Monday, December 1, 2014


A few highlights & pictures from Fall, since I have been a terrible blogger and it passed right by!

- Football Season- I wouldn’t say it was a “highlight” to be a Florida fan this year, but it does play a big part in our family’s lives and hopefully we’ll get back to the winning Gators that we’re used to! :)DSC_8538

We took the kids to take our annual pics on Florida Field right before the season started. DSC_7316Tucker was only about 3 weeks old and it was so exciting to add he and Parker to the pictures this year!


- DW, like almost every year before, didn’t miss a game.IMG_9635 AB got to go to a couple, too, and even lost her second tooth at the tailgate before one of them. She bit down on her fried chicken and it popped out! She lost her first tooth a week before at school, and on the same day, Tucker got his first one! (at 3 mos old). IMG_1123

- Sweetness napping…IMG_0206

- AB chose to dress as “Cindy Moo” for book character day at school…IMG_0968


- The girls and I competed in the Peanut Sweet-Treats Contest again this year at the Peanut Festival. IMG_0057

We entered a candy and a cookie and won both! Mamie was thrilled to go up and get her trophy! AB was a little more shy when it was her turn. :)


We can’t wait for next year, to try and take home a win four consecutive years!


- I mean REALLY… is he not precious? :)



- Luke Bryan came to the farm! IMG_0158It was so crazy to see one of the hay fields transformed into a concert “venue” and to see 14,000 people in the middle of it. IMG_0151We didn’t get to meet Luke (& we even bought our own tickets for the concert) (I KNOW, you’d think being in the family would have that perk- (ha!)  but this family’s pretty big – and The Farm Tour’s a fundraising event for college scholarships). It was a really fun concert and the family did get a reserved seating section that ended up being great seats. IMG_0147I almost backed out at the last minute of going, but I’m really glad I decided to go. I think my father-in-law, his sisters and their cousins who all own the Cattle company/farm together were really generous in letting the Farm Tour come, as well as donating the money they were paid for it. It was a neat experience and I’m glad we got to be a part of it.

- Annabelle was chosen as Student of the Month in her classroom in November. IMG_2040We are so proud of her! IMG_2043Grammy, Nie-Nie and Nen & Parker all joined us at school for the recognition assembly. IMG_2019

- Thanksgiving at SchoolIMG_2002 (also known as the day AB didn’t get to take her lunchbox to school and didn’t touch a thing on her lunchroom plate). Like mother-like daughter. :)

- Thanksgiving – IMG_2142We don’t really do much for Thanksgiving anymore, since it’s a really hard time of year for us. But this year, Beau & Kristy came down and we did lunch with them. IMG_2155We ate at our house, but my mom did all the cooking and it was seriously the best Thanksgiving meal any of us have ever had. It turned out to be a really great day and it felt good to have a “real” Thanksgiving again.IMG_2130 I had the kids make pilgrim and Indian hats for everyone. IMG_2120Annabelle loved getting to pick what everyone was going to be. IMG_2153I wish I had a picture of the adults sitting around the table wearing our pilgrim and indian hats. :)  IMG_2154The kids cooperate better than the adults…

That night, Mom, Kristy & I ventured out for a little Black Friday shopping. It’s always been fun to stay out late and go.

- That  hat is too much…IMG_1772


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