Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Tea Party…

On Wednesday mornings, we go to our local library for music time. Ms. Sara, who is also the pianist and children’s choir leader at our church leads the group. She sings songs, reads books and plays games with the kids for 30 minutes on Wednesdays. Every year, she also hosts a Spring/Easter Tea Party.

The kids have been signing “'I’m a little tea pot” every week since Valentine’s Day to get ready for the big tea party. We’ve missed a few weeks lately, but we were able to make it to the tea party. 

It was held in the fellowship hall of our church this morning.

The children, all dressed in their tea party best, gathered on the stage and sang some tea party songs. DSC_5185Mrs. Sara said the blessing with them after they sang.DSC_5186

The children got to try hot tea using real tea cups complete with creamer and sugar cubes. DSC_5199AB took her tea with one lump, which shocked me considering what a sweet tooth she has. DSC_5193She was excited when I told her she could fix mine, too. DSC_5191She asked if I’d like “one lump or two…” She’s a tea party pro. :)DSC_5198

No real tea cup for Mames…DSC_5194Maybe next year… or maybe not, depending on how her love for throwing EVERYTHING diminishes. mamie

After tea and snacks, the kids got to hunt Easter eggs. DSC_5201Usually the tea party falls before Easter, but who says you can’t hunt eggs after Easter anyway? DSC_5202

Mamie was just excited to get down. She didn’t find any eggs on her own, but her sister was so sweet and gave her one. DSC_5211

I dressed the girls in their Easter dresses again, hoping to get a picture of both of them looking at the camera, since we didn’t get one on Easter…DSC_5223

Wishful thinking. :)  My friend, Grace did get this one, though, and everyone’s actually looking!!! Yay! DSC_5227

It was a fun morning with my two sweet girls.


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Carrie said...

What an adorable tea party! So glad Annabelle ended up getting to hunt eggs with her friends at the library :) And I love the picture of you and the girls. Everyone is looking at the camera!!! Imagine that-ha!