Friday, July 31, 2009

Show us your life Friday

I wanted to join in last week, but never got the time! But this week, I am in! (for the Kelly’s Korner Show us your life Friday!) For the past 2 weeks it’s been the wedding edition.
Last week was the dress…My dress came from my Aunt’s bridal shop north of Atlanta, Ga. It was a special day picking out the dress along with my Mom, Grandmother, Aunts and cousins! I don't have any digital pics, so I had to scan these, and there weren't any really up close....But, Here’s my dress from the front:

And the back: (I love this picture of the bridesmaids peeking out) Devin and I were engaged on Christmas Eve 2002. I had NO idea he was planning this! Of course I knew I wanted to marry him, but I had no clue he was getting ready to ask me! We never talked about rings except for VERY early on (I mean like first month or so) of us dating, when we had been talking about people who insisted that they get this kind of ring or that kind of ring, etc… that’s when I told him that none of that would matter to me if I really loved the guy. If I loved someone, then it wouldn’t matter what kind of ring they got me, because I’d say “yes to a limerock!” DW, who forgets nothing, proposed to me on Christmas Eve with what else, but a LIMEROCK… A ring he’d made himself. It was absolute sweetness. It looks so much like something Fred Flintstone would have proposed to Wilma with! Of course, I said YES! Then he pulled my real ring out of his pocket. Guess he was just testing me! Ha…. My limerock sits on top of my dresser in our bedroom.

my limerock ring

We were married 5 months later, on May 17, 2003! (I wanted an outside reception, so we had to shoot for as early summer as we could to beat the Florida heat…) This week it was ceremony, flowers, and wedding party….
The flowers:
Our flowers were all fresh and we had a great florist. I can’t think of anything I would change about the flowers at our wedding…
I had known for years that I wanted lots of white and greenery. I’ll never forget watching the real Father-of-the-Bride (not the Steve Martin one, although I do adore that movie), and at the end, at the wedding, seeing the center isle of the church adorned with greenery on each side. I can’t remember how old I was, but I remember my mom and I saying that when I got married I was having that! Devin and I were married at the church I grew up in, by my pastor at the time. I remember thinking that I didn’t know WHAT color I was going to pick that would go with the baby blue pews and carpet. On top of that, there were electrical outlets on the outside of the step that were going to be in all the pictures…Looking back, I am thankful to have been married in my home church, baby blue carpet, visible outlets and all! The center isle was draped with antique moss fern. It’s so dainty and old fashioned. I LOVED it! You can see all of the greenery and white flowers it in this picture…

My bouquet:

( I don’t know what all kinds of flowers it had in it…(other than hydrangeas) I took a picture to the florist and he recreated it..)

I also wore a real gardenia in my hair that day. (My Maid-of-Honor & Matron-of-Honor also wore them in their hair). I LOVE gardenias and every time I smell one it always takes me back to my wedding day!
Because I am not big on corsages, my mom and my mother-in-laws carried small bouquets, as well. (The grandmothers had corsages.)

The bridesmaids carried little fabric satchels with flowers in them…(you can see them in this pic):
The groomsmen had white stephanotis boutonnieres.
Now, the wedding party…
Me, with the bridesmaids & flower girls

(DW’s best man was his Daddy. His groomsmen included both of his brothers, my brother, a couple lifelong friends, and his college roommates.)

My matron of honor was my cousin Amy, and my Maid of Honor was my cousin Stephanie.
Amy, me, Stephanie
There are no words for what they mean to me or how much I love them.

Here's all the bridesmaids:
Left to right: Kim, Katie, Kelsey, Me, Stephanie, Amy & Carrie
(Flower girls: Taylor & Katie up front)

