Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Kiss Me, I’m Irish….


The baby boys found themselves in a sea of green glittery shamrocks and gold coins this St. Patrick’s Day!



Parker was so taken by the leprechaun-loot that we think he forgot he could crawl and he sat still for about ten minutes! DSC_0377

He was double fisting, and was sweet to even offer Tuckey a bite…DSC_0422

Tucker was busy seeing how much green glitter he could get off the shamrocks and onto his teeth. DSC_0558

and collecting gold coins…DSC_0380

for TASTING, of course!


Their little shirts said it all… and to be quite honest, none of us need an invitation to kiss on our littlest lovies, even when their faces are covered in green glitter!



Especially these two big sisters… DSC_0567

Mamie is always saying, “I got all your, sugar, Tuckey-Boy!”DSC_0577

DSC_0585They’re the pot of gold at the end of this momma’s rainbow.


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