Monday, August 15, 2011

A Bunch of Girls….

I think I counted up that of the past three weeks, I’ve spent a total of 6 nights at home.

It’s been a busy month around here, but busy is sometimes just what you need to get your mind off of other things. Since this time of year is always a hard one, anything to keep us busy is a good thing. Another thing that’s good for that is just some girl time… (when you’re a girl, of course). :)

On August 4th, AB and I packed the suburban and headed to Orlando International Airport to pick up several of my favorite girls, who happen to all share in my bloodline, too. My mom followed behind us in her car, because she also had a pick up to do.

I never had a sister growing up, so these four cousins have always been my stand-ins. Steph didn’t have an actual sister either, so we’re pretty much it for each other. Every summer I’d head for the hills of Northeast Georgia to spend a few weeks with all of them, and gain at least 10 lbs from eating a Dairy Queen blizzard every day. Although we grew up hundreds of miles from each other, you’d never find closer cousins.

The first flight that landed was from Atlanta and had my Aunt Kay and her girls; Becky, Krissy & Amy on it. The next flight, all the way from Salt Lake City had Stephanie on it. 2011-08-03_16-38-39_389With all the girls and luggage accounted for, we headed to grab some dinner before going our separate ways.

The Cheesecake Factory called our names and as always, never disappoints. We got mom, Aunt Kay & AB all loaded up and headed north on the turnpike and we other five hit I-4 toward Daytona.

We hit the grocery store early Thursday morning, for the essentials and then hit the beach. 2011-08-04_11-40-37_421The next three days were pretty much the same routine… sun all day, with a little pool time mixed in, PB&J’s for lunch (we were living just like we did in the 90’s) , then out to dinner every night.


Becky, Amy, Me, Stephanie & Krissy





I feel like all we did was lay out and eat. photoWhich are the makings of a great trip, in my book. Steph & I did get a few early morning walks down the beach in, so surely that counts for some sort of exercise.

The Georgia girls brought matching towels for all of us… and we all got a float for the pool…perfect for me, since floating on my tummy in the pool is the only way I can get any sun on my back these days. :)

We went all kinds of crazy and actually saw TWO movies on our trip, and even had frozen yogurt at 10:00 one night. Just a bunch of old married girls (four of which are mommas, too)  living it up. Ha… 2011-08-06_19-13-06_886

What’s REALLY crazy, is Steph & I shared the “date pack” at one of our movies, which came with this huge popcorn and we both laughed thinking we’d never even put a dent in it. We must have been feeling cray-cray for sure, because before the movie even started we’d made it half way through our bottomless bucket.

We bought a new board game, “Things,” one night and laughed so hard we cried. Such a fun game. Especially with people you really know… funny how even when trying to be off the wall with your answers, you manage to have some of the same ones! Too fun.

Of course, we managed to get some shopping in one night, too… We had a good laugh in the dressing room when deciding WHO could wear the strapless, MC-Hammer leg romper…

A girl who isn’t pregnant? DSCN3925

Or one who is? 2011-08-05_19-50-10_394

Our vote was NEITHER. Everyone will be relieved to know none of us purchased it.

Something I’ve always loved when a group of girls get together is the endless supply of hair products and makeup that follow. The great part is trying everyone’s stuff and deciding if you love it before you go get it for yourself. Steph laid the smack-down this year when she shared her lipstick with us. It’s Clinique’s Almost-Lipstick in Black Honey.It’s the coolest thing ever—and shows up a different color on EVERYONE. We hit the Clinique counter and all got some. 

It was such a nice break from reality and so great to spend some time with “the five”. DSCN3927I’m thankful for all our memories growing up and thankful we are still making some. I think it’s fair to say we have some pretty awesome husbands, too. How many men would stay home with the kids for four days or be excited for their wives to get to have a five day girls’ trip?  We’re lucky girls, for sure. And what about my mom who took time off work to keep AB during the days while DW was working? And my awesome in-laws for letting us stay at their condo? My life’s blessed with some pretty great people.

I thank my God every time I remember you” – Philippians 1:3



Immeasurably More Mama said...

Y'all sure do know how to live it up on a girl's vacay! The pictures of you and Stephanine in the MC Hammer pants...priceless. :) Now I feel a need to visit the Clinique counter for some of that lipstick! And it's so good to see some pictures of your baby look absolutely beautiful, Momma.

Carrie said...

I am sitting at work trying not to be envious of all things in this fun post, except for that MC Hammer number! I liketa wet my pants laughing!!! You and Steph are so funny together :)

Tania said...

Annie you are so blessed to have "A Bunch of Girls" to get together with. You look beautiful in the pictures that you shared here.

Stephanie Heintz said...

haha. The MC hammer pics are priceless! You actually do look cute in that if the pattern was not straight from the 90s! That weekend was so much fun! And thanks for cropping the pics! ha

annalee said...

so glad you got this wonderful time together! too fun!
i am asking myself how in the world i forgot about black honey?! the best lip color of all time. thanks for the reminder

Crystal said...

I was laughing at not only the Hammer romper, but also how you took pics outside of the restaurants!! Love it!

Katie said...

I love your hair! It is always so pretty. And I remember the first person who introduced me to Clinique's Black Honey ... I was in HIGH SCHOOL, of all things! It is so true, how different it looks on everyone. I don't think I've ever seen anyone put it on that it wasn't pretty. That whole romper thing, oh my goodness, but you know what? You still look adorable.

Russel Ramblings said...

Looks like so much fun! By the way, you could so pull off the MC Hammer pants!!! I love it!

Aleta Kaylee said...

OMG, I'm so jealous! It looks like y'all had so much fun!!! I'll definitely have to check out that lipstick. That MC Hammer romper thing was something to be seen. Wow. lol :) I'm so so glad y'all had a great time!