Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pre-Easter Fun…

We had lots of fun before Easter this year, too…

- The 2013 Easter Bunny visit went way better than expected…bunny


- On Palm Sunday, we always have a covered dish lunch and egg hunt at church. I tried to get a picture of the girls together before church, but that wasn’t happening…

Somebody didn’t want their picture taken…


DSC_9686This year the weather was yucky, so the egg hunt got cancelled. Grammy & Pop came back to our house afterward, though, and we dyed eggs with AB. (Mames was napping). 7

8A friend of Mom’s had told her about dying eggs with shaving cream – we gave it a try… AB had fun squishing and mixing it all around. DSC_9695Next time, we’ll remember real plastic gloves though, instead of having to use Ziploc bags. Ha… We dyed some the old fashioned way, too, of course. I’m a firm believer that it’s not REAL egg dying unless you can smell the vinegar. 9After our egg dying, we hid some outside for AB. We were considering renting some kids from someone for the next weekend so AB would have some kids to hunt with…its always fun in a big group. But she seemed fine finding them all herself. :)



- This was our second month to do a brother/sister night. groupSince it was during the week of Easter, I took back what I said last month about not having decorations or a theme. I couldn’t help myself. :)  I went way easy with dinner and made Italian subs and pasta salad. I even bought tea from McAlister's. I didn’t do that to be easy though, I did that because I LOVE McAlister's sweet tea. :) My SIL, Kelsey made dessert…6Pinterest inspired Cookies-n-Cream brownies and ice cream. YUM.


For our “fun” the girls dyed Easter eggs with the kids. For once, all the old T-Shirts in DW’s drawer came in handy.3Lauren and Amber both brought the eggs and we had lots of different coloring kits and “tools” for the kids to use. Nen found a glitter kit that we had been searching for that afternoon, so we were excited to see how that turned out. 15



Elliot joined the big boys for their “fun” – I gave all four of them a pack of 50 straws and a roll of tape, along with an uncooked egg. (This was a project we had to do when I was in 7th grade). They had to construct something that would keep their egg from being busted when it was dropped. I decorated their work table, but to make up for doing that, I put out two bowls of Easter sweet-tarts – a fave of all of theirs. :)


They’re really good sports, and although there wasn’t much excitement to begin with, but after a little bit, they got into it… its that competitive gene that always comes out. :)

After time was called, they were ready for the drop. Before we started, I told them they had to give their contraptions a name… We laughed so hard at what they all came up with on the spur of the moment…


Taylor held the tape measure and all of them made it through the first drop…



Then the second, when Elliot’s broke…Then the third… that’s when we didn’t have any way to drop the egg from any higher, so we got the ladder out…


Van’s went next, then DW’s but Adam’s was still in tact – After throwing his in the air as high as he could, it too, finally cracked.

There wasn’t a prize, except for bragging rights…which is always good enough. :)

The kids went home with Easter candy and I think everyone else left with a smile – it was a fun night.


- We went Easter shopping with Grammy on Thursday. We waited until the last minute, so I was sweating finding dresses for the girls. We found them and still had time to ride the train at the mall. Ha… AB knows the only time she gets to ride the mall train is when Grammy’s with us. :)14

- Thursday night, was our Maundy Thursday service at our church. We had a reenactment of the Last Supper, and this was the third time that Van, Devin & Adam all played one of the disciples. They all did a great job. My mom sewed DW’s costume after she saw what he’d grabbed from the closet at church. :) photo (I didn’t take any pics with my camera, so I had to steal this from Lauren’s Instagram) :)

- We had pre-Easter pedicures on Saturday. DW kept Mamie at home while Mom and I took AB with us.  This was her first pedicure and she loved it. 20I’m pretty sure I was in HIGH SCHOOL when I had my first one…and I had to walk up hills both ways in the rain to get it. She was big stuff sitting between my chair and mom’s with her feet soaking.toesIt was so cute and she was SO PROUD of her pink piggies. On Easter morning, at church, she leaned over to show her toes to Nen and whispered loudly, “Nen, you’s like my toes? A MAN painted them!” Ha…

Lots of Spring time fun!


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Carrie said...

Stop it, pedicures?! That is Allie's Spring Break surprise today! Did I tell you that yesterday? Looks like AB loved her first pedicure :)

I am dying over the Easter bunny pictures. The girls look adorable, but you are right, that bunny is super scary. I think he looks like a catfish with those droopy whiskers :)