Friday, February 27, 2015

Daddy-Sweetheart Dance

Every February, our Jr. Woman’s Club puts on the Daddy Sweetheart dance. They’ve been doing this for years and years and way back when I was in Juniors, I helped with it one year. It was precious then, but even sweeter now that I have daughters myself.

This was the first year that Annabelle was old enough to attend. She brought home the invitation in her school folder and asked me if we were going to “that dance.”  She didn’t really know what it was or what to expect, but she knew she definitely wanted to go. DSC_0231

Several of her friends at school must have been talking it up, because she got more excited about it the closer it got. When we read the invitation it said that Daddys or any special man could bring the girls, and she asked if Pop, Pappy and her uncles were all going with them. Precious. I love that my girls are loved by such great men. She was also excited that she and Daddy had to “dress up” and asked DW if he’d be wearing what he wore to our wedding. I can’t believe he didn’t go rent a tux. Ha.

Last Saturday was the big event. IMG_6178DSC_0194

DW, about an hour before they were supposed to leave, remembered he was going to get AB some flowers. He hated that he forgot, but luckily our camellias had some blooms, so he picked her one of those. DSC_0205IMG_6182

They do two separate dances;  one for girls K-2nd grade and one for 3-5 grade girls.

They do a father-daughter picture, have snacks, play a couple games and dance, dance, dance! DW only took one picture, which was AB doing the conga-line. IMG_6575He said they danced a couple slow songs and did the Cupid Shuffle. I know it was adorable and something she will never forget.

After the dance, they went to dinner at the Ivy House. DSC_0238

It was a precious evening and I know our big girl will want to go again next year.


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