweet little house!!! (again, I was dumb and clueless). I think when it came to the grocery store, what excited me the most was the fact that I could buy whatever I wanted--- which meant we'd always have chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream instead of just PLAIN vanilla. (no offense to my Dad, who for as long as I can remember has ALWAYS had vanilla ice cream on hand). I know, I know, getting to pick out the ice cream seems like such a huge deal, but to me, five, nearly six years ago, it was. (i was dumb). So I said all that to say, SOMEONE should have warned me about the grocery store. It did not take long for me to realize that the grocery store is a horrible, no good place, that NO ONE in their right mind would EVER WANT to go! We have to eat though, and I am not going to NOT eat, so I have to make my weekly trip.

I'll be REAL honest with you, I am a grocery store snob. I said it. It's out. I just really don't care for the Winn-Dixie where we live. So, I drive to Gainesville and typically do my shopping at Publix, "where shopping is a pleasure". (well, I wouldn't go that far, but it isn't as bad as going to Winn Dixie for me).

On Wednesday, we needed a couple staple items (butter, milk, and diapers). In times like those, I'll just run to town and pick them up at Winn-Dixie, which is what I did.

We went right in, grabbed our few items and proceeded to the check out counter. There were 2 cashiers working. Which leads me to this question, WHY do they have TEN cash registers and checkout lanes, but never have more than THREE, if we're lucky, open??? I have NEVER been in Winn-Dixie when there has been more than 3 lines open.

Anyway, that wasn't what made me ill on that particular trip to the WD--- no, it's much better than that.

I load my three items (well by this point it's four, because I grabbed a magazine...but don't tell Devin, I buy WAY too many magazines---and the ones I don't buy, I subscribe to!). Anyway, I have my 4 items on the belt and there is a lady in front of me who is about to pay when out of no where, another lady comes up and gets right behind the lady paying and puts her stuff on the belt, in front of mine. At first, I didn't think twice about it-- i just assumed she was WITH the lady in front of me, who was paying for her groceries and she had just remembered she needed three bananas (I kid you not, that's what she had... three bananas) and had just ran and got them and was now back in her spot in line. Well, I thought that until the lady who was paying, PAID and walked out.

Let me just say that I am the person who if you come up behind me in line and you only have a couple things, and I have more than you, then I am going to tell you to go in front of me.

But for this lady to just skip me... it didn't sit well with me. But then, on top of skipping me and only purchasing her three bananas, she wanted to sign up for the Winn-Dixie savings reward card. Right there, right then. SERIOUSLY? Lady, you have just skipped me, and now you want to sign up for the Rewards card? Of course, I would have never said anything to her, but this is just one more reason I have such a distaste for the grocery store. And for anywhere for that matter... what is with people?

Oh, and for kicks, guess how much those three bananas were--- $.90!!! She got 3 bananas for 90 cents! I was ill then, too, that I didn't see those bananas and get some myself--- I don't even like bananas, but if I had known I could get three of them for 90 cents I would have been on it! I like a good deal and they look good in the basket in my kitchen... makes us look healthy and all... ha

That Winn-Dixie story reminds me of another WD encounter. It was several months ago when I was in line behind a lady who was writing a check. God bless the check writers of America. Now, I have no problem with someone paying with a check, my own Momma is a check writer, so you know I have no ill will toward any perpetual check writers. Where the problem with the check writers lies is when they don't start writing the check until the cashier has scanned every item, gives them the total and has BAGGED every item. (On a side note, I got all this patience of mine from my Daddy). Anyway, this particular check writer had finally decided to start on her check when the last bag was placed in her buggy, and in between writing each line on the check, she'd stop and continue telling the story about her cat that had leukemia. And that she had flown to Miami to pick this cat up, to rescue it, because they were going to put it down because it has leukemia. Well this leads to two thoughts--- "What? Cats can get leukemia?" and "if I was a cat with leukemia, I think I'd rather be put out of my misery"---Back to the check writing cat loving lady--- This cat that she had rescued from Miami was one of over 80, yes, I said EIGHTY cats that she had at home. She was a check writer by day and a cat rescuer by night. She had to tell about her vet bills and this and that and all that she has done to make the lives of these cats better. This is the good part... this is when she turns to me, points her finger right at me and in the most witchyified (i know that isn't a word, but that's how I would have said it, so I am typing it that way) voice and says "Whatcha gonna do when yer standin' at the pearly gates and HE asks YOU what you did?" Seriously? Wow...
I smiled and said, "the best I could."... what else could I say? I had no cat rescue story that would ever top hers, and if I had told her that I don't even, (gasp) LIKE cats, I think she would have run me over with her grocery cart!
She finished writing her check and headed home to her 80+ cats.

