Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Kick-Off

I can’t believe its December already! We’ve got a REALLY BIG month…

This girl turns THREE a week from today… DSC_5330

Not really sure how it happened that fast, but it did. We’re doing a small party next weekend with a Tangled theme per our girl’s request and I can’t wait! We do love us a party around here!

Little Sister will be here in less than TWO weeks! It has FLOWN by, too! I can’t believe this time two weeks from now we’ll be smelling the sweet smell of a newborn and rubbing our faces on hers. We can hardly wait!

Christmas decorating began two weeks ago. I know people thought I was crazy (and I borderline am), but I decided to start mid-November this year. I was just worried that by the time two or three more weeks had passed, I really wouldn’t feel like getting it all up… and I got SO much new stuff at the after Christmas clearance last year, that I REALLY wanted to see it all up this year! I am afraid having SO much time to decorate has translated in our house teetering on the side of tacky. As DW pointed out, “there’s a little Christmas everywhere.” Annabelle on the other hand LOVES it all. She has been the most fun this year about Christmas! She is so excited and every little thing I pull out and put up, she notices. Its precious. She says, “that’s so cute, Mommy!”

We saw Ho-Ho last weekend while on a trip to the Bass Pro. AB was SUCH a big girl, walked right up there to him BY HERSELF and jumped on his lap. Shock of my life. He asked her what she wanted for Christmas which she replied, “Belle Barbie Doll at Wal-Mart”…SCAN0014_crop

Last night Carrie and I hosted our annual cookie swap. We had a great time with lots of fun girls and lots & lots of cookies! :)DSCN4252

Our Elf on the Shelf arrived today and AB named him, “Elf-Elf.” We like to be original, if nothing else. Ha. DSC_5383

This girl’s ready for Christmas from her head… (her “Aunt - Nanny” got her this Rudolph head band)DSC_5409

to her toes…DSC_5420 (AB wants to wear the “Ho-Ho” socks Nie-Nie got her almost every day!).

Lots of fun things going on this time of year but we’re especially thankful for the true meaning of Christmas. I think having a baby during this season is also really special and as a mother, makes me think of our Savior’s birth in an even sweeter way.



Tania said...

Looking at the picture of AB holding "Elf-Elf", she looks like she is about 5. She is a cutie for sure. Hope her birthday is a fun one. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the new baby when she gets here.

Hines House said...

Hard to believe how fast the time flies. Just wait until she's five and wanting and IPAD. Praying that everything goes smoothly for you and the your new bundle of sweetness.

Crystal said...

Love all these sweet pictures...I cannot believe she is almost 3!

Surrounded-By-Boys said...

Can't believe AB is almost 3 ! WOW!! Time flies....we named our Elf "Rattle". As in Rattle Snake. LOL.

Stephanie Heintz said...

Love it all. Thanks for the belly pic. I assume that was for me. You look great... wish I could see you in person! :)

Immeasurably More Mama said...

THREE YEARS OLD!!! These babies are growing up right before our eyes and yet I still can't believe it when one of them has another birthday! The cookie swap is just what I needed that night...sweets and girl time! :) Thank you for inviting me!