Monday, January 28, 2013


This time of year is always just kind of blah to me.  (Mostly why I’ve been absent from my blog…)
Christmas came and went and leaves us with January.
The grass around us is dead and brown – and by this time, so is my attitude, usually. But especially this year.
There is so much heartache in this world. So much pain around us. In our country, in our towns, in our families, even in our own homes.
There have been times recently, it’s just seemed like too much to me.
Everywhere I look, it just seems everyone is under attack.
Along with dealing with my own “things”, there are several people I love so much dealing with their own heartaches and facing different struggles. My heart has been so heavy lately.
My favorite verse for the past couple months has been Psalm 61:2. I loved this print I saw on Pinterest and need to frame it in my house…

There’s so much I don’t know and don’t understand. But this verse is it for me. I know it’s enough to just say we don’t know- and when we’re drowning in this sea called, life, to just hold on to The Rock for dear life.
All too often, I let things get me down. I don’t like it and I don’t do “down” very well. But sometimes, it jumps on me, and when it does, it takes a full on mental battle to fight it off.
Life’s hard enough on it’s own – and then many times we make choices that make it harder than it has to be. What’s even worse, is when we get down and focus so much on the bad around us that we loose sight of the good things. Life is an ebb and flow- an up and down- all around us are good things as well as difficult. It’s all about our perspective and lately mine’s been terrible.
I finally feel like my batteries have been recharged though, and I’m ready to face it all again with a different (better) attitude. (How could I not, after a weekend away at the “happiest place on earth” with my honey and our two girls!)
I’m learning more and more to just bask in the sunlight of the good times, but to also learn and grow during the hard ones.
This Florida weather is also good for the winter blues… Yesterday afternoon we took a bike ride to the river with my parents and besides my aching thighs, had a great time! blogpic