Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dance Recital 2014

Along with the end of the school year, comes the end of the dance year. AB started year two of her tap/ballet combo class in August and we wrapped up a couple weeks ago.

The end of the year recital was adorable and all of the little girls in her class did so well.

The difference one year makes is amazing.

We started the recital marathon on Thursday night with dress rehearsal. Friday night was night one of the recital. We were a little worried how Maybree would do, but she loved it. AB was able to sit in the audience until intermission, too and they both loved getting to see all the dancers perform.

At intermission, I took AB into her group’s dressing room to get her changed and ready for their routine. photo 1

She was so cute coming out on the stage and did a great job. Their dance was to the Beach Boys’ “Surfin USA” and it was ADORABLE. DSC_6789




At finale they all came out to take a bow. Grammy saved the day (again) and ordered flowers for us (how do I always forget that?!?!)- so AB had an arm full of flowers on opening night…DSC_6769



Grammy & the girls (My Dad was in China on a work trip)

photo 2

Saturday was night 2, and this time Aunt Amber, Warren, Pappy, Nie-Nie & Kels all came to watch her, too. (Along with us & Grammy, again).

Parker helped his mommy pick AB some good luck flowers that morning before the recital…DSC_6833

And Pappy & Nie-Nie brought some for AB that night, too. DSC_6832Her flower-meter was full for sure. :)

The girls did just as good as the night before and were so adorable.


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