Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday

This past weekend was Allie Claire & Whitt’s Ducky Dynasty themed birthday party. (Carrie's party recap and tons more pics here)1
AB was so excited for Saturday to get here. Especially after she and Allie facetimed on Tuesday (Allie’s actual birthday) and Allie showed AB some of the party decorations and the piñata. (Which AB pronounces “pie-nah-na”)12
The invites said “wear your camo” – … so one day last week I made the girls some little camo skirts to wear over their leggings and some hair bows from the fabric scraps. DSC_7643They love to match – and Mamie loves to have/do ANTYHING like her big sister. :)DSC_7661
The party was great, as always. Carrie is the hostess with the mostess and every little detail was adorable. I didn’t take our big camera, so I just have a few pictures from my cell phone…2

Yep, that’s Willie on a ring. Mames was seriously impressed. :)

Beard-Booth Fun…
After lunch, we went “beaver-hunting” on a hayride…(complete with camo black-out facepaint).
After Allie’s Daddy “Busted those Beavers” with his riffle- oh yes, it was a beaver hunt that would have made Pa-Paw Phil & the gang proud- it was piñata time.
AB showed off her batting skills and gave it a good whack…14 All of the little kids took about 3 turns and then finally the bigger kids finished it off.
Presents were up next… 13
I was so wrapped up in watching the gift opening, that I didn’t even notice that Mamie (who was standing right next to me) had gotten into one of the other kids piñata candy! His sister, said, “That’s my brother’s lollipops she’s eating on” and I looked down to find Mamie with a hand and mouth full of unwrapped Dum-Dums. Whoops. It was too funny not to take her picture, though. :)  She loves Dum-Dum. 8
The party was so much fun and even after a Dum-Dum sugar-high, it left Mamie like this the whole two hours home…9
It was another fun party to celebrate two of our favorite little people! It’s just really hard to believe that they’re 2 & 5 already!

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