Friday, May 24, 2013

Swimming & Celebrating…

Saturday was a FULL day. The alarm went off at 6:30 because I had to have AB at the dance studio at 8:00 ready for dance pictures. She looked adorable and I can’t wait to see her at the recital in June!
We came home long enough to change and head to the river. DSCN0679
Mames still isn’t sure about the cold water. DSCN0692
After lunch, we took the boat up to the head and swam for while.DSCN0724 Even I got in and swam, until a floating piece of river grass wrapped itself around my neck and shoulder and I nearly drowned because I thought it was a snake. That was my cue to get back on the boat. AB stayed in the whole time with her Daddy & Pappy. She is a fish – already this summer!DSCN0718She would swim EVERY day if we’d take her.
Mamie kept us all entertained. I wish I could find the right words to describe her. She’s just too much for words. We are SO crazy about her, though! She makes me laugh a hundred times every day.
That evening, DW took the girls over to visit Grandma! DW’s mom was in town for the weekend and everyone met at her house for pizza and swimming. DSCN0732Her pool is perfect for small kids- and because it’s heated, even Mamie swam a little. The girls had the best time. DSCN0746
My Mom and I had a wedding to go to that evening. (My Dad represented us at a college graduation party for one of my other cousins that night). This is the busy time of year! :)
The wedding was beautiful and so sweet. 1
Because I have 22 first cousins (on just my mom's side), there’s quite an age span between all of us. My oldest first cousin is in his mid-forties and my youngest cousin is still in middle school. Anyway, the wedding was one of my cousin’s daughters. It’s just crazy to me that I have (first) cousin’s with children getting married! We’re all getting OLD! :) But I’ve been riding the “getting old” train long enough. It’s time to accept it and quit beating a dead horse. :)Although, I’m pretty sure it’s hard for my mom to believe, too… because during the wedding she leaned over and said, “Why isn’t Zo (her sister) doing the sand thing?” --- I had to remind her my Aunt was the GRANDMOTHER of the bride, not the MOTHER! It’s hard to believe that at our family weddings from here on out, my aunts, uncles and parents will be the GRANDPARENTS not the parents!
The bride rode up on a horse that her Daddy was leading and it was the sweetest thing. I nearly did the ugly cry when he helped her down from it and walked her down the isle. 4
This was the first wedding I’ve been to that I saw through a different lens.
I think that the way we view things changes with age and life’s experiences, especially depending on which season of life we’re in.
DW and I just celebrated 10 years of marriage and like most girls, weddings make me all mushy inside and make me remember the sweetness of my own. But this wedding made me panic a little when I thought about my own two daughters and the fact that it will one day be DW and I listed on the program as parents of the bride. A bittersweet feeling, I am sure.
My heart ached at that thought as I watched my cousin and his wife all evening. 3My mom said it best when she said, “it just comes so fast” – I have a feeling I’ll be saying the same thing when the day comes at our house. :)
The bride was gorgeous and the new couple seem so in love and happy. It was so sweet to see. I, like most girls, LOVE a wedding! :)2We had a great time catching up with family we don’t get to see often enough. At the reception, we got to sit with my great-Aunt and any time spent around my Papa’s siblings is precious. It’s like having a little piece of him still with us. I got a picture of my mom, my Aunt ZoAnn (grandmother of the bride) and my uncle Jerry together. ImageOne of their cousins was sitting at the table with us and pointed out that they are the first, middle and last of their family (there's 6 others scattered between then). I hadn’t thought about it, but they are!
We stayed until they cut the cake and then made the drive home. It was a great night and the highlight was definitely just getting to be with my mom! It’s not often we get to off by ourselves! :)

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