Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sesame Street Live

Tucker hasn’t had much experience with Elmo & his gang, but we thought he would still enjoy Sesame Street Live when it came to town. IMG_2715

Mamie is always up for a show, so we knew she’d have a big time, too. IMG_2704

DW, me, and the two littlest headed out for a Tuesday night date, while AB stayed home with Grammy.

We got dinner first, at Maybree’s favorite, Texas Roadhouse. Her favorite is a steak and a “baked ra-tato.”IMG_2710

Tucker loved seeing all the furry monsters singing and dancing on stage and Mamie had fun dancing and singing along. IMG_2835IMG_2722IMG_2725IMG_2772IMG_2816IMG_2855IMG_2884

The show was darling and as in year’s past, about 30 minutes too long. :) All the kids start fading soon after intermission. IMG_2863

It was a fun night, though, with our two littlest loves.


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