Monday, October 11, 2010

Eh-Moe 2010

We’ve been needing some “Sunny Days” in our little circle of the world for sure lately. That’s part of the reason I’ve been such an absent blogger…the other part is that we’ve just been so busy living life…

But, last Tuesday, the countdown was ON! That night, we were meeting up with some friends for a fun night seeing Elmo and all his friends at Sesame Street Live!

Last year, we went with Adam, Carrie & Allie Claire and the girls loved it!

Look how tiny our girls were last year:


And here they are this year: DSC_2455 (2)


We knew they’d especially LOVE Sesame Street Live this year, since both of them have a strong affection toward Elmo!

Annabelle’s deep love for the red furry friend began about 3 weeks ago, when she FINALLY started watching Sesame Street. She’s not a big TV watcher, but over the past few weeks, she’s grown to love some Sesame Street and will actually SIT DOWN and WATCH it! It’s amazing, for the little busy-body that she is!

Every morning the first thing she does when she sits in her high chair for breakfast is point to the TV and say, “Eh-moe!” So we just knew she’d love it this year!

Tuesday evening, we dressed little miss in the “Eh-moe” shirt we’d gotten a couple weeks prior while shopping with the girls at Old Navy. Last year, we went all “Super Mom” and made the girls’ outfits, but this year, we went decided to go “Super EASY” and just buy them a shirt! ha…DSC_2560 The whole way to Gainesville, we heard, “Eh-moe” as AB pointed to her shirt and laughed!

We met Aunt Carrie & Allie Claire for some Chick-fil-A dinner before heading to the O’Connell center where we met up with M, her husband and two boys to all take in the show together!

We got to our seats just in time for the the curtain to raise and Big Bird and the Sesame Street mail-lady to come out! DSC_2460

AND… AB started to cry!

We couldn’t figure out what was wrong, until she said, “eh-moe”…

We’d told her all day we were going to see Elmo, and all she saw was Big Bird!

Thankfully, it wasn’t long before the rest of the Sesame Street crew was on stage singing and dancing, too!DSC_2462 Once our girl caught a glimpse of “Eh-moe”, she was good to go, too! DSC_2495


She clapped and waved, danced and bounced! DSC_2514DSC_2506


We saw Bert wearing scuba gear, which was probably my favorite…DSC_2472 (how cute are those giant flippers and snorkel??!?!?)

Another fave was when the crew sang “Surfin’ USA” and  danced with their surf boards…AB got up and danced along with that one! DSC_2484 But, her ultimate favorite was when we heard the all familiar, “Da-Da-Da-Da…Elmo’s World” jingle…

Even “Mr. Noodle” was there. I won’t say what DW thinks about Mr. Noodle…DSC_2499

DW and I passed AB back and forth between the two of us.DSC_2478 Of course she and Allie loved sitting next to each other and had to hold hands! DSC_2470 DSC_2469

M’s boys enjoyed the show, too! “Little D” enjoyed a bottle and being passed off between his parents, while “Big D” sat and watched the whole show! He was so cute when his Momma let him stand in front of her and watch through the rails… He had some pretty sweet dance moves, too! DSC_2503

Intermission came, and so did the peddling of the WAY over –priced merchandise… We gave in and AB scored an “Eh-Moe” light up toy, and even though it was way more than I thought it should be, I was glad she was happy with that, and we didn’t have to get the $10.00 Elmo Balloon. The light looked like it would last at least a week, making it a better investment than the balloon, in our opinion… Ha… DSC_2487

Daddy & AB…she looks as shocked as me when we found out the light-up toy in her hand cost more than the T-Shirt she’s wearing…

The show started back up and after about 30 minutes, the Sesame Street gang was at “Camp Wanna Go Home”… what a coincidence because the audience was feeling the SAME way! (at least I know our little group was!). It was such a cute show, but LONG…We said it last year, and said it again this year--- it could have ended at intermission… I think it’s just kind of hard on the really little ones who have earlier bedtimes…DSC_2515 With that, the show wrapped up and we made our way out of the O’Dome and back to our cars…

but not before we stopped for a few pictures…DSC_2540


and of course a good-bye hug…DSC_2552

It was a “Sunny” night for sure with sweet friends!



Danielle said...

So sweet! Wish we could have come with ya'll. Maybe next year! :)

Jana said...

So SWEET! I remember when Shelby was about 8 months old, we were watching Sesame Street and she saw cookie monster. She climbed off the couch and crawled to her bedroom and dumped her toys out until she found a little Cookie Monster toy and brought it to me. I was quite sure she was the smartest child on the planet at that moment!!!Now she's 9 and SHE's quite sure she's the smartest person on the planet! HA!

Charon Benton said...

So sweet- glad y'all had a good time!!!! AB and AC are precious!

Aleta Kaylee said...

Those pics of her and Allie are so sweet. Those two have really grown up since last year. When I was little I loved Sesame Street Live :) I'm glad the girls got to go and enjoy it together.

Lyndsay said...

I love the picture from last year, it is always fun to compare year to year!! The t-shirts are so cute and the fact that AB pointed and laughed at hers the whole way over there is hilarious.

Julianne Hendrickson said...

Such sweet memories...the pictures I have from that event when I was a little girl are my favorite pictures I own!

Carrie said...

We had the best time with y'all last week. Elmo was the perfect start to our week of birthday celebrating! I love the picture of Allie loving on Belle and Belle just taking it ;) Next year we are SOOOO leaving at intermission.

Lauren said...

AB and her Eh-moe!! I love it! I can't wait to take our future kiddos to that one day.

Immeasurably More Mama said...

The boys had SO MUCH fun with "Eh-mo" and friends! In fact, D was so overcome with happiness that he broke out some special never-seen-before dance moves for the occasion. :) Thanks for hanging with us!

Tamara Ann said...

I LOVE AB's face in the next to last picture! It looks like Miss Allie Claire just said something shocking! They are the cutest things ever!

Stephanie said...

WOW! I can't wait til next year for my Willie Boy to see ELMO!! It looks like a lot of fun!

Heather said...

LOVE THIS!!! Mollie sat with me while I read this post and she was pointing to everyone, she got very excited! Love AB and AC's matching shirts, they look precious!! Girl, you look beautiful!!! You always do , I love the way you fixed your hair!! So fun, and so glad y'all had a great evening!