Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Four Month Stats

Annabelle turned 4 months old last Thursday, the 9th. (I wanted to wait until our dr. visit today to do her 4 month post, though, so I'd have all of her stats!)
She's 24 inches tall and weighs in at 12 lbs, 4 ounces, respectively. I know, she's a whopper! Ha...

Our pediatrician says she's a little girl, with a big personality! She loves people and LOVES to be talked to. It doesn't matter who's around or what they are saying, she thinks they're talking to her. She smiles and kicks her legs with excitement. We think she's definitely going to be a talker, herself... she must get that from her Daddy.

Despite only being in the 25th percentile on her weight, she does have some chub on her. She gets that from me.

She is learning so much everyday and I love to see it. She discovered her hands a couple months ago, and it was precious to watch her stare at them and try to figure them out. She's reaching for things now and has better control and grasp. Anything she can wrap her fingers around goes straight to the mouth! She's been rolling over for a couple months now from her tummy to her back and we think any time she will be able to roll from back to tummy. She tries so hard to sit up and loves to be her in Bumbo so she can see things at eye level. When on her tummy, she pushes up and looks all around. She gets excited over pretty much anything. I think she gets that from me. Hello, I get excited about mail and a PedEgg... it doesn't take much.
So far she's still as good natured as the day she was born. Fusses only when she's hungry, needs a diaper change or when she's really tired. Our pediatrician, said to me today, "Wow, Annie, she's seems like such a happy baby." Of course I beamed. She had to cut me back down to size though, by reminding me that, "even though they are easy infants, does not mean they'll be this easy at 2 years old..." Thanks, Dr. M for keeping my head from swelling. I'm sure we have some tantrums in our future, but I have a feeling she'll be as pleasant MOST of the time when she's 2 as she is now!

She got shots today. BIG YUCK. I know hate is a very strong word, but I HATE shots. That pitiful cry and real tears just about did me in. She's a little toughie, though...she calmed right down and fell asleep. She's sleeping again now, in her swing. She's been fussy, which I totally expected. So we'll be spending the evening loving on and rocking her.

Photo on Left was taken 12/15. Photo on right was taken today, 4/15 (at our dr's ofc)

It's hard to believe our baby girl is already 4 months old. To say we are crazy about her is an understatement.


Carrie said...

She IS such a happy baby! All the time!!! I don't care what the doctor says I think she will stay sweet, happy and calm! Praise the Lord. We need one of the girls to be the calming influence. I'm counting on Miss Annabelle to be the voice of reason!!!

She's getting so tall (not big, just tall). It's so hard to believe it's already been four months. It seems like we were just standing in the waiting room watching Devin beaming down at her with such pride in his eyes. Y'all should be so proud of her, she's precious!

Aunt B said...

The "first times" are wonderfully magical and I may have to disagree with the Doc... Charlee has been a rascal from day 1 and Katie has been good-natured for 17 years. Annabelle is a precious ANGEL.

Stephanie said...

Shes getting so big! I can't wait to see her. And I know shes a great baby because of her mommy! :)

Charon Benton said...

She is a darling!! I can't wait to see her soon!