Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Christmas Day…

Christmas morning with small kids is as sweet as it gets. Every year I say it gets a little sweeter and this year was no exception. AB was certain “Ho-Ho” was bringing her a Barbie Dream House and that’s exactly what she told anyone who asked.

Her Daddy & I had to remind her often that just because that’s what she had asked for, didn’t mean she was going to get it…

The girls were excited, but both exhausted on Christmas Eve night, so they went to sleep as soon as their heads hit their pillows. But not before we got a jammie picture and left Cookies for Santa.9 AB decided to leave him water this year, because “what if he doesn’t like milk?” (like her). 11

I wish I could say that DW and I enjoyed the sweetness of our quiet house on Christmas Eve snuggled up by the fire while we munched on Santa’s cookies… But, real life was more like he was in my closet assembling the Barbie Dream House and I was in the dining room wrapping other gifts. The only time we saw each other was when he’d need to “walk away” from the Dream House and it’s instructions (which we’re sure are used as wallpaper in hell) and take a break. 

It’s been coming on December 25th for quite some time now, so I don’t know how, but Christmas totally snuck up on me this year. I’m blaming it on the fact that we were sick for two weeks, painted our house, and had two birthday parties that month. I’m also vowing to be much more prepared and on top of it next year. :)

Early the next morning, DW heard Annabelle’s bedroom door open and he jumped up while startling me out of my puddle of drool…We ran toward the living room, just in time to hear her jumping up and down squealing…DSC_9275 “Ahhhhh!!! My Barbie Dream House! I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! I just knew he’d bring me one!” It was adorable and I’m sure Santa would agree that it was worth every aggravating minute it took him to put it together. :)DSC_9281

She stood and admired the dream house for several minutes, before she decided it was time to wake Mamie up.

Poor Mames was out cold. She was excited though, to see the “Barbie Dream” (what she calls the dream house) when she made it to the living room. Annabelle hugged her sister and said, “We got it, Mamie! We got our dreamhouse!” It was precious. DSC_9284

The girls opened the other two gifts they got and then opened the ones from each other.DSC_9290



They got to their stockings last, and those are always fun…



They played with the Barbie house until it was time to go to Pappy’s for pancakes. It was an overload of little girl sweetness. DSC_9320

We do breakfast in our jammies at my in-laws on Christmas day. We had a great morning, but the very best part came when my father-in-law opened his gift from Adam & Lauren…it was a tiny pair of cowboy boots with a sonogram picture that said “BOY!” – We’ve all been anxiously awaiting the news of what they were expecting and we’re SO excited! We can’t wait for Parker to get here (or as we call him in our house, “Parkey”)!

Uncle Adam took a group shot with his GoPro camera – and besides the fact that my jammies and the wide angle lens makes me look like Humpty Dumpty, it’s a pretty cute picture… (Especially our nephew Warren in the front!)3

After spending the morning there, we came back to our house to get Mamie a nap before heading to my parents.

We spent the afternoon/evening at Grammy & Pop’s. (Yes, the girls stayed in their Christmas jammies all day) :)





We opened presents and then had dinner. Mom cooked a great meal and we had a fun night just being together. We ended it with a game of Headbandz… 7

It was a great Christmas and we are so very blessed. DSC_9279


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