SOMEONE should have warned me about the grocery store...

Am I alone in my dislike for the grocery store? Does anyone really LIKE going?


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Hearts Day

Well I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day. Ours this year was somewhat different than those in the past. For the first time since Devin and I have been together, we didn't have plans! (It certainly wasn't for lack of a baby sitter....Annabelle's Grammy & Pop and Granny & Pappy all assured us they'd pretty much give thier right arm for the chance to keep her!) Anyway, We decided we'd do a low-key V-Day and spend it with the sweetest little Valentine girl ever! We spent the morning playing with Miss Priss and just guess what she did?
She rolled over! (from her tummy to her back) TWICE! After the first time, I grabbed the camera and got the second time on video! I'd post that video on here, so ya'll could witness our latest milestone, BUT I tend to talk when I get excited, and I hate to hear myself on the video talking, so ya'll will just have to take my word for it that she really did roll over!

We went and had lunch and bought Annabelle a playmat. It's called the "Monkey Mat"- she had a big time trying it out when we got home.

I know I am the most blessed girl in the world when it comes to my Valentine. God blessed me beyond measure when He gave me Devin. This year the card I got for him said, "Love isn't about the falling, its all about the staying." I am so thankful for the sweet time in our lives when we were falling in love; for the butterflies in my stomach on our first date, for my LAST first kiss (which by the way was not on that first date! Hello, this is the girl who told Devin he'd have to call me, because girls don't call boys..so you know I certainly wasn't kissing on the first date! ha), for all of the first holidays and milestones we saw together, and all the other sweet memories that go along with our first years as a couple. But I am loving where we are right now--- in the "staying" part! But I also have to say that its definitely full circle--- I go back to the "falling" every time I see him with our sweet girl. Thank you Lord, for blessing me with a husband who loves you, who loves me, and who is such a wonderful daddy.

By the way just guess what Devin surprised me with for Valentine's Day... now remember we said we were doing "low-key" this year... so while he was down at the Walgreens buying me a card, he picked up....... Yep, you guessed it, my very own Ped-Egg! Does that man listen or what?!?!? I laughed so hard...

Here's a picture of the ever so popular Annabelle Whitehurst with all of her Valentines. She even got her first little bit of mail this week... Valentine cards from her best friend Allie Claire, from some of her cousins- Sidney & Lindsey in Georgia, and from the Benton boys! Her daddy isn't too sure how he feels about her getting mail from boys already! ha...

I can't make a post today without saying that it's my Momma's birthday! When I was a little girl, I thought it was so neat that she was born the day after Valentine's Day! I don't know if it was being born that close to the day filled with love and hearts that made the difference, but I know my mom is certainly a special one. I am thankful God chose to give me to her. Now that I have a daughter of my own, makes me hope that Belle grows up to love me as much as I love my mom. She'll be celebrating today in Georgia with our family up there. Today was my sister-in-law's baby shower, so she and Dad drove up for the weekend to be there. I'm glad she'll get to spend her birthday with the family we don't get to see often enough. It will be good to have them home tomorrow though! There's another reason to thank the Lord---that the man he chose for me only lives 30 minutes away from my Momma & Daddy! :)


Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Yesterday was Annabelle's 2 month birthday, but I didn't get around to doing a post until now! I could say that I was oh-so busy with her, the house and everything else, but really, I just didn't do it, so no sense in making excuses!

