Friday, November 4, 2011

Peanut Butter & Parades…

Last weekend was the Florida-Georgia game in Jacksonville. It’s always a favorite!DSCN4210

We rode up with Adam & Lauren and tailgated with Sam & Marianne and some friends of theirs. We ate well and had a great time with everyone.

 DSCN4192     DSCN4193 




The game pretty much stunk, because let’s face it, who enjoys loosing? The highlight of my day was definitely the Chocolate-Peanut Butter cupcakes I made for dessert. OH.MY.WORD. I do hate to brag, but they were divine. I’m pretty sure I’ll never be able to recreate them, since I made up my own icing recipe, but their goodness will forever be part of my memory. :)DSCN4188

I put peanut butter chips in the cupcake mix, and filled the centers with the peanut butter icing. Maybe I should try to make them again soon. :)

Yesterday was the homecoming parade in our town. We dressed AB in her Daddy’s high school alma mater colors and sat with a bunch of the family on a lot in town waiting to see the parade! DSC_5132AB was most excited about seeing her aunt Kels (who’s Sr. class float was being pulled by Pappy & NieNie) and cousin Willie, who was in the parade because he was the Baby Peanut King at this year’s Peanut Festival. The theme for homecoming was something about the decades. So each class had a different decade… the Freshman class had the 1950’s and their float was really cute…DSC_5164

The Sr. Class Float: (they had the 80’s) the big boom box was so cute…


This is my favorite… Nie Nie hanging out the window waving at AB… It’s a shame our girl isn’t loved any more than she is. :)


We also saw lots of other cousins in the parade and caught lots of candy that we don’t need.




The funniest thing was when AB insisted that her daddy hold her, because she “was ‘bout to get runned over!” She was into picking up candy at first, but then decided it was too dangerous and her daddy needed to do it for her. Either way, she left happy with a bucket filled to the brim. DSC_5184



Paige Colson said...

I just LOVE that picture of AB in her sunglasses! That girl is too cool for school. :)

Rebecca said...

You are such a beautiful preggo momma!!! You must share the recipe...or close to it! :).