Monday, November 4, 2013

Character Dance

AB’s school had character dress-up day, the week before Halloween, where students could come dressed as their favorite book character. 1

AB chose to dress up as Fancy Nancy. 8

We put a crown, bows, butterflies and even curly pipe cleaners in her hair…


The same day, the school held a character dance, as part of their positive behavior reward program.

The kids (who have earned it) get to go by grade-level (Pre-K is mixed in with K) to the cafeteria, and have a dance party for 30 minutes. 3

Maybree and I got to go to the dance, too. It was so cute and AB had the best time dancing with her little friend, “E.”4

These two are inseparable at school, and I am so thankful AB has made such a sweet little friend this year. 6I’m already praying we get into the same class next year. :)

Nen also popped in to squeeze in a dance…5

AB’s favorites were the Cha-Cha Slide & the Chicken Dance. :)

The school’s “Safety Rangers” were doing a photo fundraiser and this was AB’s picture from that…


It was such a fun morning for our big Pre-K girl!



Lauren said...

A fun morning indeed!!!

Carrie said...

I love everything about this!!