Anyway, it's hard to believe that it's already been two months since our sweet girl made her grand entrance into our lives. She has grown and changed so much since December 9th!

At her 8 week well-check visit, she weighed 9 lbs, 14 oz and is 22 inches long. (At birth she was 6 lbs 4 oz and 19 1/2 inches). She's doing new things everyday. Today, she was laying in her crib, and I decided to try to capture some of her new "skills" on camera... Here's what we came up with... (let me warn you now, there isn't a bow on her head... I know, I know, these will be the second set of pictures I have posted on my blog with her bow-less, and for some it will be hard to recognize her without her signature 'do...ha... hopefully she wont be too mad at me for posting them! It's proof that I don't keep a bow on her head all day while we're at home...although I am guilty of putting one on her sometimes just before her daddy comes home!

She's developed her "social" smile. She smiles when she recognizes voices and faces and even smiles back at you when you smile at her.

Her neck muscles are getting stronger everyday, and she's starting to support it really good on her own! (We have several tummy-time sessions everyday for "strength training"!) :)

She's discovered her hands. Its so sweet to see them folded together or to hear her chewing on them! Adorable!!!
She's also started "talking"... and what a sweet voice she has...
According to all my books and research she is right on track with what she's suppose to be doing at this age! (And believe me, I check... probably too much!)

She's eating about every 3 hours and has a long stretch of 5-6 hours at night. She's a dream baby for sure...

And just for fun:
"Where's Annabelle?"
*hint: This time she DOES have a bow on! :)

Well, I typed all that before dinner. So I have more to add... We've got several birthdays in our family this week!... Annabelle's 2 month was yesterday and her Uncle Adam's was today. And her Grammy's is on Sunday!

Tonight for dinner we all gathered at "Pappy & Granny's" (my in-laws) house for Uncle Adam's birthday. Pappy grilled steaks and of course, they were excellent. Here's a picture of Adam with Belle... notice her bib (it says "I love my Uncle"....don't worry, Beau, she'll wear it next time she sees you, too!) :)

Since it is Adam's birthday, I have to say something nice about him.... He is very much like a brother to me...We fuss and pick on each other just like a real brother and sister---I know he'd do anything for me, and he knows I'd do the same for him....Devin will tell you very quickly that his very best friends are his Daddy, his brothers, and my dad, too! I love that... I think it speaks volumes of the kind of people they are and I am thankful that Devin has such a friend as his brother. Adam is just as special to me. We've been close since Devin and I started dating and we've been through quite a lot together...we've had happy times, sad times, good times and bad, and everything in between! He's a wonderful brother to Devin, the best brother-in-law ever to me, and such a sweet Uncle to our Annabelle. (He & Aunt Lauren spoil her just a little)... Happy Birthday to our Adam...I know the next 25 will be even better than the first!


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

That's my God!

Alright, yall will NOT believe this! You know how I delight in the small things of life. And its no secret that I love, love, love it when God shows up right in the middle of something silly and blesses me! Well, I am telling you, you aren't going to believe this...

If you know me well, you know that I love Christian author/teacher Beth Moore. I have done several of her bible studies with my Mom over the years, read her books, and every time Beth is close to us, we typically go! Her book, "Praying God's Word" provided such comfort and even produced a real-life friendship with one of her friends who wrote a section in the book, right after we lost our Cooper. So to say that Beth has a special place in my heart and that I love and respect her is an understatement! I can go on to say that all the women in my immediate family LOVE Beth! (Yeah, we all act like we are on a first name basis-- ha ha)... My Aunt & cousin even went on a cruise to Greece with Beth several years ago... alright, so yall get the picture, we LOVE her!

