Friday, February 27, 2015

Daddy-Sweetheart Dance

Every February, our Jr. Woman’s Club puts on the Daddy Sweetheart dance. They’ve been doing this for years and years and way back when I was in Juniors, I helped with it one year. It was precious then, but even sweeter now that I have daughters myself.

This was the first year that Annabelle was old enough to attend. She brought home the invitation in her school folder and asked me if we were going to “that dance.”  She didn’t really know what it was or what to expect, but she knew she definitely wanted to go. DSC_0231

Several of her friends at school must have been talking it up, because she got more excited about it the closer it got. When we read the invitation it said that Daddys or any special man could bring the girls, and she asked if Pop, Pappy and her uncles were all going with them. Precious. I love that my girls are loved by such great men. She was also excited that she and Daddy had to “dress up” and asked DW if he’d be wearing what he wore to our wedding. I can’t believe he didn’t go rent a tux. Ha.

Last Saturday was the big event. IMG_6178DSC_0194

DW, about an hour before they were supposed to leave, remembered he was going to get AB some flowers. He hated that he forgot, but luckily our camellias had some blooms, so he picked her one of those. DSC_0205IMG_6182

They do two separate dances;  one for girls K-2nd grade and one for 3-5 grade girls.

They do a father-daughter picture, have snacks, play a couple games and dance, dance, dance! DW only took one picture, which was AB doing the conga-line. IMG_6575He said they danced a couple slow songs and did the Cupid Shuffle. I know it was adorable and something she will never forget.

After the dance, they went to dinner at the Ivy House. DSC_0238

It was a precious evening and I know our big girl will want to go again next year.


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Disney 2015

I was excited that my SIL, Kristy, wanted to plan a Disney trip together. They’ve not been since she was pregnant with Garrett, so it was time!

Our girls are always ready to visit the Magic Kingdom, so the countdown had been on at our house since the minute they found out we were going.

President’s Day worked out best, because Beau & Kristy had off from work, and the kids were out of school for the holiday. We knew it would be pretty crowded, but we made a game plan and decided to go with it.

My Mom & I have wanted to stay at the Contemporary for years, but the rooms (when they’re even available) have always been a small fortune when we’ve looked in the past. When we were booking rooms, Mom had me just check on the Contemporary – and much to our surprise, they had rooms available and they were even a good deal (they were by no means ‘cheap’, but compared to the rate they usually are, they were a great deal) – so Mom said ‘Book ‘em!”  Since she was paying, I didn’t argue! :)

We left our house on Sunday morning at 6 am, with plans to be at the park when it opened. We pulled in to the Contemporary Resort around 7:45. IMG_5641Mom, Dad, me and Tucker got checked into the hotel rooms and the rest of the crew parked and headed for the Magic Kingdom. DSC_0187IMG_5643

We’d planned for them to go ahead and get in line at the 7 Dwarfs Mine Train (which on crowded days has about a 2 hour wait) – we planned to hit that first and then make our way around the park.

We thought we’d catch the monorail to the park, but ended up just walking it- I had no idea the walk was so short. It is literally RIGHT next to the resort.

Once we’d waited in line to have my magic band activated (so annoying having to do that with the Florida resident 3 day ticket), we headed to find the rest of the crew. Dad was in no way interested in riding the roller coaster, so he and Tucker found a shady spot and watched. Mom & I got lots of mean stares and comments as we weaved through the line to find our group. They ended up having to wait about 45 minutes in line and by the time we caught up with them, we were 5 minutes from riding. It worked out great.

I was the single rider for our group, thinking it meant I would have to ride by myself. Nope, I had to ride with a stranger. It worked out though because I  was up front and took my phone out and took some pictures of everyone. FullSizeRender2The ones on our PhotoPass were pretty funny, too… Screenshot (5)

The kids all screamed and look terrified in the pictures but all say it’s their favorite and they LOVED it.

