Monday, February 2, 2009

A very big weekend

What a weekend!

Saturday we decided we'd take Little Miss out for her first lunch date. (She will be 8 weeks old tomorrow, so we will officially be past those first few critical weeks). Adam & Lauren (my B-I-L, and S-I-L) had told us about this place in Ocala we needed to try, called "Five Guys." It's a hamburger place, but they said it was the BEST. Lauren doesn't even like burgers enough to ever finish one, and she said she actually ate the whole thing... reason enough for us to give it a try! So we all loaded up and headed to "Top of the World" (it's a retirement community outside of Ocala). I didn't really know what to expect, I thought it was going to be more of a restaurant, but it's a place your order - wait for your number - then pick a table yourself - and eat there - kind of place. When we walked in, the first thing I saw were these huge bags of potatoes lined up down the middle of the room. They make their own fries using fresh cut potatoes! To make it even better, on each side of the potatoes were big boxes of peanuts for you to snack on while you wait... LOVE me some peanuts! I have to remind myself that peanuts are often used to "fatten hogs" and I have to stop before I devour 5 lbs of them by myself! We placed our order and waited on our number. (the place was packed by the way, so you know it's good!)

Here's Miss Priss sitting on a bag of " 'taters!" ha...
Here's my lunch.... I had a bacon cheeseburger and as Lauren puts it "the bacon is still crunchy"--- it was excellent. And I love the fries! When I was little, my Papa would peel potatoes and make homemade fries. He loved to tell about the time he peeled a whole 5 lb. bag of potatoes for my friend and I and we ate ALL of them... 5 LBS!?!?!? Someone should have told me about the "fattening hogs" thing back then!

Here's a photo commemorating Belle's first lunch date...

And here's Uncle Adam & Aunt Lauren

Oh, one more thing about "5 Guys"- they have a bulletin board hanging on the wall with a basket of note cards and markers under it. You can write them a comment and hang it on the board. I had to write one, and take a picture! :)
Saturday night we went over to Grammy & Pop's for hot wings. Devin loves wings, and my mom makes the best. They never ever taste the same, (to me anyway), but they are always great. We ended up just spending the night, after I fell asleep! And would you believe that our little darling slept ALL night???

Sunday was Annabelle's first trip to church! I was very excited about finally getting to go back to church, but was a little nervous about how she'd do. She rarely fusses, but I just knew if she was going to, it would be right in the middle of the sermon and I'd have to get up in front of everyone and take her out. I know this is going to sound vain, but I was a little ill about going, too, since neither of our clothes really fit yet. Mine are all too tight and hers are all too big! You should have seen the little stockings I put on her... they were pulled up all the way to her chest... Devin said it looked like she was wearing Spanx (only they were baggy!)! Anyway, I got her dressed and she was precious, even if her stockings were a little big! Devin was ready, and handsome as always, and me, well, like Carrie had told me, no one would be looking at me anyway! All they'd be worried about was Belle! She was right. Belle was the most popular girl in church. And she was perfect! She slept the whole service and didn't make a peep! We had to take her to Sunday lunch at the Ivy House to celebrate!

Here are a few pics of her first trip to church.

Sunday night we ate dinner at Annabelle's Pappy & Granny's house for her first Super Bowl. Devin's Daddy smoked some ribs and pork and boy was it good... I don't know how I will EVER fit in my pre-preg clothes again... it seems EVERYTHING in our family revolves around food...good food!! :)
It was a great weekend!


Lyndsay said...

No wonder no one looked at you at church, Belle was cute as a button in that white dress and bonnet. You have also made me want to go home and make some homemade fries (thanks a lot!!).

Carrie said...

What the heck?! That picture at Five Guys is the first time I think I have seen Belle without a big, pretty bow on her head. What's going on, momma? :) She looks SO sweet in the new dress and bonnet. I love it and I DON'T think she looks likes she being christened....(as previously discussed). I'm so glad y'all had such a fun, big weekend!

Crystal said...

Annie, both of you girls looked beautiful, you have nothing to worry about and plenty of time to enjoy homemade fries and worry about those clothes later!! Enjoy those lunch dates with that pretty girl!

Ashley C. Hines said...

Looks like you guys had a very busy and fun weekend. Isn't is amazing how babies just seem to float in all on there own? Which I am sure you like me are just fine with you little girl getting all the attention. I am going to have to go visit my sister-in-law so I can check out this Five Guys place.... I want some fries:)

Aleta Kaylee said...

I love the pictures Annie. It sounds like your weekend was busy! Miss Annabelle just keeps getting cuter and I don't even know how that's possible, b/c I thought she was beautiful as a newborn. I just love her little sunday dress. And honey, I wouldn't worry a thing about getting back down to your pre-preg weight. You are beautiful, no matter what!

Katie said... it's totally not just your family that everything revolves around food! You've mentioned burgers, peanuts, good fries, bacon, hogs, ribs, and pork in this post, and my mouth is totally watering. And it's 8:44 in the morning. Goodness, I could man-handle some pork product right now...

Anyhoo...Miss Belle looks PRECIOUS in her little dress! You can't even tell that her tights are pulled up to her tee tees. ;o) She looks like a doll! I love sweet bonnets on babies! She just looks so precious, sweet, pure, and innocent...just like little tiny girls are supposed to!

And, my dear, you look GREAT! I remember the way I felt after having Amelia when we finally starting going out and about. OHH, I dread those weeks (who am I kidding...months for me!) of trying to look halfway decent in my old clothes... Oh well, they are worth it!