Thursday, March 20, 2014

First T-Ball Game

Saturday the Dodgers took on a team from Bronson for our first game of the season (and AB’s first game ever!) It was the highlight of our week.


The kids were so cute and you couldn’t help but laugh at all the adorableness on the field. DSC_9550

Our team’s “team-mom” made the adorable batting line up that hung in our dugout- super cute!DSC_9548

They play two innings, so AB got to bat (her favorite part) twice. DSC_9552Both times she hit from a pitch. DSC_9555She’s got quite a swing, and it’s a good thing, because she’s not exactly the fastest runner on the team. She runs like her Momma. :) DSC_9572  (A funny side note about running- at practice they have the kids run to the fence and back – most of the team gets there before AB gets halfway, so when they all turn to run back, she just turns and joins them (even though she’s only made it half way to the fence) – again, totally gets that from her momma.)


Here’s the crew that ordered the “parent shirts” – they’re super cute and have AB’s number/name on the back…12

Mamie loves watching practice (or at least playing on my phone while we wait) :) and really does so good- she did great at the game, too. She yells, “YAY!! ANN-Belle!” & “GO DODG-ETS” She also has claimed AB’s little friend, Emma, as her own and yells “GO EE-mah”

DSC_9540DW told AB we’d take her anywhere she wanted for dinner that night to celebrate as long as she did her best and played with a good attitude. She got her dinner, but only because we overlooked the part where during the second inning, a ball rolled by her and she missed it and then got mad, so she took her glove off and threw it on the ground. (I wish I could say I didn’t laugh, but it was hilarious!) The game got a little long for her and a few times we caught her pulling her hat down over her eyes, too. We’re all a little anxious to see how the season is going to play out once it gets really hot out there. Ha.

Her first game was really cute and we’re super proud of our big girl. We’re just going to work on curbing that little temper. ;)


It was a sweet way to spend a Saturday morning for sure!


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Mary said...

LOVE the pic of her standing on the mound to bat in her uniform...the baggy pants are too cute. Glad her first game went well.