Thursday, November 5, 2015

Halloween 2015

Having two little girls, there’s never a lack of dressing up around our house. IMG_2190

But we seemed to take it into double time in October.

The month started with our county 4H Halloween party. AB and her Daddy carved a pumpkin for the pumpkin carving contest. It turned out great, with the 4H clover on it. Sadly, I didnt get a picture of the finished product.  IMG_2086Clubs from the county all set up different activities and the kids had a fun time going from booth to booth. IMG_2116IMG_2119Our club (which we started in October), set up a corn dig where kids could dig for prizes and also a fun photo booth. IMG_2121IMG_2191IMG_2153

The Friday before Halloween was book-character dress up day at school.IMG_2970 AB chose “Bad Kitty” as her book this year.IMG_2980IMG_2991 The costume was super easy, which is always a plus. AB loved that she even had a tail. Ha.

The Fall Carnival at school was a lot of fun for both the girls. IMG_2320

Our church hosted a family night the Wednesday before Halloween and members were invited to set up their trunks for a trunk or treat. Our kids’ costumes this year were the Wizard of Oz, so it made perfect sense to just go with that for our trunk theme. The girls casted the other parts and I searched Pinterest for some inspiration and ideas. It turned out super cute, but the highlight was definitely all of the costumes. IMG_2907Maybree was Dorothy (Dor-fee) and she was adorable going around saying, “There’s no place like home!”IMG_2911 Annabelle was the wicked witch of the West, Grammy was the wicked with of the East (complete with the house that had fallen on her). Pop considered himself lucky that he was in Mexico that week and missed out. Ha.IMG_2922 I was Glenda (‘Belinda’, as Mamie calls her) the Good Witch, DW was the tin-man,IMG_2909 Kelsey was the scarecrow, Nie-Nie was a flying monkey (yes, she had wings and a TAIL), IMG_2913and Pappy was the Great & Powerful Oz (cowboy edition). IMG_8457 Tucker-Boy was the Cowardly lion. Call me biased, but I’m certain there’s never been a cuter lion. IMG_2923



It was lots of fun and I’m so glad my family are such good sports. IMG_2915

Halloween night, was the Georgia-Florida game. DW was in Jacksonville for that, so I took the kids over to Carrie’s and we had fun trick-or-treating in Trenton.IMG_3072 Tucker was sick, so he stayed with Grammy. We’ve never gotten to trick or treat with Allie and Whitt and the kids all had the best time. We stopped by a few houses before hitting Pine Grove’s Trunk-or-Treat, which was also a huge hit. Lots of cute trunks and we got to see lots of sweet friends we don’t see often.

Tucker and Parker had both been sick for Halloween, but we couldn’t let a year go by without them getting to Trick or Treat together, so the next week, we dressed them up and went to a few of our families’ houses on our road. It was November 3rd, but they didn’t know the difference. :)IMG_3391IMG_3380


At Aunt Betty Ann’s, along with candy, they got to reach in her change jar and grab as much change as they could. DSC_4434She counted it with AB and Mames and then told them she wanted them to take their money and do something thoughtful for someone else. They loved this.



We certainly got our use out of our Halloween costumes this year! DSC_4130DSC_4063

I wonder how much longer I’ll be able to convince them to coordinate?!?!? DSC_4220


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