Friday, July 12, 2013

Fourth Fun

This year's Fourth celebrations started on July 3rd when our town had it's festivities. Our church had a last minute float to promote our upcoming VBS.
AB loved riding in the parade.

Little sister rode too, but sat up front with Kels & Uncle Adam, who was driving the truck. 

After the parade, we went out to DW's mom's house.
Grandma was down for a few days, so we all ate supper there and the kids swam for a little bit before it rained us out and we headed home. 

We didn't brave the fireworks in town, but Uncle Adam & Aunt Nen called us later that evening to meet them in the field in front of our house for some. They were really good ones. We called Kels to come out, too... That's the perks of all living next to each other....that and somebody always has a stick of butter you can borrow if you run out. :)

The actual 4th was kind of different this year. We spent the day working. We knew we'd be at the beach for the long weekend, so we wanted to get some things done at home. DW worked in the yard and I tried to catch up on housework. 

My parents were over in St. Augustine and we'd talked about going over there for the evening to watch the fireworks with them, but decided against it at the last minute. 

With all of our work done, we were ready for the rest of the weekend fun! 

We headed for the beach for our annual race-weekend trip! 

On the way, we decided to stop in at the track to see practice.

It was so fun but I had forgotten how loud it was.
We were so thankful when a family was leaving and gave us a new pack of ear plugs. Mamie LOVED seeing the cars fly around the track but I think the earplugs were a close second for her favorite thing. She was hilarious with them.

AB was an old pro, since she got to go to the track with DW and I a few months ago. 

After about an hour we headed on to the beach. 

Friday was all-day at the beach fun.

The Whitehurst girls are slightly high-maintenance when it comes to their beaching. :)

Friday evening, we all went to dinner at the Port Orange Steakhouse.
The onion straws they serve alongside their steaks are a favorite! 

An evening walk on the beach is always fun and our little family took one on Friday night. I also wanted to get some pictures of the girls on the beach, but forgot to put a memory card in our camera... I do that at least twice a year. :) I took some with my phone though...

Later that night, we had a fireworks show on the beach. Adam brought the rest of the ones he'd bought and they were great just like the others. I'd also picked up some sparklers for AB. 

After fireworks, it was game time. We played a hilarious game of "Things" and laughed pretty much the entire time. 

Saturday was another beach day.
It was also the day AB had a meltdown and I thought we both might get whippings.. Hers from me and then mine from the rest of the family for spanking her. Thankfully, neither of us got one. ;) Times like those aren't really fun, but they're real life and nothing grows a family and relationships like real life. Amen? 

That night, dinner was at Red Robin. The jalapeƱo coins were hotter than hot and fantastic...another favorite! :)  Nie-Nie dropped the guys off at the races
and the girls all shopped for a little bit. (We missed our Taylor, Warren & Amber this year!) Nie-Nie met back up with us and it was decided that the three "little girls" (Kels, :) AB & Mames) weren't really in to shopping, so Nie-Nie took them all back to the condo while Nen & I had a little fun. We wanted to go in the new "Charming Charlie's."  We've already said we have to go back soon. 
On our way back to the condo, we made a little pit stop at the dog track.
It still shocks me at how much I enjoy the dog track. Ha. Nen & I placed a bet and were cheering loud when we thought she had won big. To our disappointment, the BIG win was only $2.20. But a win is still a win. :)  We stayed for a couple more races and then headed back. 

Krispy Kremes are a tradition on race night. 

Sunday we all packed up and headed back home... We had such a great time together and it's weekends like those that I'm certain we'll look back on years from now and smile. 


Stephanie Heintz said...

Just went into a charming charlies yesterday and immediately thought, Annie is gonna love this place. Its amazing!

Anonymous said...

AMEN!!! love love love this :)