Friday, March 20, 2015

Kindergarten Program


Annabelle’s Kindergarten program at the beginning of March was so adorable.11018325_623515334449796_3966137933714567290_n It was about bugs and each class was a different one with a song and dance. Our class were the Fireflies. IMG_6823

AB’s teacher had asked me a few weeks before if I’d make their wings for the program. I jumped at the chance to help and then called in back up. :)  I had a picture in my mind and my parents helped me figure out how to pull it all together. Everyone needs a Grammy & Pop. :) IMG_6685

Our girl had a speaking part, which we’d been practicing for weeks. It was one line and everyone in our family knew it by heart. ;)   “…And let’s travel in a row!”

She did a great job. It takes a lot to be cuter than a bunch of kindergarteners with lisps and missing teeth talking in microphones. (These pics are from the afternoon performance, that Nie-Nie took)11052373_623514977783165_3710676696949343948_n

Everyone went over to the cafeteria to see AB after the performance that night.


with Uncle Adam, Nen & Parker (who wondered what those things on her back were!)


with Grammy (Pop was on a work trip)


with Pappy (Nie-Nie & Kels made it to the afternoon show)


& with her super proud Daddy, Momma, & little Sister (& baby brother, who like Parker, was confused by the whole wing thing) :)

Such sweetness. Precious times for sure.


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