Friday, September 26, 2014


Two weeks after we welcomed Tucker, his biggest sister started Kindergarten!

I don’t know how it happened so fast, since it seems like just yesterday we brought HER home from the hospital.

On Friday before school started, I took Annabelle to “meet the teacher” at her school. My mom was still staying with us, so she stayed home to keep Mamie & Tucker.

I was so thankful to get to take her that afternoon. 3I think I was more emotional about not being able to do as much for/with her as I wish I could than the fact that she was actually starting kindergarten.

Since our school does stagger start for kindergarten, her first day was actually on Tuesday August 19th.

We got her up that morning and she was so excited. I made her lunch and wrote her a little note. (That afternoon when I picked her up, she said, “I loved the ‘thank you’ note in my lunchbox, momma.” :)DSC_7409

We took the obligatory first day shots on our front porch  (little sister had to get in on it, too)… DSC_7407and then DW came home from work to take her to school. DSC_7426

I was so glad he stopped back by the house to give me the run down. He said she did great and there were no tears! (Thank goodness!) He was so good to even take pictures for me when he dropped her off. photo 2

photo 1

When I picked her up that afternoon, she said that she had a great day and that she wasn’t even ready to come home when it was time. 4

I’d say that the first day was a success!

Mamie cried all morning, though, and wanted her to come home. She kept saying, “We missing Sissy..where her at?” Ever so often she’d say it again… “we STILL missing Sissy.” She’s had to adjust to not having her buddy around all day, but it’s been good for both of them. Now, AB comes home from school and starts “teaching” Mamie, so Mames is wishing the school day was a little longer these days. :)

We had AB home with us the rest of that week and then she started full time on the following Monday.

Nie-Nie came that morning and stayed with Tucker & Mamie so I could walk AB to her class. She was a little clingy and teary that morning, but I think she was just nervous. All of the kindergarten kids were there that day, so the hall was loud and chaotic. Thankfully they didn’t have to pry her off of me and when we picked her up that afternoon she was all smiles again. Smiles and yawns. The teacher who put her in the car at parent pick up said she had almost fallen asleep waiting on the bench! She was so cute a few days later, when on the way home she said, “momma, I’m going to need to talk to the teacher about getting a nap.” Poor babies, no more naps in Kindergarten. It’s all business – and the kids even have homework! (Although AB loves come home every afternoon and sitting at her desk to do her homework. We’ll see how many years of school that lasts) :)

Kindergarten had color days the second two weeks of school and every day they dressed in the color of the day. photo

Red, Yellow & Orange Day

AB has already had “special day,” too. It’s a big deal in Kindergarten to take your turn at “special day.” That person gets to bring snack, a book to share and something for show-and-tell. Her day happened to also be on “Red day” – so she took in red M&M cookies and red strawberries with red juice boxes. (her idea). :) For her show and tell item she took in her baby doll from China that her Pop brought her from one of his trips. The book she chose was “Cindy Moo” which is one of our favorites. She’s already looking forward to her next special day!

She’s had a few early release days already and even two sick days. I hate school germs and I’m trying so hard to keep them away from Maybree, too, and especially Tucker.

Her first field trip has already been planned and we’re looking forward to lots of other fun this year in Kindergarten!

It will seem like overnight and we’ll be off to first grade, I’m sure. The old saying has never rang more true – the days are LONG, but the years are SHORT.


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