Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Girls Only…

Every Summer, my sister-in-law, Lauren and I do a girls beach trip. We planned this year to be the week after Lauren was done teaching for the year. It was a fun trip to kick off her summer vacation.

We spent our mornings between the beach and the pool. DSC_0817




Building sand castles,DSC_1034playing in the water,


DSC_1008 and having “tea parties”… I love to watch her play…




Somebody’s getting some freckles this summer! DSC_1120

The afternoons were reserved for naps for ALL…

Evenings were spent eating out and doing a little shopping…

The last night we ate at Aunt Catfish’s and the cinnamon rolls are always worth the wait… thankfully they have a playground, too! DSC_1045



Then it was back to the condo to walk on the beach one more time every night at dusk.


Of course some serious snacking went on while we were there, too!

A Krispy Kreme trip is a must when we’re at the condo. AB requested sprinkles…DSC_0934

We had a popsicle party on the balcony one night and enjoyed popsicles in the pool, too! DSC_1097We found the best popsicles EVER for toddlers. DSC_1088They are TINY and slow-melting… they were adorable. We’ve looked every where for them since we got back, and can’t find them around here.

I even broke one of my own rules and bought AB an ice cream from the “Ice Cream Bus” as she calls it. She would hear him coming down the beach and yell, “Ice Cream Bus, Ice Cream Bus!!!” How could I NOT get her an ice cream after that cuteness? (Even if the man that drives the Ice Cream bus is a grouchy ole thing who sells ice-crystal-covered ice cream and I swore he’d never get another dollar from me?!?!?) DSC_0973



Annabelle provided much entertainment, as always. DSC_0858She’s become obsessed with Disney’s new movie, “Tangled.” So we had to watch it half a dozen times…a day… And every time we’d cross the bridge to A1A, she’d yell, “Cain-gled (Tangled) Towers, Cain-gled Castles!!!” when she saw all the condos.

I told Lauren I don’t know how we’ll drag two kids to the beach next year. And Lord help us, when she and Adam start a family… I figure there’s no way for just us girls to haul them all to the beach alone. Lauren’s got a plan though… we’ll start loading all our stuff in the car and drive it on the beach every day. I’m thinking I’ll have to get the bigger tires on my golf cart so it will be beach ready and we can drive it. We’ll figure out something, because I’d hate to miss a trip to the beach! :)




Hines House said...

Look's like you guys had a fun time. I am in hopes that Mom, Braley and I will get a little trip into the beach soon.

Immeasurably More Mama said...

You girls sure do know how to live it up at the beach! I love, love, love the freckle picure!!! So sweet and cute. I would have a hard time saying no to the ice cream truck too...even if the driver is a crotchety ol' man who serves up iced over treats! :-) I am now on a mission to find those popsicles...what a great find! And if I can't find them I may ask a store manager to order them! Ha. :-)

Crystal said...

I love, love all her little bathing suits! I'm thinking we need to get these boys (and their Momma & Daddy) to the beach soon!

Stephanie said...

Looks like BIG FUN!!! No worries about having more children to bring along. I am sure ALL will work out by then AB will be a BIG HELPER! I am sure it will be like 3 mamas and a baby going to the beach next summer. =)

Mallory said...

WOW! What a fun girl trip!! I'm jealous you live close enough to the beach to do that. We're heading to Destin in August, can't wait. AB is just absolutely gorgeous!

Sherrie said...

Looks like a fabulous trip. I can't believe how big Annabelle has gotten! They grow up so darn fast.

Anonymous said...

You got some really great pictures. You are quite the photographer. I love all the different angles. It makes the pictures so much more dramatic, as if little miss needs more drama. :) I am so glad you all had such a great time. You all deserve it!!! kellee

Lauren said...

A girls get away is just what we needed!! You and AB are my partners in crime! It has been a few days since I got to watch Tangled...I am beginning to forget the songs..haha!!

Surrounded-By-Boys said...

Glad y'all had a good time at the beach! You know i LOOVVEE me some Aunt Catfish's!