Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9 on the 9th

I hadn't even realized that today was 9-9-09 until I read it on another blog. Then the 9's continued, because today our girl is 9 months old!
Yep, Belle's 9 months on 9-9-09!

We go for our well-check visit tomorrow and I can't wait to find out how tall she is and how much she weighs.

In honor of 9 months on 9-9-09, here's 9 things she has done or is up to these days:

1. As far as food goes, her favorites right now are served up during snack time... YoBaby yogurt still ranks top on her list, but she loves the Gerber yogurt puffs, too!
She does so well feeding herself and it's so cute to watch. Of course, as her parents, we think everything she does is cute! After every meal, she likes to hold the spoon for a minute, too. Miss Independent.

2. She's crawling like a pro, but not pulling up yet. She pulls up to her knees, but not to standing yet. Which is fine with us. We're having a hard enough time keeping from going into cardiac arrest worrying about her every time she tries to pull up or gets to close to the fireplace, etc...I love it when she sits on her knees when she's playing... she looks like such a big girl...
3. She is such a busy girl when she's awake. She examines everything she picks up and tries to figure it all out. She can make the biggest mess.
She believes in dragging out EVERY toy in the toy basket. Then she leaves them, and crawls all over our house "exploring" while I follow close behind. She's learning all of the "no-no" things (like opening drawers, or pulling up on the fireplace, or pulling cords, etc), when she gets closet to those things, she always looks behind her to see if I am looking. Her favorite spot seems to be in Cooper's room. When she crawls down the hall, she passes up her room and goes straight for his...She loves to go in there and look at his things and play with his toys. It makes me smile. In many ways she reminds us so much of her big brother, just like I had hoped she would. But, she's also very different and very much her own little person, which we have loved getting to know! She's so silly and fun. Her laugh is contagious, and when she gets really tickled, she snorts... cutest thing ever...

4. She has 5 teeth with one more just waiting to peek through. She's especially "proud" of them, and keeps them to herself. She has quite the grip when she's trying to keep her mouth closed and we are trying to pry it open!

5. She says, "Heeeeeey" when she sees someone or something, especially that really cute girl in the mirror or dogs. She loves Rex (my parents' dog) and Cricket & Tinky (my inlaws' dogs). Actually, she just loves animals....cows, horses, birds, even butterflies get her attention... She also waves Bye-Bye, and says, "Da-Da" when she's doing it. Too funny. I say she's got her B and D confused... ha..

6. She loves music. Bless her heart, she even loves it when her momma sings. Her personal favorites are "When you're happy & you know it" and "I'm a little teapot"--she definitely has my arachnophobic blood, because she wants to hear NOTHING about that "Itsy Bitsy Spider"...

7. She can say something she has done that not many people can...she's had her picture taken with the Oscar Mayer "Weinermobile". I know, I know... we live BIG around here.
Look how thrilled her Daddy is that I was the one taking the picture and HE was the one in it! Ha...I'm not sure if you can tell, but he's totally gritting his teeth and thinking, "just take the dang picture!" (This was in front of Publix last Sunday after church...)

8. Her hair is coming in, finally, and everyday she gets more and more. I saw someone we know at the postoffice last week, and she said, "Wow, she's growing so much! She's getting bigger and her hairbows are getting smaller!"
We're having to wear the tiny ones clipped in the top, since little miss has decided she needs to pull them off when she wears a headband with a big hairbow. I don't know what we're going to do when she starts pulling out the little ones... guess we'll glue them in. Kidding. sort of. ha.

9. Her crush on Steven A. Bagen is as big as ever. She totally freezes (except to smile and bat her eyes at the tv) when his commercials come on. I am so going to record it one day.

Here's a video we made tonight trying to get her to do some of her new "tricks" always, please excuse my voice, and especially my singing, and the "Entertainment Tonight" that's blaring in the background...This was about the 10th try, so she was getting ancy and trying to escape from her Bumbo seat... but I love it when she crinkles up her nose at the camera and tries to figure out why momma has that thing in her face! Ha... AND I tried and tried to get the video to load.. and it wont... I'll try again tomorrow...

I know I say it every month, but time is certainly flying. 9 months and one things for certain: She's pure sunshine and joy and we love her oh-so much!



Stephanie Heintz said...

Tell me no. The Wienermobile??? I LOVE it!
I'm so thankful for this blog so I know whats new with Belle and how much shes growing.
Can't wait to see the video! I'm gonna have to record myself and send her a video of me so she'll know me!
Soon she'll be waking up begging to watch ME first thing in the morning. ha. :)

Arielle said...

hahaha I am pretty much caught up on everything! Except for last Sunday after church!!! I wish I could have been with yall to take a picture of both of yall in front of the Wienermobile! ha!
...And Grams talks and talks about how Belle was laughing Sunday after church! She LOVED it! :)

Heather said...

Happy 9 months Annabelle!! YOu are beautiful and so much fun! Love your smile!! SHe looks adorable!