So, if you've been reading my blog, you'll remember these posts about the Snuggie:




Well, imagine my delight when tonight I check my blog list and see that the LPM blog has a new post (Beth's blog). I excitedly click on it, thinking its going to be more pictures of her sweet new granddaughter (who's name is Annabeth... (close to Annabelle)... I am telling you, if I lived in Houston, I know those Moore girls and I would be BFFs!) Well, it turns out, its a post titled "A Plea for Community"--- I didn't immediately see pictures, and almost didn't read the post tonight... but I did... and I am telling you, you aren't going to believe this.... BETH bought a SLANKET!!! (it's the higher end version of the Snuggie, or so I think). There are even pictures of Beth in her Slanket! I have laughed until I cried. And I am claiming this one as my blessing of the day!
Here's the link to the post: http://livingproofministries.blogspot.com/2009/02/plea-for-community.html

So it's official, if Beth Moore has a Slanket, well, I must make another public apology to the Snuggie!

Thank you God, for having such sense of humor and for knowing me so well.


Monday, February 2, 2009

A very big weekend

What a weekend!

Saturday we decided we'd take Little Miss out for her first lunch date. (She will be 8 weeks old tomorrow, so we will officially be past those first few critical weeks). Adam & Lauren (my B-I-L, and S-I-L) had told us about this place in Ocala we needed to try, called "Five Guys." It's a hamburger place, but they said it was the BEST. Lauren doesn't even like burgers enough to ever finish one, and she said she actually ate the whole thing... reason enough for us to give it a try! So we all loaded up and headed to "Top of the World" (it's a retirement community outside of Ocala). I didn't really know what to expect, I thought it was going to be more of a restaurant, but it's a place your order - wait for your number - then pick a table yourself - and eat there - kind of place. When we walked in, the first thing I saw were these huge bags of potatoes lined up down the middle of the room. They make their own fries using fresh cut potatoes! To make it even better, on each side of the potatoes were big boxes of peanuts for you to snack on while you wait... LOVE me some peanuts! I have to remind myself that peanuts are often used to "fatten hogs" and I have to stop before I devour 5 lbs of them by myself! We placed our order and waited on our number. (the place was packed by the way, so you know it's good!)

Here's Miss Priss sitting on a bag of " 'taters!" ha...
Here's my lunch.... I had a bacon cheeseburger and as Lauren puts it "the bacon is still crunchy"--- it was excellent. And I love the fries! When I was little, my Papa would peel potatoes and make homemade fries. He loved to tell about the time he peeled a whole 5 lb. bag of potatoes for my friend and I and we ate ALL of them... 5 LBS!?!?!? Someone should have told me about the "fattening hogs" thing back then!

Here's a photo commemorating Belle's first lunch date...

And here's Uncle Adam & Aunt Lauren

Oh, one more thing about "5 Guys"- they have a bulletin board hanging on the wall with a basket of note cards and markers under it. You can write them a comment and hang it on the board. I had to write one, and take a picture! :)
Saturday night we went over to Grammy & Pop's for hot wings. Devin loves wings, and my mom makes the best. They never ever taste the same, (to me anyway), but they are always great. We ended up just spending the night, after I fell asleep! And would you believe that our little darling slept ALL night???

Sunday was Annabelle's first trip to church! I was very excited about finally getting to go back to church, but was a little nervous about how she'd do. She rarely fusses, but I just knew if she was going to, it would be right in the middle of the sermon and I'd have to get up in front of everyone and take her out. I know this is going to sound vain, but I was a little ill about going, too, since neither of our clothes really fit yet. Mine are all too tight and hers are all too big! You should have seen the little stockings I put on her... they were pulled up all the way to her chest... Devin said it looked like she was wearing Spanx (only they were baggy!)! Anyway, I got her dressed and she was precious, even if her stockings were a little big! Devin was ready, and handsome as always, and me, well, like Carrie had told me, no one would be looking at me anyway! All they'd be worried about was Belle! She was right. Belle was the most popular girl in church. And she was perfect! She slept the whole service and didn't make a peep! We had to take her to Sunday lunch at the Ivy House to celebrate!

Here are a few pics of her first trip to church.

Sunday night we ate dinner at Annabelle's Pappy & Granny's house for her first Super Bowl. Devin's Daddy smoked some ribs and pork and boy was it good... I don't know how I will EVER fit in my pre-preg clothes again... it seems EVERYTHING in our family revolves around food...good food!! :)
It was a great weekend!