After that, Kristy, me & the kids walked right on to ride the tea cups. IMG_5689IMG_5699

The guys were moving the strollers (we opted to take strollers for Garrett, AB, Mamie & Tucker. Four strollers was a lot to keep up with, but the little ones couldn’t have lasted all day without them. We were all glad we had them.) Tucker (still in his jammies) & Grammy watched us on the tea cups… DSC_0003


And then we met Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum (the line was short, so why not…)DSC_0012

Alice & White Rabbit came out next, so we jumped in line to meet them, too…DSC_0049


Screenshot (7)

We had Fastpasses for Peter Pan. This was Tucker’s first ride at Disney! DSC_0064

Garrett, Annabelle & Maybree all wanted to ride with Grammy & Pop and somehow they all fit in their flying ship. DSC_0070

It’s a Small World was next… Tucker slept through it, but here’s proof he did ride…IMG_5718IMG_5731

Then it was Fastpasses to meet Cinderella & Rapunzel. DSC_0080DSC_0095

Garrett was all about meeting the characters, and he loved that “those girls” signed his book.Screenshot (9)

Tucker wasn’t too impressed with Cinderella. His favorite girl is still his Momma. DSC_0098

Mamie HAD to ride “the horseys” when she saw the carousel, so Grammy & Pop took one for the team and waited in line with them to take a ride. IMG_6580IMG_5957

We headed to Storybook circus with plans to ride the Barnstormer & Dumbo, but Garrett decided he’d rather go meet some more characters. DW & I took he, Annabelle & Mamie to meet the Fab 4 under the big top…


Screenshot (10)

DonaldDSC_0120DSC_0122Screenshot (11)DSC_0132




Beau & Kristy took Caroline to ride Big Thunder Mountain and Grammy & Pop kept Tucker entertained.DSC_0170

We all met back up in Adventureland for our FastPass on the Jungle Cruise. IMG_5794

After that, DW took all the kids on Aladdin’s magic carpets. DSC_0177Beau & I actually bumped into Aladdin & Jasmine headed to their character spot and Aladdin (who is shirtless?!?!?)  told Beau he “liked his scruff” – It was a little weird, I’m not going to lie. IMG_6579

We decided to hit the Town Square Theater to have our picture made with the Main Mouse and then go back to the resort.

While we were waiting in line we ran into Hannah (who has Cooper’s babysitter. The only person to ever keep him other than family….she watched him two days a week while I did one of my internships for college). She lives in Alabama now, so how fun to run into her out of all the thousands of people at Disney that day. :)

The kids with Mickey was precious. DSC_0204Garrett’s eyes got as big as golf balls and he whispered “He TALKS!!!’'DSC_0208Screenshot (15)

We took a few pictures,DSC_0215Screenshot (19) Mickey told some jokes and then it was time for GoodByes…Screenshot (21)

When we left, Garrett hugged him and said, “You’re a GOOD mouse!” It was precious.

We caught the monorail back to the resort, and it was fantastic not having to catch a bus and ride for 30 minutes. DSC_0241

Everyone split up and went to their rooms, and we all planned to do our own thing for dinner.

When we got to our room, AB changed into some comfy clothes and watched the monorails go by. DSC_0245DSC_0278

We rested for a little bit and headed for an early dinner. We had planned to eat at the café in the resort, but when we got down there, DW decided to just ask and see if we could get in at Chef Mickeys. (I had already tried to get reservations online when we booked the hotel, and they didn’t have any). He talked to the hostess and she did some arranging and got us in. DSC_0356They usher you to the side to take your picture and then give you a buzzer to wait. IMG_5810While we waited, DW ran back to the room to get our camera (all we had were our cell phones), Tucker’s seat so he’d have a place to sit, and change AB’s clothes. Had I known it was going to work out for us to do this, I would have at least brushed mine and the girls’ hair and changed clothes. Oh well…

We were part of the 5:00 seating, which is when they open, so we were the first ones in, and ended up being at Table 2. This meant that when the characters came out, our table was their 2nd stop!  DSC_0286It was also the closest table to the dessert buffet. It was perfect! I couldn’t believe we ended up getting to eat there. The girls had the best time. DSC_0295DSC_0300

