Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Break Part I (Volume II)

Disney – Day 2

After a great night’s sleep, we woke up ready to do it again! 17

Epcot was the plan for the day.

We’ve never been to Epcot (DW has, but its been years ago). I’ve always turned my nose up at it, because it never sounded like much fun to me. It’s where the schools usually take their fieldtrips, making it the most educational park, and well, what’s fun about that? (Says the girls with a degree in education!) Ha… BUT, turns out Epcot is where you have to go to see Anna & Elsa, and since our five year old is just as Frozen-obsessed as every other kid in America, we knew we had to take her to see them. (On a side note, we found out that Anna & Elsa are also moving to the Magic Kingdom, too, at the end of April).

It was the most exciting part of the trip for AB, knowing she would get to see Anna & Elsa. It’s all she talked about leading up to the trip. I’d read that the line got LONG EARLY, so we made a plan. It was genius – we’d leave our hotel at 8:00, and be at Epcot so early that we’d be the first ones in the park, since it didn’t open until 9:00. DSC_9865

Turns out, EVERYONE else had the same idea. It was PACKED. I thought fast and told DW to run ahead and get our place in line and we’d catch up with him. We had to go through the bag-check plus navigate the crowd with our stroller and I knew if he took off by himself, he’d get a much better spot in line. (I know, even to myself, we sound insane). As we walked in, my Dad said, “well, we came for her to see Frozen, so we’re staying until she does.” Who is this man? Its so funny how your parents change when they are grandparents. :)


DW sprinted ahead and I was worried we might even miss our turn, since I was sure he was in the front of the line. Turns out, there’s lots of other insane people like us… because the line was already projected to be a 2 1/2 hour wait when he got in line! CRAZY! We talked it over and AB said she was fine not waiting – but DW made the call which was to wait it out because it was the ONE thing she had picked to do the whole trip and he knew she’d be upset if she didn’t get to do it. Insert another “who is this man?” here… DW is a lot like his own Dad- and they don’t wait. We go out to eat early because there’s no way they’re waiting 30 minutes for a table… BUT HOURS to see the Frozen Princesses’ for our girl… YEP.

My parents and I took Mamie on a stroll around Epcot. We would have taken AB, too, but we were scared that the people behind us in line might get mad to know DW was just saving a spot… you never know…

We enjoyed all the beautiful flowers and walked through the butterfly house. DSC_0040We rode Living with the Land and even though it was educational (ha) it was really neat and we all enjoyed it. 18


The wait to see Mickey & Friends was 10 minutes, so we decided to jump in line for that, too.  She loved Mickey so much. It was too funny how she just laid on him.DSC_9881 But she wanted NOTHING to do with Goofy- he was too tall and I think his whiskers scared her. DSC_9887She did love Minnie, too, though! DSC_9894


DW texted me and said he thought it was fine for us to come get AB. Of course he’d made friends with all the people around him by this point and everyone else was doing the same thing. My Dad actually took his spot in line and the rest of us walked around the world showcase to see the different countries. DSC_9907


Right at an hour later, Dad texted us that he’d been moved to the main line and for us to head back that way. We all stayed for the final 30 minute wait until it was our girls’ turn to meet Anna & Elsa! DSC_9931

It really was worth the wait. DSC_9943They were fantastic and both girls were so excited to see them. DSC_9941


It was adorable. It was the highlight of AB’s entire trip and that alone was worth it. DSC_9957

I’d reserved us a few fast passes earlier that week, and it worked out great that they were later in the day because the timing was perfect. We went straight to the Nemo Under the Seas DSC_9973ride DSC_9974and the girls loved seeing the aquariums afterward.DSC_9996

Up next we did the Imagination with Figment ride… and let the girls play in the “lab” after. DSC_0002

We had some time to kill before our last Fastpass, so we walked through the other side of the World Showcase. DSC_0005

DSC_0008We jumped in line to see Mary Poppins and got a great surprise when they changed the location to our end and instead of being 20 in line, we were second! DSC_0018

Mamie wouldn’t get near Mary. She’s never seen the movie, but I’m guessing she could tell she was a “super nanny” and Mamie wanted nothing to do with that… although she may could use a little “super nanny” in her life. Ha. DSC_0014

Mom & Mames walked through the English tea garden and stumbled up on Pooh & Tigger- we only had to wait for two other people there, too! Maybree was scared of Pooh, so the photographer suggested we do a family picture. I don’t know why DW’s hands are behind his back or why I’ve latched onto Pooh, but he looks a little embarrassed by it. DSC_0032

By then it was back to Soarin’ for our last ride of the day.DSC_0052 I sat it out with Mames, but the rest of the crew did it and loved it.

While we waited, we took a stroll and then found a good spot in the shade to have a snack. DSC_0046

It was around 3:00 and we decided to call it a day. We’d come to see the Frozen girls and everything else was just extra, so we considered it a success!

It was another fun trip to the Mouse’s House. We’ll be seeing Mickey again real soon!


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