Saturday, October 17, 2009

Another Whew....

Hey guys, it's Belle...

Florida 23 - Arkansas 20

What a game! Are we ever glad it's over and glad that our Gators came out on top!

I know Momma's said it before, but Daddy doesn't miss a game. Mom doesn't go near as often as she used to when her and Daddy were just dating, but she usually has a couple games of the season that she makes sure she tells my Pappy she wants to go to! Arkansas was one of those games this year. But, me and Momma got sick this week. The worst part about us getting sick is that Mom didn't get to go to the game today. Well, actually the really worst part is that I was going to get to stay with my Grammy, but had to stay home with Mom. Oh well, next game, okay, Grammy???

The Hogs gave us a run for our money and for part of the game they were beating us! We started sweating it. At half time, Momma baked some cookies. Because that's what she does when she gets nervous or anxious (or happy or sad or ANYTHING) she eats cookies.

I was worried about my Gators, and wondered WHY we weren't winning. Momma kept saying something about them "fumbling" the ball....I don't know what it means, but I do know they did it 4 times during the game???? Then it hit me.... I didn't have on my Gameday outfit. I wasn't wearing orange or blue! Daddy wouldn't believe it if he knew Momma hadn't dressed me in our colors on GAMEDAY... Come on, Momma... I know you have some serious sinus pressure affecting your thinking, but it's GAMEDAY!!!!

We got me changed and even added the "cool weather elements" to my cheerleading uniform. (Since it's actually cool here in Florida! Yay!!!)

We were ready for the 3rd quarter to start. Finally we scored to tie up the game.

In the 4th quarter those Pigs scored again! Oh no...
Thankfully, it wasn't long afterward, that we made a touchdown and got our extra point kick to tie the game 20-20!
Later Arkansas missed a field goal... I felt bad for their kicker. I mean, I am glad he missed the 2 that he did, but I still feel bad for him. I bet there's lots of Arkansas fans that's going to be mad with him!
I took a break and played a little.
We were on the edge of our seats for the rest of the game, just hoping and pleading with the Gator boys to win... We didn't want Daddy coming home in a bad mood!
Then, in the last few seconds of the game the Gators drove the ball down field and kicked a fieldgoal to win!
We would have liked a little better score, but a win is a win! And it's sure to be a good game when 2 SEC teams are involved! Momma sure hates that she missed it. It would have been such a fun game to watch in person, but she says she doesn't mind too much since I was here to watch the game with her!
Go Gators!!!



Aunt B said...

Gosh she looks like Devin in the last picture. I am glad Belle changed into her game winning clothes. Katie said she had to go outside for a few minutes...I like excitment but that was way to much.

Tania said...

Thanks for the post Belle. You did a very good job telling us all about that Gator Game. You look so cute in your Gameday clothes. I really like the picture of you covering you face. Tell your Momma I hope she feels better soon, and you too.

Julianne Hendrickson said...

GO GATORS!! I started cleaning around the 3rd quarter, that's what I do when I'm nervous! Glad she got changed into those cute clothes. And SO glad for the cool weather, now if only it would stay for longer than a few days!

Katie said...

Annie ~

This is too cute. I look at your sweet daughter in a whole new way now.

I think of you so much and thank the LORD for letting us cross paths. You are a sweet sister in Christ.

Dani and Dave said...

Love how the commentary was through Annabelle! Hope you are feeling better soon! :)

Janie said...

Love it...Belle that is! She is darlin' in her uniform!! Thank God for our win!! I know we were all sweatin' it!! Hope you gals are feeling better and have a better week!

Stephanie Heintz said...

Best post yet. You got the best shots of her to talk about the game! Hope you two are feeling better!

Becky said...

Belle, you are too cute & your photos went with your post well. Tell your mama she better dress you in your gator gear from here out, because your daddy isn't the only one that gets in a bad mood! Hope you & your mama are feeling better too!

The Marino Family said...

Belle looks precious as always!! I hope you two are feeling better.

Katie said...

Now THAT is preciousness all over! I wish that last picture had sound with it. Bless her CUTE heart!