Friday, December 21, 2012

Winter ONE-derland

Where has this year gone? Not only is Christmas just days away, but our Mamie-Girl turned ONE on Saturday! DSC_5234

I seriously think the years crawl when you’re growing up, but the older you get, the faster they fly! It blows my mind how fast our little girls are growing up!

I was on the fence this year about having a “big” party for Maybree’s first birthday. We did “big” parties for both Cooper and Annabelle’s first… (By big I mean we invited the extended family, not just our parents and siblings- family party)- I was leaning towards small family for Maybree’s first, but DW would have none of it. He said she was having what the other two had no matter what. It wasn’t her fault she was born around Christmas and such a crazy-busy time for everyone…we’d plan it, invite the extended family and whoever could come, would! Yes, sir. :)  So, that’s what I did.

We decided to do it on a Sunday afternoon. I chose the “Winter ONE-derland” theme and decided to serve cookies and cocoa instead of lunch or dinner… mmbdayinvite1

DSC_5213Since we live in Florida, and the weather is as predictable as a rabid raccoon, cocoa got changed to slushy punch two days before the party. It looked like snow on our sunroom, but it was 80 degrees outside. DSC_5216

Maybree is cutting some new teeth and she has been REALLY fussy, so I was worried about her at her party. She did really good, though, considering you could tell she didn’t really feel good just by looking at her. :(  Poor baby, cutting teeth is hard.

I already had the tree set up on the sunroom. DSC_5425We always do a live tree in our living room, but I love having our few artificial ones in the other rooms in our house. The sunroom tree is one that my Aunt gave me a couple years ago and I LOVE it. It has three different kinds of branches on it and even has little pinecones. I think it’s the prettiest artificial tree I’ve ever seen. Plus it was pre-lit AND THE LIGHTS ALL WORKED. A Christmas miracle indeed!

I left the white mesh on it from AB’s party (I thought ahead on that one and planned white so I could use it for both…I just added some pink for AB’s Barbie Bash).

I found the big acrylic snowflakes at the Dollar Tree- I bought a few before the party, and then the week of, I went back to get more and they were sold out. OF COURSE. My mom came to the rescue and looked at another DT for me, and found the rest of them!

We hung small snowflakes (I mixed a few different ones I had found from Dollar Tree, Target and Hobby Lobby) from the ceiling around the cookie table and also hung big ones from the plant hangers. DSC_5428

I made a snowflake garland to hang on Maybree’s high chair and loved how it made her chair a little more festive. DSC_5220

It was really easy decorating…just some fake snow,  snowballs, snowflakes and the big tree. DSC_5226

The cookies spoke for themselves on the food table. DSC_5223

DSC_5224I do love a cookie. DSC_5225

Momma and I baked all day on Saturday…I wish we had counted how many dozen total cookies we ended up with. I know we had 9 different kinds of sweets and 2 savory snacks.

We had everyone help themselves to some cookies and punch then we  sang to the birthday girl! DSC_5272


Maybree’s Cake – I decided to take what I thought would be the easy way this year and just pick up a small cake for her smash cake from Publix. It would have been easy, had I called ahead and ordered it. Instead, the sweet Daddy to my babies was running all around Gainesville, before church, at 7:30 Sunday morning, trying to find a cake that would somewhat go with our party theme. He had to go to THREE different stores and finally at the last one found a little white cake with some poinsettias on it. He texted me a picture and I said BUY IT!DSC_5222

She didn’t seem to care what it had on it, as long as it had icing! DSC_5278



We did gifts after her cake (which she did not appreciate me taking away, thank you very much!). She was pretty interested in her presents and big sister helped her get them all unwrapped!DSC_5325


DSC_5342 She got lots of fun and nice things! I was really happy for her – not because she needs ANYTHING- but because bless her heart, she gets all the hand-me-downs. It was fun to see her get some things that are just hers. I know that’s silly, but I can’t help it. DSC_5337

Our family was so sweet to come to celebrate with us. We missed the ones who weren’t able to be here, too. Family is so important and I want my children to grow up close to theirs. I want them to feel the security and love that comes from being a part of one.

It was the perfect little party to celebrate a little girl who’s love so BIG!DSC_5345



Mallory said...

WOW! I can't believe she's already a year. You have beautiful girls! Happy Birthday Maybree!

Kellee Whitehurst said...

it was an amazing first party for our girl!! we loved every detail. hand me downs are awesome but she does deserve her own stuff too!!! nothing wrong with wanting that for a girl who is loved so much by so many. another magnificent party under your belt!!! :)