Thursday, February 27, 2014

Valentine’s Day…

AB’s Love Bug Valentine’s (thanks, Pinterest). 2


We did the bugs for the boys and butterfly clips for the girls…3

For her teachers, (and some of our family) we did the measuring cups filled with candy… because they all “measure up” to be the best! 1


I found this Sugar Daddy & couldn’t resist giving a few of my favorite single girls these… :)5



AB had a Valentine Dance at school Valentine’s morning. 9

10The kids had so much fun and they are hilarious (and precious) to watch.11


Nie-Nie kept the girls while I got my hair done later that morning and they got to do some Valentine-ing with her, too.

At lunch, we did our Valentines with the girls. I found these balloons at the Dollar Tree (for a DOLLAR!) and they were the highlight of the girls’ day. 14(They’re also the longest lasting balloons ever…I FINALLY had to pop them when the girls were napping yesterday because two weeks of Valentine balloons floating around my house was ENOUGH. Thankfully, nobody has yet to ask about them. I’m certainly not bringing it up.

We got both the girls a little something, and I wrapped them up in pretty paper and tied them with pretty ribbon… because even little somethings feel like big somethings when they’re wrapped pretty. :)15


Beau, Kristy and the kids came down Thursday night for the long weekend to surprise my mom for her birthday.

Since they would be here for Valentine’s Day, we decided to all have dinner together on Friday night.

DW and I have never gone out on Valentine’s – we just don’t want to fight the crowds, so we’ve always just cooked a good dinner at home instead. Once we had Cooper, it became our “fancy dinner” night and I’d do a little (tacky) decorating, light candles and we’d eat on our good china. Annabelle loves it now, too – and all day she was so excited that everyone would be here for our “Valentine Party.” She helped me set the table, sprinkle out hearts, and tie red bows. I wish I’d taken a picture of everyone at the table for dinner… dern.

Everyone came over early that afternoon and the kids had a good time playing outside. DSC_9510



For dinner, my Dad had brought over steaks to grill. We had a great “fancy” meal and AB was thrilled to get to drink out of a real glass. It’s the little things. :)

Garrett & Caroline ended up spending the night with us and since the kids couldn’t decide who was going to sleep on the floor, Uncle Devin/Daddy made them a giant bed with AB’s and an extra mattress we have. 20

Saturday night we celebrated my mom’s birthday at my parents’ house.16 After a great supper, AB opened up her new Rainbow loom to make some bracelets. 22Uncle Beau read the directions and got so into it, I was afraid he might try to take the loom back to Georgia. :) We were telling him what he was doing wrong (because that’s what family’s for) but then decided he was doing great because none of us wanted to challenge him a loom-off. :)

It was a fun Valentine’s this year, with no lack-of love--and the highlight was definitely having Beau & his crew down for it!


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