Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Five

1. I've been terrorized lately by those nasty little green frogs. Because my Fall bins were in the garage, I had to park outside for several days, which is where on three different occasions, one of those little suckers jumped ON ME while I was trying to get in my car.

One other morning, one made a dive into my car and I chased it around my dashboard for TWENTY minutes. I think it goes without saying I got all the Fall bins put away so I could park inside...and I'm totally researching how to eradicate these frogs who've taken over our outdoors!!!

2. Tony's clam chowder from Cedar Key is so good. I was beyond excited when I saw it in a can at Publix a month ago.
I couldn't wait to try it. You add butter and half & half to it, so I had a really good feeling about it. 
Its fantastic!! This paired with the Red Lobster cheddar bay biscuit mix from Sam's is going to be a Fall/Winter staple in our pantry! Get some next time you're in Publix, you'll thank me. :)

3. We are slowly finding our routine where the school schedule is concerned. AB still isn't a fan of getting up early, although I have plenty of friends who laugh when I say 7:00 is early. ;) 
She has a daily folder with her behavior chart in it and so far she's had all green (great) & purple (awesome) days. On Friday if she's gotten purple & green all week, she gets to pick either a Happy Meal or an icee after school. 
She also has a weekly take home folder and I'm well on my way to being a hoarder and school has only been in for a month.
I'm trying really hard not to save everything. :)
4. While AB is at school, Mamie loves having the house (or more importantly the playroom) all to herself. She's at the age where her favorite activity is pulling (& emptying) every bin off the shelves. She rarely stops long enough to really "play" with anything, and when she does it's so stinking cute to me! :) 

5. I was driving down the road this morning when I passed a yard sale. I saw a puppet theatre from the road and told myself if it was still there when I came back by, I'd stop to see it up close and to see how much they were asking for it. Three hours later, I stopped and almost choked when the guy told me he wanted $3.00 for it, especially considering it was practically brand new.  
I'd seen these online before and knew they ran between $75 and $100.00. I gave the man a $5.00 bill and still feel like I stole it from him. :) AB, who loves to hide behind our sofa and do puppet shows is already planning tonight's show! I knew she'd love it! :) 
Happy Friday! 


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Hines House said...

Save all her work, make a pretty cover page with grade/year and bind it all together. Saves you from having 500 pieces of paper everywhere. :)