Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010

After we put AB to bed on Christmas Eve, Santa paid a visit to our house!

DSC_5371He left a sweet little red kitchen with all the accessories that a little girl would need to go with it!

I woke up around 6:30 Christmas morning, just dying for our girl to wake up and see what Santa had brought!

BUT…She slept, and she slept, and she slept…

About 7:30 I started coughing as loud as I could by her bedroom door. Still nothing…

DW and I were watching her the whole time on the video monitor, and she never even rolled over. She was OUT!

Finally about 7:45, Devin just yells, “ho ho ho”- AB’s head popped up and she sleepily said, “Ho ho???” and then she yelled for “Da-Da!!!” to come get her!

Little “Christmas-Carol” had some major bed head! DSC_5402

With sleep still in her eyes and in between yawns, she was able to make her way to the living room to check out the surprises that Ho-Ho brought!




Most of Santa’s gifts were just laying under the tree, but he did wrap a couple of hers for her to open…DSC_5442


He also left a stocking full of little surprises! DSC_5511 

  DSC_5538  DSC_5539

Santa also made sure to set up Annabelle’s nativity scene on the fireplace, because he always wants her to remember what the day is REALLY about, too! DSC_5385

Santa had a little nativity crisis the night before, though and didn’t know if the nativity was going to happen.

Joseph and Baby Jesus were M.I.A.

We keep the nativity set in a basket under the table where AB & Cooper’s trees sit, so that she can play with it throughout the month. When we went to set it up that night, all of the pieces were there except for those two! DW and I searched in every toy bin and basket in the playroom and had no luck.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Had it been a wise-man missing, we could have pulled it off because AB can only count to two anyway… but BABY JESUS is the STAR of the nativity and happens to also be AB’s favorite! She calls him “De-sus.” So in pure desperation, I grabbed up the daddy and the baby from her dollhouse and stuck them in as backups for Joseph and Baby Jesus. DSC_5382

Now, I know our girl is only two, and probably would not have noticed, but it just bothered me that “Baby Jesus” was wearing pink and had a hairbow! So, I continued the search for the real ones. FINALLY, it hit me! The coffee table! AB is always playing in those drawers.. maybe she’d stuck them in there! BINGO! And not only BINGO---JACKPOT, too!DSC_5380 I found LOTS of things I’d been searching for, not just Joseph and Baby Jesus!

After all of that nativity drama, we were able to put the daddy and the baby girl back in the dollhouse and return Joseph and Baby Jesus to their spot in nativity scene! Whew… DSC_5387

Annabelle had such a fun time with her kitchen that morning! I LOVED it! It was so fun to see her enjoy something so much! She loved that it had a phone, of course! The cabinets to open and close were also a huge hit! DSC_5423



After presents at our house, we went next door to Pappy & Granny’s house for breakfast! Devin’s Daddy always cooks Christmas morning breakfast and we wear our pajamas over to eat and open presents. The pj’s is why there are no pictures of it on my blog. We have some, but I’m just sparing everyone from seeing me in my jammies with bedhead and no makeup. :)

Here’s one of AB, though, waiting on Pappy’s pancakes… DSC_5552

After breakfast and all of our fun gifts at Pappy & Granny’s we headed back to our house for Christmas naps and to play with our new toys! AB dressed up (she’s loving her dress-up shoes and jewels that Granny & Pappy got her!)DSC_5577and cooked DSC_5594

DSC_5600ALL DAY LONG…even after she’d had her bath that night, she was still at it!


I’m in the process of re-organizing the playroom and making room for the kitchen and new toys, and AB is busy playing with them!

The day after Christmas was SO COLD! It was freezing here, and we even got snow flurries that morning!DSC_5687 It was so crazy to see white falling from the sky at our house!





The next day, we did Christmas with my parents. They’d driven home from my brother’s, the day before. We opened gifts and then had lots of seafood for dinner.



Grammy & AB going through her new clothes and trying on her new stuff…

   DSC_5707  DSC_5721

Annabelle trying out her new desk from Grammy & Pop. DSC_5729They even made sure she had plenty of markers & crayons to stock it. :) Pop assured me they were all washable. See one of our gifts in the background?!?!? It’s a compound miter saw!!! Ahhhhh!!!  SOOOOOOO excited!!!! I can not wait to cut something!!!! I felt like I was getting my first car all over again, when momma told me, “for pete’s sake, don’t cut your finger off using that thing! This isn’t a baby saw, Annie, this is the real deal. Yall, BE CAREFUL with it!” Ha…  We’ll be careful, I promise, Mom!  :)

It was another wonderful Christmas.



Lauren said...

I love her loving her kitchen! She is like her mama cooking up a tastey treat :) Can't wait to get home and see everyone. Maybe we can get some dinner tomorrow.

Stephanie Heintz said...

OMG. I even told H to go to your blog and look at AB on Christmas morning. She was so stinking cute. How much fun. :)

Sherrie said...

What great photos of AB! So glad you rescued Joseph and baby Jesus. LOL Have a wonderful new year.

Carrie said...

Does this mean you are home? :) I love Annabelle's kitchen. It is so cute. Clearly she is in heaven! And her new jacket is darlin' with the fur lined collar.

Charon Benton said...

I love all the pictures!!! AB is a doll on CHristmas morning!!!! I love her bed-head! I look like that every day! HA! Glad y'all had a wonderful day together!!

Katie said...

Those plaid jommies are about the dadgum cutest things I've ever seen! The ruffles are precious. We have that same kitchen!! I have slurped many a bowl of air soup and dozens of wooden cookies from that thing. ;o)

Immeasurably More Mama said...

What a blessed Christmas y'all had...and snow flurries to boot!!! We didn't get any here so I'm a little jealous. Annabelle's sweet plaid pajamas remind me of the kind my sisters and I would wear on Christmas day when we were little. :)

Rebecca said...

I always LOVE your posts and this one is no exception! All of it...such a beautiful Christmas for your sweet girl. And, I honestly laughed out loud at the baby girl in the hairbow and all! That's hysterical! So glad you found the real baby Jesus and all your other stuff she'd tucked away! (Kiddos are good like that, aren't they???)

Anonymous said...

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