Monday, July 30, 2012

Race Weekend 2012

Every weekend after the 4th of July, well all head to Daytona so the whole crew can beach all day and the guys can go to the races.

This year, since we were already there with my family, when they all went home on Thursday, the girls and I just stayed. Any excuse for an extra day at the beach works for us! DSC_9152

Nie-Nie & Kelsey came in that afternoon and we had a fun girls night that included dinner at Red Robin and a Wal-Mart run. We were going to get all crazy and stay up to play some cards and watch a movie, but when I laid down with AB “for just a minute” I ended up going down for the count. :)

Friday we had a fun beach day and Amber, Elliot, Tay & Warren all got there mid-morning. DSC_9215


Me & My sweet Mamie-Girl

The rest of the crew got there after work Friday evening. Saturday was another fun day on the beach. Early that morning, most of our gang walked down to the pier for breakfast. A few of us girls stayed back at the condo, including me and my two cuties (since they were BOTH still sleeping) :)  DSC_9237

I loved this of all of them headed to breakfast

We set up on the beach, grilled under the tent for lunch and stayed out all day long.DSC_9252



Kelsey & Mamie relaxing under the umbrella

That night, we all went to the Port Orange Steakhouse for dinner. Yum.

I was a terrible picture taker the whole weekend, and I was so ill that I didn’t even take our annual picture of all the guys before the race.

We sent the men folk off to the track and we did some Target shopping then headed back to the condo for the traditional Hot Krispy Kremes.

Lauren and I did take the girls down to the beach to try to get a picture of them in their matching outfits…



Me, Nen & the girls

Sunday we played some more on the beach and sadly our weekend was coming to a close. DSC_9404

DW & AB playing in the waves…


& with Mames enjoying the shade. :)


I have to eat my words about the grouchy-over-priced ice cream man EVERY time we’re on the beach…I swore he’d never get any more of my money! And as evidenced above, we’re still helping support the ole goat. Of course, most of the money he gets from us isn’t from me- Little Miss knows when Pappy is there, who to ask! (& he always has some ice cream dollars for her.) :)


It’s always crowded and crazy when we’re all there together, but it’s also always fun times that make good memories.


Friday, July 27, 2012

Beachin’ for the 4th…

Beau, Kristy, me and the kids headed over to the beach on Tuesday morning.

We spent the afternoon at the pool and letting the kids play, then got ready for an early dinner at Aunt Catfish’s. DSC_8710

We called ahead and we ended up only having to wait about 15 minutes (that deserves an “Amen”) – Of course the slide was a hit while we waited



DW and my parents got there after work that evening. Somebody’s gotta pay the bills while everyone else plays. :)

We went straight down to the beach, to enjoy the last little bit of daylight over the water. DSC_8774

Mamie-Girl loved the ocean! She would laugh out loud when the water would splash up on her legs.


The moon was beautiful that night. DSC_8876

We got the kids in their pj’s and Mamie put to sleep and then Mom stayed with all of them, while me, DW, Dad, Beau & Kristy went to the dog track. I have wanted to go to the Daytona Kennel Club and Race Track for forever. When Beau mentioned that he’d like to go, too, I knew this was our chance! :) Momma was happy to stay behind and keep the kids. AB even talked her and Garrett into playing Barbies. :)DSCN4858 I didn’t have a clue what to expect at the track or how it even worked, so I got some instruction from a little old man working the counter. It was late when we got there, so there were only 3 races left. We placed our bets on the first race and went outside to watch the dogs run. It was so fun! DSCN4861


DW’s philosophy was to pick the dog who came out jumping around and excited. Beau’s philosophy was to pick the dog who came out at shoo-shooed. Right before the last race, one of the dogs came out and as Beau in very Beau-like fashion, put it, “lightened his load”. We were all dying laughing when Beau’s philosophy paid out and that dog was the winner! My Dad was the only one who won anything, that night, though. It was still a lot of fun, and I would totally go back again.


Me & DW at the track

Wednesday was the Fourth. DSC_8932We set up the tent on the beach and stayed out there ALL day long. What a way to celebrate our nation’s Independence! :)

The kids played in the waves, in the sand, and in the pool. DSC_9052





Mom & Dad enjoyed the view – the beautiful ocean AND having (almost) everyone together at the same time.

DSC_8904We ate lunch on the beach, and didn’t come in until late that afternoon. DSC_9131For dinner, we called and got some takeout BBQ. We didn’t want to fight the holiday crowd with a party of 11. Wise choice. :)DSC_9135

My crew in our Red, White & Blue

That evening, we said our goodbyes, and Beau’s gang headed out. DSC_9144 

DW had to head back to Williston since he had to work the next day, too.

We watched all the fireworks up and down the beach that night. It was beautiful. They lasted for hours. Mine and Mom’s favorite were the chinese lanterns (just like on the movie Tangled) that someone lit. They were beautiful floating over the ocean. The moon was full that night, too, and it was unbelievably gorgeous! 

Thursday morning, we got everything packed and cleaned up and let AB spend a little more time in the pool. After lunch, Mom & Dad headed home, too.

It was such a fun fourth of July and I’m so glad Beau and the gang got to spend some vacation time in Florida!


Thursday, July 26, 2012

A week with the brother…

My brother and sister-in-law came down the last part of June. We had a great week and got to do a few fun things with them.

