Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Day 2014

What a sweet Christmas this year was. DSC_9470On Christmas Eve, DW and I sat up doing last minute wrapping/putting together and getting everything ready for Santa. DSC_9489DSC_9484We finally crawled into bed around 1:00 and both of us were surprised when AB ran in our room at 3:30 to announce she was “SO excited and ready to open PRRREEESENTS!” Daddy quickly squished that idea and told her it was too early and she needed to get a little more sleep…which she did…between us. :) 

Around 6:30 she woke up again ready to go! She woke Mamie up and as fast as they could get there they ran to the tree to see what Santa had left. DSC_9485DSC_9496

We had a sweet time opening gifts and stockings and just enjoying the morning. DSC_9507DSC_9517DSC_9521

AB was so excited to give Maybree the gift she’d bought for her from the school’s secret santa shop. (It was a doll and a Minnie Mouse water bottle).


This was the year that neither of the girls really had anything on their wishlists. Neither of them had been asking for/wanting anything. UNTIL the gifts had been bought and it was a week before Christmas and Maybree decided she wanted an “Anna Frozen Airplane.” Easy enough, right? EXCEPT they don’t make an “Anna Frozen Airplane.” BUT, Santa came through and Mamie got an airplane adorned with Anna stickers, which seemed to fit the bill. :)


Tucker slept through the girls opening their gifts and stockings. When he woke up, they were both excited to show him what Santa had left for him. He got what little boy dreams are made of… a big cow, and some dump trucks and tractors. DSC_9561


The rockey-cow was a hit.


Breakfast was at Pappy’s for our traditional pancakes in our pajamas. DSC_9597It was Christmas Day last year that Adam & Lauren told us that Parker was a BOY! Our little baby (now, 5 month old, Tucker) was still a sweet secret between DW & I last Christmas morning. (We told my parents that evening and his the next day) – so sweet to think what a difference a year makes.

We came back to our house to get ready for a late Christmas lunch. My mom had some hand surgery the week before Christmas, so she was out of commission for cooking, so I said I would handle it this year. We did gifts with my parentsDSC_9634 and then got busy in the kitchen. I was extremely nervous, but in the end it all worked out and everything was edible. :) We planned an untraditional meal. My dad had gotten a 10 lb pork loin that DW & I put in the oven that morning. Dad also made some greens, and then I made macaroni and cheese, sweet potato souffle, acre peas, creamed corn, mashed potatoes, gravy and biscuits. Momma & I declared the gravy a Christmas miracle as we stood over the oven and stirred it. It was hilarious and I want to remember it always. My uncle, aunt & cousin were able to join us, and so were Pappy, Nie-Nie & Kels.

After lunch, the guys all got busy outside putting together the girls’ new trampoline. DSC_9641We sat around outside watching them, helping when we could and then watched the girls break it in. DSC_9648

It was a wonderful day.


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