Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter is so many things, and I’m thankful for all of them…the celebration of our risen Savior and our Ultimate Hope,  the eggs (even though you couldn’t pay me to eat one), the baskets and bunnies, the new Sunday clothes, the songs, the family time…all of it was so good this year.

As far as the family time, ours started a few days early this year. My brother, sister-in-law and nephew, Garrett got to my parents’ late Thursday evening. Garrett just celebrated his 2nd birthday a few weeks ago, and since we weren’t in Georgia for his party, we had one here!DSC_9534 Cupcakes at 9:00 p.m.? DSC_9536Certainly! What better way to celebrate a sweet boy?!?!DSC_9550

Annabelle was so excited that Garrett was finally here. Bless his heart, she must have tried to give him at least a hundred hugs and kisses over the weekend!

On Saturday, we took our first dip of the year in Pappy’s pool. What’s the next best thing to having a pool yourself? Having a pool next door at your in-laws’! :)  

That afternoon, my parents came over and brought Garrett. (Beau was in his best friend from high school’s wedding this weekend, so he and  Kristy had to do all the wedding stuff.) We had a little Easter egg  dying party with the kids on our back sunroom. DSC_9578We bought the “Egg Spinner” this year, and it was a success. DSC_9628But we had to do some old school egg dying, too! DSC_9618







We played in the yard and DW smoked some ribs for supper. DSC_9705

I took the kids on a golf cart ride, and I don’t know when I’ve seen Garrett more excited. He was moo-ing like nobody’s business at all the cows. In between “moo’s” he’d yell, “Hey Cows!” Precious.

Sunday the bunny stopped by our house, and AB was pleased to see he’d left her some “Gummies” and “Choc-it” in her basket. These were two of the four things she requested. The other two? Cake and Sweet Tea. Bunny didn’t leave any cake or tea this year. Maybe next.



We stopped by my in-laws and got Pappy to take a picture of the three of us. (And Finally AB would look AT the camera.) :) She loved that everyone had “tink” (pink) on. (Even Daddy’s tie). DSC_9788


At church this year, at the end of the service, the kids released butterflies. DSC_9814We were all encouraged to bring some flowers from our yard to put on the flower cross before church started. DSC_9798 We cut three roses from one of the bushes in our back yard. Devin’s grandparents planted the bushes years ago, so it was neat to use those flowers. DSC_9800

After church, we headed over to my Granny’s for lunch. DSC_9857My uncle smoked a ham and Mom made everything else, and it was all “adicious” (as AB would say).DSC_0020 DSC_0028













We hid eggs, played with lizards, and petted a “mongoose”. It was like reliving my childhood.


Uncle Beau, the Lizard, Garrett, the stick, & AB


My girl petting the lizard…


AB, Pop & The Lizard.. ha.. at one point I announced how redneck the whole thing was, to which my Mom replied, “This is educational.” :) We DID see the lizard change from brown to green to blue. So that HAD to be educational. Right?




Me & My Granny


Beau, Kristy & Garrett


The Great Egg Hunt of 2011..









That evening, we had dinner at DW’s moms with the brothers & SILs, but the only picture I have is of the onions she brought everyone from Georgia (some of the family there are farmers, and they live right outside of Vidalia. So just GUESS what kind of onions they grow…) :)DSC_0060 and of my nephew decked out in sunglasses, a sword and tighty-whiteys. (Not going to post that one on my blog, but I will be saving it for his high school yearbook one day). :)

Hope your Easter was great!



Mallory said...

Adorable pictures, AB is precious! I'm going to admit that I'm extremely're already swimming?! Awesome! It has rained here straight (almost) since Friday night, flooding everywhere. Governor has declared our town and probably others a state of emergency. It's a nightmare!

Charon Benton said...

love all the pictures annie! AB is adorable in her easter dress and yours is beautiful! That color is very becoming on you! I'm not sure I could get Cecil to wear anything pink! We have gone swimming a few times this season between all this crazy weather we're having. I love that your mom said lizard watching was EDUCATIONAL! HA!!!! TOO FUNNY!

Crystal said...

AB is adorable as usual! And I love the lizard on your dad's belly. What in the world was that furry thing?!

Stephanie Heintz said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this post! I almost forgot what yall looked like. Just kidding of course! You look super good in that pink dress ma'am. Glad yall had a wonderful Easter!

Stephanie said...

Annie, I love the family pic you look beautiful and so does AB I love her dress!

SaraBeth said...

Looks like y'all had a busy weekend:) Annabelle looks beautiful in her dress. She's growing up so fast! I'm glad you had a great Easter weekend.

Carrie said...

Lots of cuteness in this post! First off, love your Easter dress! SOOOO much prettier than the one we tried on at Belks that day :) I love the family picture of y'all on Easter. And Annabelle and Garrett are too much...I can't get over how big he has gotten!! When did that happen???

Immeasurably More Mama said...

There is so much I could comment on in this post...what a GREAT weekend! Garret is such a handsome fella and I love that y'all celebrated his birthday with him. :) Annabelle in that ruffle skirted Minnie Mouse bathing suit is ADORABLE. Egg Spinner??? I have not seen does it work? Maybe we should get one next year. I love that AB requested CAKE and SWEET TEA to be included in her Easter basket goodies...she is a smart girl. :) And your family on Easter morning??? GORGEOUS! Hot pink looks SO GOOD on you, girl! And I love the flower covered cross...what a beautiful sight to see as you walk up to church on Easter morning. Love every single detail from your Easter weekend. :)