Saturday, November 2, 2013

Trick or Treat 2013

I feel like Halloween kind of snuck up on us. How is it already November? DSC_8321

AB had been saying for a while that she wanted to dress up as a cowgirl this year. She needed a new pair of boots anyway, so I agreed it was the perfect idea. Anytime we can kill two birds with one stone, I consider it a win. DSC_8322

Her hat, was her Aunt Kelsey’s when she was little – and believe it or not, the “A” belt buckle was mine when I was a kid.

I was going to dress Mamie up as a cow, since AB was a cowgirl, but then we decided on an Indian instead.DSC_8322 My BFF, Carrie, pointed out it was a good call, since Mames might have issues one day if I dressed her up as a pig one year and a cow the next. :)

(The REALLY funny thing, is that Carrie & I unknowingly planned the SAME costumes for our kids this year… Allie was an Indian and Whitt was a cowboy! It really didn’t surprise either of us, since things like that happen to us all the time.) :)

For our little Indian, we found a pair of moccasins on our mountain trip when we stopped at the Magnolia Plantation on the side of I-75. Then, my Mom whipped her costume up on Monday night after dance class. It turned out so stinking cute.

Being almost two years old with a mind completely of her own, you never know about Mames. But she surprised us all when she REALLY loved dressing up on Halloween. She walked extra tall and was quite proud of how cute she looked. She even left her headpiece on! 2

For treat bags, thanks to a last minute recommendation from Carrie, the girls had brown paper gift bags. DSC_8393

My Mom and I had planned to take the girls to Boo-at-the-Zoo at Santa Fe this year on Halloween afternoon. We’ve never been, but I’ve got several friends who take their kids every year. AB was so excited and I was, too- especially after Mamie showed so much interest in Trick-or-Treating. We made it a little after 4:00 (they opened the zoo at 3:00) – and the line was already insane.

We decided waiting two hours to get in just wasn’t going to work for us this year, so we loaded the kids back up and stopped at Publix. I’d also heard they do Trick-or-Treating in the store, and since we had driven all the way to Gainesville and Publix was right there, we gave it a shot. 6They had a few stations set up and the girls were excited to finally get some candy in their bags! :)3

We had dinner with Grammy & Pop…DSC_8326

Then, DW and I  took the girls to Trick-or-Treat a little more…

Uncle Adam & Aunt Nen’s…


Uncle Van & Aunt Amber’s…



The girls with their cousins, Elliot, Taylor & Warren

Warren decided he wanted to go with us, so he and Amber followed us back out to our house and we made a stop at Aunt Kels’ first…





Then we made our last stop at Pappy & Nie-Nie’s…


It was a fun low-key Halloween, which was perfect this year. :)


Calories don’t count from Halloween thru Christmas…RIGHT????  :)


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