They came over to our house on Saturday afternoon and the kids all played. AB and Garrett were SO excited to see each other. They’re precious together. Garrett told us all week that Annabelle and Maybree were his best friends. :)

On Sunday, we met up with the crew at the water park after church.

The kids all had a great time. DSC_8589

Beau & Kristy, Dylan, Caroline & Garrett

Even Granny came! DSC_8592Growing up, my grandparents did everything with us. I don’t remember a trip or event that they weren’t a part of.  Even when Cooper was a baby and my Granny was able to get around well, she was always right there with us. That’s one of the hardest things about watching your grandparents age…that they just can’t do what they used to and there are so many things that Granny misses out on with us. We try to plan things she can do, though, and even though it’s hard for her to get out, I know she enjoys to do it occasionally. :)  She’s usually just ready to go after about an hour! Ha. Momma & Daddy drove separate, so they could take her home when she was ready. She enjoyed getting her feet wet in the wading pool and watching all the kids splash and play.

Mom invited my Aunt & cousin, too, and Beau’s friend Ben and his family also came. There was a pile of us!

We had a whole tent to ourselves. DSC_8593We had snacks and drinks and everything you need to have a fun afternoon. :)

AB was a FISH – she SWAM around the lazy river. DSC_8554It’s only 3 feet deep, so she would stand up and take a break, and then take off swimming again. DSC_8548

She shocked us all when she went down the water slide.DSC_8556

Uncle Beau took her up

DSC_8561 and DW was waiting at the bottom to catch her. DSC_8571

As shocked as we all were by HER going down the waterslide, I nearly caused everyone to choke, when I said I was going to do it. Beau went first and then I was next. DSC_8525I didn’t want to get my hair wet, so he waited at the bottom to try to catch me before I went under. If this had been 20 years ago, he would have been waiting down there to push me under himself. :)DSC_8534


AB & Pop watching everyone go down the slide…



We played for a few hours and then headed home. We met back up at Granny’s to grill for supper.

The kids played in the yard, which is AB’s favorite thing to do at Great Granny’s. She loves to play hide & seek! DSC_8613


We had supper and then homemade peach ice cream. DSC_8650

When it got dark, Beau shot off fireworks that he’d brought. They were really good ones, too!

Such a fun filled day!


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Celebrating 20 years!

I’m still trying to catch up on our summer! I’ve got a few posts left to get caught up through last weekend! We’re living and making memories faster than I can blog! :)

On June 20, DW’s Daddy & Wicked Step Mother (that’s what we call Kellee- but make no mistake, we all adore her.) :)  celebrated their 20th wedding Anniversary.

Kelsey wanted to plan a surprise dinner for them, with a theme similar to their wedding, so that’s what we did. DSC_8408

We sat on hay bales and decorated everything with burlap and lace. I’d already planned to repurpose the runners and mason jars we’d used for the youth banquet at church for this. DSC_8404I’d pinned a few ideas on Pinterest and Kelsey and I got everything set up the day before the dinner. DSC_8405


Kels snuck their wedding album out and we had some copies printed of their pictures and had them sitting around in frames, too.


Surprising my in-laws was not an easy task. Adam called and told Pappy we were going to have Lauren’s birthday at our house, and before he could hang up, his Daddy was volunteering to do it at THEIR house! And as soon as Kellee found out about it, she was calling to see what she could cook/do/make to help! :) 

The day of the dinner, Kels and Lauren came to the house and we cooked and got everything ready…that was a mission, too… especially since THAT was the day my FIL was plowing the field in front of our house!! We were all trying to sneak to and from the house without him seeing us and getting suspicious!DSC_8413

In the end, it all worked out and they were actually surprised!

I didn’t get pictures of the signs, but we had signs down our driveway that read: (“Love’s road is rocky, with many a dip, but after twenty years together, they know it’s worth the trip.”)  I saw a different version of that in Southern Living Weddings years ago- DW and I used the first part for the favors at our wedding, and my BFF, Carrie, actually had the signs down the lane to her wedding. I changed the words up a little this time to fit.

For dinner, the boys grilled steaks. DSC_8423Adam got a whole tenderloin and hand cut them. They were amazing. We made twice baked potatoes and Lauren steamed some green beans. It was delish. :) DSC_8425

One of the main things Kelsey wanted to have at the dinner was a wedding cake with icing. Since my in-laws got married outside in the summer, they had a wedding cake that didn’t have icing. And my MIL LOVES icing. So Kels wanted to make sure her momma got a wedding cake with some icing! :) DSC_8422

We made them do the traditional wedding cake cutting picture…

They’re so fun and such good sports. :)  DSC_8434

After the cake and punch, we took a stroll down memory lane and watched their wedding video. It was precious seeing the boys (who were their Daddy’s three groomsmen) and how much they have changed in 20 years! Not only have the boys changed drastically, the entire family has evolved and grown…Kelsey was added a couple of years later, then came the sister-in-laws and the grandchildren. We’ve got quite a crew now. fam

This past weekend, we all met at the condo for family pictures on the beach. I can’t wait to see how they all turned out…This was one of the first ones she took/edited, but the photographer gave us this for a sneak peak. 

I am so thankful for Mr. Pug & Kellee, and the important role they both play in my life. I’m also thankful for the kind of example their marriage is. It’s not perfect, by any means-- none is- but they LOVE, HONOR, and CHERISH each other. What more could anyone else ask for?

Our family is beyond blessed by and so very thankful for them.