Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Cousin Camp 2014

This year I really hadn’t even planned on doing Cousin Camp… Last year was so much fun, but with the new baby coming, I just figured we’d take the year off.

But then, when the girls were going to be coming down anyway with their Grammy for our Aunt’s 50th wedding anniversary party, I decided last minute to do a mini-camp version this year.

The girls got here Thursday evening and we had dinner at my parents.

I stayed up that night and finished our shirts. I love how they turned out and I made some cups for the girls, too, with the same monogrammed flamingos. photo

Friday morning, mom & Aunt Kay picked us all up and we headed to Weeki Wachee. DSCN6581We have a picture somewhere of all of us five girl cousins with the mermaid when my mom took us down there one summer and I so wish I could find it. DSCN6690

The next generation took in the mermaid show, but were probably more impressed with the free range peacocks roaming around the park…4




After the mermaid show, we hit Buccaneer Bay to swim and picnic. DSCN6686




That night, we all met back up for dinner. DSCN6692

The girls (even the big ones) like a craft, and who doesn’t love glitter.

DSCN6694 This year we just stuck to the whole mermaid theme since that’s really the only place we went. DSC_6731

Saturday the girls enjoyed a swim in Pappy’s pool and then we all went to my Aunt & Uncle’s 50th Anniversary party. 21



My mom and her sisters

That evening, we grilled out with some more of the Georgia family and took all the kids out to see the new baby buffalo at the lodge. 25


Sunday we took the girls down to the river for a Sonic picnic and swim.DSCN6705




That night, we had just the little girls, so I took Anna & Annabelle (yes, our family is full of ‘Ann’s) :)  to yogurtology and when we got back, they made flamingos for everyone. 14



We packed them up and they headed out Monday morning. DSC_6736

It was a fun long weekend and I’m so glad it worked out that we got to have a little time together this summer afterall!

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