Wednesday, December 18, 2013

This Party Brought to you by the Letter M & Number 2


Mamie girl turned 2 on the 15th! Big Sister was the first one to her room that morning, and she came to get me to tell me that “Mamie is awake..and she looks 2 years old!”

AB & I sang to her first thing and her response when we were all done was “CU-CAKE” – Mamie loves nothing more than a cupcake. (She gets it from her Momma). :)

We did her party after church that day- and only invited the immediate family. Since it was just us, I decided to just put the leaf in the kitchen table and have everyone stay inside versus setting up the party on the sunroom. DSC_8786



Mamie loves Elmo, just like her big sister did at this age, and it made it an easy choice when choosing a party theme. Another major plus, was that I was able to use all of the Elmo party stuff over again! Perfect.

Mamie loved her party – she kept walking in the kitchen and around the house and saying “Mamie Elmo Party!”  She also wanted a cupcake ALL MORNING.DSC_8791

DSC_8792 Somehow I managed to keep her out of them. The funny thing is, my parents were there for less than 10 minutes and Mamie got a cupcake BEFORE lunch. :) Baby girl knows Grammy won’t say “no”… of course not many of us do say the “N” word to Mames… she isn’t fond of hearing that AT ALL. :)DSC_8807

We had BBQ sliders for lunch and then sang to our big two year old. DSC_8798She was ADORABLE during the birthday song and I’ve never in my life seen a cuter candle- blower. She waited while we sang and you could tell she was concentrating so hard to hear when we were done.. and as soon as we stopped signing, she blew out her candle- on her own, before anyone even told her to. It was the cutest thing.

She enjoyed ANOTHER cupcake, because it was her birthday and she could. :)DSC_8806

She loved opening presents. DSC_8808



DSC_8815When she was all done, she did the sign for “more” --- She’s going to be a lot of fun at Christmas this year. (IN ONE WEEK).

She made her rounds around the living room and gave all of her guests a big “Thank you” hug and kiss, which was the sweetest part. DSC_8826

It was another fun Sunday afternoon of celebrating a little girl who is also loved beyond measure. DW and I are so very blessed to get to be their parents.


A Pink Pony Party

Annabelle requested a pink pony party for her fifth birthday. I still can’t think about her being FIVE. HOW did she get so big so fast? Five just seems so grown up…and when she woke up on December 9th, she told me she “felt bigger” and “like a five year old.”  DSC_8652

Her party was the day before her actual birthday, and a Sunday afternoon this time of year just seems to work out best.  

We had been searching for a pony for the party for WEEKS. The craziest thing happened and a friend posted a picture of her daughter on facebook on a pony – so I messaged her to see if we could borrow it. They saved the day and “Cisco” was the highlight of the party! DSC_8559

All the kids loved him. He’s seriously the fattest pony I’ve ever seen – and so stinking cute!!!! The party hat nearly sent me over the edge. How CUTE was he? He wore it proud, too. :)DSC_8529

I used lots of burlap I already had for decoration and made a few “winning ribbons” to use. DSC_8438

We set up our old school table outside for the kids DSC_8445


and had a hitching post put up for Cisco. DSC_8448


We sang Happy Birthday first. DSC_8487

AB wanted cupcakes, but she also requested a cake, too… I didn’t really understand why, but it was her day, so she got a cake. :)DSC_8441She also asked me THE MORNING of her party where her balloons were. I didn’t know she wanted balloons… I guess I should have… I mean what is a party without balloons? This momma was down at the Winn Dixie at 8:00 that morning buying some balloons. :)DSC_8498

After that, the kids had cupcakes and an ice cream bar. DSC_8471

DSC_8468This year, we let AB invite 5 little girls – everyone was able to come except for one. We also invited our immediate family, like always. DSC_8499

After cake and ice cream, we had our “pony events” – I’d planned three events as a part of the “Birthday Triple Crown…”DSC_8454

The first, event was “Pin the Tale on the Pony…”DSC_8503

Next was the “Pony Races” – these stick ponies are well over thirty years old. DSC_8510

Last, it was “Pony Shoes” – I’d spray painted some small horse shoes pink, and not just to keep with the pony theme, it just felt wrong to call them horse shoes. :) DSC_8518

After the games, we took some more pony rides… DSC_8485





& then opened presents…


AB got so many fun things and I think she ended up with every Barbie horse there is! :) She was thrilled to say the least.


The girls all wanted to ride Cisco again. That pony got his workout that afternoon. AB had gotten some pink dress-up chaps from one of her friends, so a few of the the girls wanted to try those out while they rode Cisco. They were too cute… DSC_8610


The girls ran around the yard, in and out of the playroom and took turns riding Cisco for at least another hour before everyone headed home. DSC_8536

We sent her little friends home with a pink cowgirl hat, and a pony bottlecap necklace that had their names on them. DSC_8455


Everyone else got bottlecap magnets personalized with their names.…


It was such a sweet afternoon and so much fun to celebrate our big FIVE year old girl, who’s loved beyond measure. DSC_8530