Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fun for the Fourth – Part II

Sunday morning, we woke up early and headed home. We made a quick stop at our house to drop our things off and grab a change of clothes.I love this picture of the fence in front of our house

Then it was off to my parents house. We had some visiting to do! Beau, Kristy & Garrett (My brother, SIL, and nephew) came in late Friday night and had to head back Monday morning, so we only got to spend one day with them, so we had to make it count! :)  

We got to my parents a little before lunch. Garrett was sleeping. When he woke up, Beau went in to get him, and as soon as he rounded the corner into the living room and saw Aunt Annie, he threw his arms out and came right for me. SO STINKING SWEET. He wrapped his chubby little arms around my neck and just squeezed. Yall, he is the most loving little 15 month old I have ever seen. He just lays his head on your shoulder and snuggles up in your neck. Absolute preciousness. He was quite taken with Aunt Annie and the feeling’s mutual. As much as I’d like to believe he remembers, knows, and loves me that much, we’re pretty sure he thought I was my cousin Amy (who he sees almost every day). Oh well, I’ll take whatever.  :)

We played outside on the back porch, where Annabelle and her assistant, Garrett, made some purple mud pies and cookies. blogmom1 Pop was busy finishing up the ribs and Grammy was too busy playing with the babies to worry about the corn on the cob boiling over on the stove. (ha.)

We played outside and inside then outside some more.

Finally it was time for some late lunch. These ribs nearly sent my Dad over the edge and into a full blown fit, but man were they worth all the trouble. I am not kidding. They were the best ribs OF MY LIFE. DSC_0413

After such a big lunch, the little ones (and me) laid down for a nap.

We’d planned on going to Cedar Key for the fireworks, but decided since we didn’t know what the rain was going to do, to just go to Alachua and watch them there. DSC_0424

They had all sorts of activities and food tents set up, so we pushed the kids around in their strollers and made a quick loop through the festivities. On our way in, I saw a lady with the biggest snow cone you’ve ever laid eyes on and Kristy and I had our hearts and taste buds set on one. We came up on the Italian Ice booth, though, and my taste buds quickly switched. The line was so long for the snow cones, that Kristy decided on some Italian Ice, too. We walked around with blue teeth and tongues, but YUM, it was worth it.

We made our way back out to the trucks, and got ready for the fireworks. We’d packed a cooler with what else but some boiled peanuts and drinks…and of course Pop brought AB a bag of Cheetos. Nothing like orange Cheetos on your WHITE 4th of July outfit. (ha). momblog2

The fireworks started and the kids did great. AB was a little scared of them, but did lots better than New Years. Garrett loved them! He’d jump and bury his head in his Daddy’s neck and then just laugh and “oooohhh” at them!  blog They were really great fireworks, too. I couldn’t believe how LONG they lasted. It was well over 30 minutes.

As we were watching them I remembered how scared I used to be of them when I was little. Even now, I don’t want to be too close to them. I can’t imagine what war might be like for the men and women who risk their lives to protect our freedom. I am sure that on that very day, there were “Bombs bursting in air” somewhere in the Middle East. I took a moment right then to remember those fighting and who have fought for our country. It’s easy (for me, anyway)to get caught  up in the long weekend, the beach, the cute red, white and blue ric-rac outfits and matching red hair bows, the ribs and boiled peanuts, the fireworks and Italian Ice, and forget that the freedom that allows us to enjoy all of those things, didn’t and doesn’t come easily. The older I get, the more grateful I am for it and for those who serve our country.

The fireworks finale finally came and we headed home. After sitting in traffic for a LONG time, we made it home around midnight.

Monday morning rolled around and on the last day of our long weekend, I woke up with a stomach bug. Lovely. We spent the entire day at home. Not exactly, how we’d hoped to spend a “fun day”, but we did all get caught up on some rest!

It was another Fun Fourth!



Janie said...

So glad ya'll had a good time! Seeing those Italian ices makes me want one too! I love those things. We missed seeing ya'll but completely understand. I'm glad your feeling better and the family got some rest! We'll be heading back that way soon...I have a nephew that is fixing to make his debut!! Lots of love from GA!

Mallory said...

Sounds like the perfect 4th! Except the stomach bug...hope you're fully recovered and nobody else got it!

Julianne Hendrickson said...

I love the two of them in their strollers...too cute!

Stephanie said...

Annabelle's outfit is too cute! I love them making mudpies!

Immeasurably More Mama said...

Annie, you are just as beautiful in person as you are on your blog (both inside and out!). It was fun chatting with you tonight and I hope we can do it again sometime!

P.S. I have a public blog but recently started a private blog where I journal about our family and share pictures. Email me if you would like to become a reader. :)

Katie said...

Beautiful pictures...esp. the flag one! Oh, goodness, Little Bitty's cute is that!

Carrie said...

What a fun weekend y'all had! I love Annabelle's 4th outfit and her piggy's are too cute! The rib picture is my favorite ;)

Hines House said...

Totally agree, the fireworks great this year. Looks like you guys had a busy, but fun 4th.

Heather said...

Annie that seriously looks like such a fun 4th! Those ribs look delish, and I love the picture of just the flag, such a beautiful site! Everybody looks so cute and festive, you look beautiful!! Love how you added the pics, I need a tutorial! :)