Thursday, December 8, 2011

What a weekend… one for the books.

What? It’s Thursday? Already?

We are still recovering from quite an eventful weekend, all the while trying to get ready for AB’s birthday party and two family Christmas gatherings all happening this weekend, AND finishing up last minute things before our tiniest little miss arrives.

Saturday DW worked in the yard to get it all party/Christmas ready and Mom and I worked on projects for AB’s birthday party,DSCN4256and washed all the newborn baby girl clothes and got them put away and ready for baby girl. DSCN4263

That afternoon, we picked up my Granny and made our way to White Springs. We stopped for dinner, which was colorful, to say the least. The most memorable moment would have to be after dinner while walking to the car, when DW & my mom stepped in wild-cat poop and we didn’t know it until we were driving away. The smell was killing all of us within seconds of pulling out of the parking lot, so he stopped at the next parking lot, but it was too late. I was gagging and throwing in front of the gas station as cars were buzzing by. Oh the shame. I know the poor people that were working there thought we were crazy when we all bailed out with me getting sick everywhere and DW and mom dragging their feet in the grass. It was a show. Granny got a good laugh, so that was plus. She’s always been one to love to laugh. She’s also always been one to laugh at all the wrong times. I get it honest. :)

We finally made it to the Festival of Lights. This was our 3rd year and it did not disappoint. Those light-wrapped oak trees are my most favorite and one year, when I can wear DW down and talk him into it, we’re going to wrap our oak tree. :)DSC_5442

DW gets man of the year award for hauling these four generations to dinner and to see the lights. I know my Dad was probably glad he was still in China that night. Ha… DSC_5423

We did have such a good time, though.


Sunday morning came early, so DW went on to Sunday School by himself and we had planned to meet him at church later that morning. I’d gotten us ready and we were on time. As we were making our way up the sidewalk, my shoe caught on some un-even concrete and down we went. I was carrying AB…I know, I know…I shouldn’t have been…but I was. My knee caught a big part of the fall, but I still landed face down on top of AB. She hit her head, but was more scared than anything. Two people saw us go down and ran to help us. I got us up and saw that my stockings were ripped on both knees, but didn’t notice how bad my one knee was bleeding. AB was a wreck, but I kept my composure, until DW’s aunt ran inside to get him and he came running out. Then I stood there, knee throbbing, worried about the baby and mortified all at the same time. Which only lead to tears. :) We left AB with her Nie-Nie & Pappy and called Labor & Delivery, who said to come up right away.

We made it to the hospital and DW let me out up front. I didn’t realize how bad off I looked, until a security guard ran out and asked if I needed a wheel chair. I assured him I was okay to wait there for my husband. DW came running out of the parking garage and we went up stairs, only to find the same security guard holding the normally locked door open for us and told us, “they’re waiting for you.” It was really sweet how concerned he was, but I felt a tad dramatic for sure. Even more so, when they actually PUT US IN A ROOM and made me put on a gown. bloodykneww

The ripped up stockings made it look worse, but the hospital gown does add a certain flair of drama to the pic. Ha…

I thought they’d just take a look at the baby, make sure she was okay, hopefully give me a bandage for my knee and send us home. Turns out I was having a few contractions and we had to stay for 6 hours for monitoring. Baby girl’s heartbeat was thankfully perfect and she was kicking around like normal all afternoon. The contractions didn’t last long and around 6:00, the released us to come home. I felt like a big clumsey dork for sure. It was almost like we were those people who just want to go stay at the hospital, like it’s some kind of hotel or something. We did have a restful afternoon, though. DW got to lay on the couch and watch the whole Broncos game and I twiddled my thumbs in the bed and made some to-do lists on the back of a reciept he had in his pocket. :)  We are so thankful everything was fine with the baby and the only thing really injured was my pride. :) We’re even thankful for the forced rest we got. I just wish I didn’t have this skinned up sore knee that came with it. :)

We’ve been taking it easy this week, trying to recoup and rest up for another big weekend ahead.

I’m going to attempt making a Tangled castle out of fondant today. We’ll see how that goes.



Stephanie Heintz said...

Annie Morrison Whitehurst. Thats all I have to say about that.

Immeasurably More Mama said...

I am so glad you, baby girl and Annabelle are okay. Mercy! This is for sure a busy but take it easy, Momma. :)

Crystal said...

Ok, first, I LOVE the wrapped oaks. about laughing at inappropriate times...I'm so sad you fell, and so happy all is well, and laughing so hard at your account of everything!!!

The Marino Family said...

Sounds like you had quite the eventful weekend. I hope AB's party goes off smoothly for you and I'm sure the cake will be amazing!!

Mallory said...

Bless your heart! I'm so glad you, baby, and AB are ok! Take it easy!!!

Russel Ramblings said...

Glad you and the baby are ok! I can't wait to see pictures of the birthday party and baby pics!!