Bridesmaids included Carrie, who I met my Jr. year of high school. We were fast friends, but it was during my Sr. year that we became inseparable. She moved up to Nassau county to go to school at UNF for a journalism degree. She and her husband Adam still live up that way, but we see each other at least once a week! Her baby girl, happens to be Annabelle’s BFF, too! Katie and I were introduced when my cousin dated her cousin. We go way back and since she’s a couple years older than me, she was driving us all around long before we had licenses or cars! She kept telling me about her other BFF in Trenton that I needed to meet. She said we were just alike…(That friend happened to be CARRIE!) So I owe Katie for not only her own friendship, but for introducing me to Carrie! Katie stays busy being an ag teacher and FFA advisor, but Carrie and I try to meet her for lunch on days off! My friend Kim and I went to high school together. We weren’t exactly friends at first. Her stepdad was principal at our school. I thought she was the biggest snob! Ha.. SO NOT TRUE. Kim is the most laid back down to earth person ever. She’s silly and fun and is always a blast on our girls trips! I love her tons and even though I don’t get to see her often, I always enjoy catching up when we can! She’s a kindergarten teacher and has a little girl and a little boy. I also asked DW’s baby sister, Kelsey, to be a bridesmaid. She was 8 (almost 9) at the time. The first time I met her, (she was in 1st grade) she smiled the biggest smile and said, “I’ve waited my whole life to meet you!” Then proceeded to go into the kitchen and tell her Mom, “Momma, she’s just perfect for ‘Bubba’!” Is that adorable or what?!?!? I have loved her from the moment I met her (and not just because she said I was perfect for her brother!)! It’s been so fun having a “little sister” and I have loved watching her grow up… this summer she got her restricted drivers license and we are ALL feeling OLD!!! Devin loves her so much and I’ll tell ya, I pity the boy who takes her on her first date. He’s got a Daddy and big brothers to deal with! And DW is one protective big brother… Our flower girls were my cousin, Amy’s daughter, Katie and Devin’s niece Taylor. The girls were 3 years old! They were SOOOO cute and did such a good job. Katie didn’t make it down the isle, but it wasn’t a big deal, because Elliot (our nephew, Taylor’s brother) and Taylor did. It was so cute!
If were to get married again now (to Devin, of course), I’d have a few additions to my wedding party. (I’d have to add some bridesmaids…those friends/family that I’ve gained since marrying DW….Steph & ‘LuLu, you’d totally be bridesmaids!)

The ceremony was very traditional.
For music: After my Dad gave me away, my Uncle Ricky sang, “In this Very Room”, after the vows, my cousin Sara sang, “How Beautiful” and after the rings, Uncle Ricky sang Stephen Curtis Chapman’s “I will be there.”
I remember crying during my vows because I really was just so happy. I could not believe that DW had asked ME to be his wife and there I was…on my day, the day I’d dreamed about since I was a little girl, in my big white-poofy dress making a promise to love him forever. To think about it still makes my heart flutter…
this was taken after the ceremony, after all the pictures and just before we left for the reception....

Next Friday is the Reception… for more weddings, you can click over to Kelly’s Korner!

Happy Friday! We’re headed to the beach this afternoon…



Aunt B said...

I cried through the whole thing.... It was absolutely breath taking. I would consider it a bride's dream come true. I can still hear Sara Beth singing. I wondered how Jackie was doing losing his little girl. And knowing Pam was witnessing pure perfection as she sat back and watched it unfold. You were undoubtedly one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen. Can’t wait till next week to see the reception shoes.

Julianne Hendrickson said...

gorgeous!! love all of it :)

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Well I already think you're just about the cutest little thing around, but these photos just prove it. And I'm so thrilled that I finally got to hear about the limestone rock!! I've been losing sleep in anticipation this last month. (Just kidding) But I really am glad I KNOW, now.

Have a fantastic weekend girl!

Stephanie Heintz said...

Wow. I forgot how beautiful the sanctuary was! But I do remember how beautiful you were! I LOVED the gardenias. I still think a/b your wedding when I smell them too!

I remember crying as well...but mainly b/c I knew I wasn't going to get to sleep beside you anymore thanks to that tall dude you were marrying. :)


Katy said...

Wow! I had a lot to catch up on! The last cruise I went on was to Nassau as well. Our ship was Fantasy. It was huge. It was in 1996, so I'm sure they've come a long way since then! Love the wedding history and the ring! Fab! You looked like a real live princess!

Heather said...

I LOVE your dress, you look gorgeous! And the flowers are so pretty as are your bridesmaids dresses!!