Thursday, July 30, 2015

Crayola Experience

When DW and I were in Orlando at the beginning of the summer, we’d seen a billboard advertising the Crayola Experience that was opening in July. I knew the girls would love it, so mom and I planned to take them on one of our “Fun Fridays…”


We got to the Florida Mall in time for lunch and then made a quick stop at the M&M Color World.IMG_5834 I didn’t know but there’s only a handful of them in the world, and one is Orlando. The girls LOVED the color wall, where you could mix your own M&Ms! Of course they made a Gator mix for their Daddy. IMG_6027

Then it was time for the main event- the Crayola Experience! IMG_5961The Friday we chose was only two weeks after the Grand Opening and it was pretty crowded, but it was still a good time. IMG_5836

There are lots of different stations or centers set up where you get to do different artsy things using Crayola colors and products. IMG_5837


A few favorites included the spin art, the light up wall, and the crayon shape maker. IMG_5846IMG_5853IMG_5857IMG_5866


We also got to make custom coloring sheets, puzzles, crayon shapes. IMG_6026IMG_6038IMG_6057IMG_6060

The girls also enjoyed all of the interactive techy stuff. You could color a picture on an IPad, then upload it to the animated wall. IMG_5895IMG_5907IMG_5920

We went through almost all of the stations, saw the live demonstration on how crayons are made and then wrapped up the day literally when we made personalized wrappers for our crayons. IMG_5893



We made custom crayons for a few of our cousins and little friends, too…


The girls loved it – anything coloring and crafting is right up their ally! And Tucker? Well, he chewed on a crayon,IMG_5889 got in a nap IMG_5872and LOVED seeing the giant color balls. IMG_5992

No trip would be complete without a trip to the gift shop. At least that’s what my girls think anyway. ;) The brought home a bag full of Crayola art supplies IMG_6044

& even Tucker got a couple things…IMG_6042

It was a colorful fun Friday for sure. :)IMG_5948IMG_5986



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