The characters came out in intervals about every 5 minutes. So we’d eat a little and then another one would be stopping by the table…


They were really good about taking time with the kids to get pictures, but also moving along so they were able to make it to every table. Mamie’s face when Minnie came out was worth the price of the meal…


She was really excited about Donald, too…DSC_0330DSC_0334

All of the characters were sweet to stop and look at Tucker, too… DSC_0285DSC_0306

He checked them all out and gave a few little smiles…


EXCEPT to Minnie Mouse. (Really, he was just ill that I had stopped feeding him to grab my camera for a picture… which turned out totally creepy…)



After some dinner dancing - DSC_0345

and a couple trips to the dessert buffet…


we headed back to the room. It was actually my mom’s birthday, so we had a little surprise in the room for her.DSC_0358 Beau’s gang met us in our room and all the kids hid and jumped out and yelled “Surprise” IMG_5835when we called Grammy to come down for a minute.

It was a little after 6:00, so we decided to go back to the park. Mom & Dad stayed at the resort and kept Tucker in their room.

These three got in line for Space Mountain while the rest of us did a few other things.FullSizeRender First up – the dance party. As we were walking by, Garrett said, “WAIT! That’s my FAVORITE song!” (Ice, Ice, Baby) – DW took them over to dance and it was the cutest. IMG_5864They danced a few dances, then we moved on to the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor. (When I gave the kids a list of things to do at Disney and had them pick their top 5 they wanted to do, this was Garrett’s number 1 request). We knew we had to take him at some point during the day and he LOVED it. He laughed the entire time and on the way out he says, “Now THAT was FUN!”

We rode Dumbo next, it’s a classic and I hated for Garrett to miss it. IMG_6578IMG_5887IMG_5900

Since Garrett was more into “shows” and characters than the rides, I thought he might enjoy Enchanted Tales with Belle. I was hoping the kids would all get a part, but none of them did and they even ran out of “dancing tableware” props for the kids who wanted, but didn’t get a part. At the end of the story time with Belle, one of the cast members came over and told the kids they could join in and be part of the villagers. Mamie took no convincing to join in, she jumped right up and led the gang. IMG_5906She was SO CUTE standing up there waiting to be announced – she stood so serious and you could tell she was proud of herself. :)

It was really cute and they loved getting to march around the room and then be introduced and get their picture with Belle.IMG_5915IMG_5921

We met back up with Beau, Kristy & Caroline, and the girls were freezing and exhausted (us, too), so we headed back to the resort.

The next morning came early for our little crew. To the tune of, 4 am for Tucker and 6 am for the girls. DW & the girls went to walk around and check out the resort and then we decided last minute that we could go over to Magic Kingdom to see the park’s opening show. We’ve seen it a couple times before and it’s really neat to see the characters ride up on the train. I wish we’d thought of it sooner and planned better, because we ended up rushing to get there and missed it anyway. We caught a boat back to the Contemporary for something different, and ended up having the whole thing to ourselves. DSC_0364It was neat to see the park and some of the resorts from the water and the kids enjoyed the boat ride.

We had planned to let everyone sleep in and check out at 11:00, so we still had some time on our hands, so we got on the monorail and made the loop through the other two resorts, stopping at the Grand Floridian. (It’s next on mine & Mom’s list!) :)

We packed up and headed out when we made it back to the Contemporary and headed for Downtown Disney. IMG_6574

The Lego Store is always fun and neat to see all the things made from Legos… IMG_5937

We wanted to do a fun lunch at the T-Rex or Rainforest Café and let the kids shop at the World of Disney store. The girls picked out the charms for their bracelets, Mamie got Dumbo (it’s the one thing she kept wanting to ride this trip) and Annabelle got a pink lemonade charm (to remind her of the dinner at Chef Mickey’s and the “best pink lemonade EVER”). The wait was LONG at both restaurants and by this point, we were DONE, so we just stopped on our way home for some late lunch.

It was a fun trip and hopefully one the kids will always remember. DSC_0390We’ve still got two more days on our tickets, so we’ll be planning some more Disney fun before summer starts. DSC_0400