Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Mouse’s House- Disney Part I

Devin and I had been talking about taking Annabelle back to Disney sometime soon. The company shuts down the week between Christmas and New Years, so we thought that might be a good time. We knew the park would be really crowded, but DW already had off work and we really like to go when it’s decorated for Christmas. No plans had been made, and then DW won his fantasy football league, so he said what all champions say, “We’re going to Disney!” ha… DSC_5818

We decided to go on Wednesday, thinking it would be the least crowded. We packed our bags and arrived at the park right at 9:00. After parking, riding the tram, then the Mono-rail, we finally made it to the Magic Kingdom close to 10:00. DSC_5819

I love it all decorated for Christmas…





We asked a man to take a picture of us in front of the main gate, and he zoomed in so much you can’t even tell where we are and he cut DW’s head off! Ha… Oh well, at least we have a pic of the three of us!



We got a great spot in front of the castle and watched the “Dream with Mickey” show. DSC_5852

While we waited for the show, we walked around the castle and took a few pics…DSC_5866


When the show started, AB loved seeing Mickey and all his friends.. DSC_5956



DSC_5958not to mention all the princesses and princes! DSC_5898

After that, we made our way to Adventureland and rode Mickey’s Railroad Expressway all the way around the park. AB’s big into a choo-choo these days, so it was a fave of hers. DSC_5963


When we made it back to Adventureland, we got a great spot to watch the Christmas parade. DSC_5988

I know I’m partial, but AB was looking darling in the dress I made her last year for her first Disney trip. This year it fit like a top with her black leggings and she was a doll! DSC_5980This parade was so fun because most of the characters in the parade noticed AB, and would wave, blow her kisses, and some even came over to talk to her! So fun…

My camera decided to go all wonky and not take pictures just as Alice in Wonderland came right up to AB, and said, “and a very Merry Christmas to you!” and rubbed her on the nose. AB was smiling and loving it and I have no picture of it. AHHHHHHHH… I know we’ve been super spoiled always having a nice SLR camera, but here lately, I’ve wanted to throw it in the yard, especially when I missed that picture! Grrrrrrr…

You can see Alice and the gang coming down the street in this one…DSC_6000

And then after Alice talked to her, I finally got the camera working again, and got the Mad Hatter trying to talk to her…DSC_6006She wasn’t as big on him, though, as you can see! Ha..

The grand finale of the parade was, “Ho-Ho” himself! DSC_6069

Lead of course, by his reindeer! DSC_6062I did manage to kind of get AB’s picture as she was giving one of them a high-five! DSC_6063

After the parade, we grabbed some lunch at Cosmic Ray’s Café.

After our bellies were full, we headed to stand in line to see the Mouse himself! DSC_6102


I was so proud of AB, who went right up and hugged both Mickey & Minnie! So sweet… DSC_6110



AB had already fallen asleep once in her stroller,DSC_6078 so we decided to go check into our hotel and get a good nap so we’d be ready to go back that evening… but not before we let little miss pick out a prize.

She picked out a Minnie Mouse make-up kit! DSC_6137She was so cute, hugging and kissing it in the store! I was super excited, because she is SO into makeup right now, and I couldn’t find a set like this anywhere at Christmas.. (with the plastic makeup). She also got a charm bracelet, so that she can add a charm each time we go. This year’s charm was Alice in Wonderland, so we’ll always remember the parade from this trip, even if we don’t have a picture! :)

On our way out, we also got to see the Celebration Parade. AB loved this one, too. DSC_6138




We finally made it out of the park and to our hotel. I’ll save the rest of our trip for part II…




Tania said...

That is so sweet that Alice came right up to AB. I like how AB has a charm bracelet and you add a different charm for each trip. Looks like you all had a fun trip. Can't wait to read about the rest of it.

Charon Benton said...

You know I love all things DISNEY!! Too bad I didn't know y'all were going. Our plans were to go down there last Wednesday too!!! We ended up staying home, but I think the 3 kids would have had a blast together!!!

Immeasurably More Mama said...

Awww...I was wondering if y'all made it to Disney last week. I'm so glad that you did! Yes, you are partial but you are absolutely right! Annabelle is such a cutie in her shirt dress. :) The experience with Alice in Wonderland sounds precious. It's annoying when our cameras fail us and we have to rely on our mental pictures. It sounds like a memory you won't soon forget. :) Can't wait to hear more!!!

Mallory said...

Looks like a wonderful time! The pictures are great and AB's outfit is way too cute!

Beth said...

LOL!! I am just getting ready to post about taking our daughters to Disney for the first time in October. Looks like you guys had a fantastic trip thus far. Love all the decorations for Christmas, looks like the crowd was managable. Can't wait to read more.

Paige Colson said...

oh my I have always wanted to go to Disney at Christmas! It looks soooo pretty!